(W) #GoogleMaps #Racism Call to action: SHARE:  Google​ do something!  When you type “Nigga House” into Google Maps, the White House is shown as a result. This is ridiculously offensive, and is absolutely infuriating for black members of American society.

Google Maps feedback system is not really allowing to address the issue like this - let’s cross post this on all social Media with hash tags #Google  #GoogleMaps #Racism

While away from Pilchuck for Session 3, I managed to drive 3,000 miles up and down the left coast. I squeezed in the first three shows of Death Grips’ tour, caught up with a friend I met on the Amtrak last year, drove the Oregon coast via the 101, made new friends in Bellingham, celebrated Pride and my 26th birthday in Seattle, picked up a fellow seasonal staff member in the Mission and drove back - We left at 8pm on July 2nd and arrived at noon yesterday. Reporting back for Session 4! It’s good to be home.