What If All The Bees Died?

A poem made from Google search predictions beginning with “What if…”

Dear Google,
People in the UK are worried.
They need to know,
the answers to the following:

What if all the ice melted?
What if hospitals could fly?
What if children’s drawings were real?
What if all the bees died?

What if there was war and no one came?
What if my bra is too small?
What if my Xbox runs out of memory?
What if my ex is the one?

What if my breast cancer has spread?
What if there was no moon?
What if my diabetic dog won’t eat?
What if my bread doesn’t rise?

What if my brain is bleeding?
What if the Nazis won?
What if my Just Eat order is late?
What if my Garmin won’t turn on?

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