Asshole Crowd Moment of the Night: A gay soldier proposed a question regarding the repeal of DADT: "Do you intend to circumvent the progress that has been made" on allowing lesbian and gay individuals to serve in the military? Members of the crowd booed the soldier.

Rick Santorum responded to the question, saying, “We would reinstitute that policy if Rick Santorum was president. Period.”

Rick Perry goes to bat for educating undocumented children: “If you say we should not educate children for no other reason than they’ve been brought here, through no fault of their own, I think you’ve got no heart.” Perry is getting attacked from the right on immigration, because he doesn’t support a border fence.

Check out DC Decoder for more coverage of the Google/Fox News GOP presidential debate!

You should get to keep every dollar you earn. That’s your money, that’s not the government’s money.
—  Michele Bachmann at tonight’s GOP presidential debate, apparently advocating for no taxes. But she soon backpedaled: “Obviously we have to give money back to the government so we can run the government.”
Google Debate: winners and losers

Winners: Mitt Romney, friends of Netanyahu, AIPAC, brass rings of liberty, creepy conservative hybrid candidates, small government*.

Losers: Rick Perry, gay and lesbian soldiers, Palestine, international relations, unemployed Americans, illegal immigrants, children of illegal immigrants, anyone who may resemble an illegal immigrant, unions, the Department of Education, some semblance of sanity.

*not applicable to the LGBTQ community, women who want the freedom to choose, and people we feel like executing.

Join us for the GOP debate tonight!

Live from Orlando, Florida: We’ve got another rousing GOP presidential debate tonight, this time presented by Fox News and Google, and we figured we’d make an evening of it again! We’ll be liveblogging the debate along with DC Decoder, so by all means check out our coverage — you can follow along with the “GoogleDebate” tag. Maybe we’ll get to see these two handsome devils go head-to-head? This is a big night for Jon Huntsman, on the heels of a surge in the New Hampshire polls which landed him in third place behind Mitt and Ron. Look for him to make an impact tonight. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall) source

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In case anyone’s doubting the claims made by that blogger we just posted, here’s the video again (it hits around the 28-second mark). It sounds to us like one or two people.

The GOP field picks their hypothetical Veeps

The last question posed at the GOP debate tonight was this: which of the other candidates on the stage would you select to serve as your Vice President? Some of the candidates answered, and some refused to try to appear serious about the question. Our take? It’s never a bad time for hypothetical presidential tickets! So, with out further adieu:

Gary Johnson/Ron Paul

Rick Santorum/Newt Gingrich

Herman Cain/Newt Gingrich

Jon Huntsman/Herman Cain

Rick Perry/(wants to combine Cain and Gingrich, so let’s call him) Hermewt Cainrich

And as for Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Michele Bachmann? Laaaaaame. C'mon guys, lighten up and indulge the question.