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Sweet Dreams (6)

Rating: T

Pair: Taehyung x Reader x Jungkook (poly relationship)
Word count: 1,036

Part one ; Part two ; Part three ; Part four ; Part five ; Part seven ; Part eight ; Part nine ; Part ten ; Part eleven

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It was a few days before you’d heard back from anyone from the group. When you finally did, it was Jungkook that texted you, asking if he could stop by to talk to you about what was going to happen. You weren’t really that nervous about it until you’d asked if Taehyung was going to be coming too, and Jungkook skirted around it.

He arrived not very long after, and your worry got the best of you. “Kookie why isn’t Tae coming over? Is he busy?”

Jungkook’s smile from seeing you fell, his eyes quickly averting away from you. “He’s….less than happy right now. I’m just going to give him some time.”

You frowned and sighed. You really didn’t like to hear about him being upset, but seeing as Jungkook didn’t seem to want to go into it, you decided to move on. “So what exactly are they going to do about us?”

His eyes turned back to you and he bit his lip for a moment. “We’re going to confirm that we’re dating so we can be open about it,” he said, stepping from foot to foot.

You were confused about it, to say the least. “I don’t understand, then why is he upset? Shouldn’t he be happy about this?” you asked, brow furrowed.

Jungkook looked back to you before sighing. “No noona, just the two of us would be confirming. The media will think hyung introduced us and we started dating.”

You nodded slowly as it clicked. That’s why he’s upset. He probably had always thought that when the fans could know about you, he’d be able to walk down the streets holding your hand. Instead, you could go out in public but holding Jungkook’s hand.

You looked at the boy in front of you, sighing. “I’ll try to talk to him soon. Maybe I can help him feel better,” you asked, watching as Jungkook nodded understandingly. 

 It wasn’t until you came over to the dorm for the first time that you got to see Taehyung again. Part of you had expected to be crushed in a hug as soon as you walked in, but it didn’t happen. You were instead met with mass greetings from everyone. You were also hoping you’d get to sit with both your boyfriends, but the only spot available was next to Jungkook on the end of the couch.

As you sat down, you tried to match faces with names for all the guys around the room. On the other side of Jungkook sat Namjoon. On the love seat facing away from the door was Taehyung, sat next to a visibly happy Hoseok. Then, on the love seat across from them sat Jin and Yoongi, with Jimin sitting half on Yoongi’s lap, half between the two. 

It didn’t take long for the eight of you to start talking. Basically just chatting about anything that came to mind. 

Shortly into it, Taehyung excused himself to the kitchen to get himself something to drink. You got up and excused yourself, following him. You vaguely heard Yoongi behind you mumble “Bout time”

When you walked in, Taehyung was at the sink, his once again full cup next to him. “Tae?” you asked.

He jumped, startled, and turned around to look at you. “Y/N…it’s you,“ he said quietly.

You nodded and walked over, standing close to him. “It’s me, your girlfriend who you’ve been avoiding since I got here. I thought you’d be excited that I finally got to come to the dorm?” you asked, a bit hurt by his attitude.

He frowned and looked away. “As far as anyone knows, you’re only dating Jungkookie…” he mumbled, evidently upset.

You frowned as well, taking his large hand in yours. “Yes, we’re dating each other, but we’re also dating you. I love you Tae, and I’m sure Jungkook does too. We don’t want you to be distant, especially during the only time we get to act like a couple.” you said, lifting his hand and kissing his palm.

Taehyung looked down at you for a moment before kissing your temple, smiling. “You’re right. At least we have now. And now we can go out in public, me, you and Jungkookie.” he said, giving you a boxy grin.

You opened your mouth to speak but stopped when you heard a voice from the door. “Is everything okay?” Jungkook asked, stepping in a bit more, smiling hopefully at the two of you.

You smiled back and walked to him, turning to look at Taehyung. “We talked through things. Everything should be good now.”

Taehyung walked over and hugged you both, nuzzling into Jungkook’s hair. “I love you both so much…” he whispered.

You grinned and kissed his jaw, Jungkook smiling shyly. “Shouldn’t we head back out? They’re probably waiting for us,” he said.

The brunette pouted at the youngest. “Do we have to? I like where we are now.”

You looked at Jungkook before shrugging. “I mean, we could always excuse ourselves to one of your rooms. Or we could go to my apartment.” you offered.

Taehyung seemed to think for a moment. “We should go to Kookie’s room, he has the comfiest bed.” he said, playing with the hair on the back of the maknae’s head.

You nodded and took Jungkook’s arm, looking at him. “Lead the way then, Kookie.” you said with a small smile.

Jungkook nodded and led the way, the three of you stopping in the living room, Taehyung telling them that he was "going to Jungkook’s room to spend time with his partners and there’s nothing anyone can say to convince him otherwise” before going down the hall to Jungkook’s room.

When you got into the room, you immediately flopped on the bed, groaning. “I feel so much better now that we finally talked through this..” you mumbled.

Taehyung flopped down next to you, Jungkook climbing in on the other side. “The struggles of dating two male idols, huh?” the brunette asked, nuzzling into your neck, a hand moving to your hip.

Jungkook smiled and set his head on your other shoulder, his arm sneaking around your waist. “But it’s okay noona. Everything will work out right? Neither of us are going anywhere.”

You relaxed and sighed, playing with both of their hair. You really wouldn’t have it any other way.

Second meeting


It was this room again. The lights were turned off, letting it appear as if no one is inside. The table in the middle of the room, chairs surrounding it. A few shelves at one end of the room, while the rest of the walls were practically barren.
It was the room the Host and Google had first met each other. And it didn’t seem like anyone was inside now, no one to be seen through the windows to the hall. But even in the otherwise dark room, with the light shining in from the hall, there was a journal and pencil visibly laying on the table.

With the door closed, it couldn’t be heard, but someone was indeed inside the room. Quiet hectic mumbling broke the silence in the room, the deep voice slightly shaking. If entering the room, it wouldn’t be too hard to spot the muttering man sitting in a corner, knees close to his chest and hands tangled in gelled locks.


Short film “The Duet” directed by Glen Keane ( Tangled , Bolt )  for Google

Its amazing..