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I like your new theme! I was just wondering what your old theme was, so do you happen to know the website? Thank you. :3

Aw, thank you very much! I’m quite fond of it ngl and I’m glad it’s suiting others as well!

I’ve spent hours scouring Google for decent Tumblr themes and I came across this blog that has loads of themes to choose from!. Sadly I don’t remember what my old theme was called, but it had a header so maybe look out for those?


Google theme pack by syntaxthemes! featuring:

Theme 03 - Google Theme - preview | code

a theme that looks just like the Google search results page

the search bar actually works! you can search your blog with it

optional pagination that looks like Google’s

optional blogroll

optional ‘account’ - with “add account” and “sign out” buttons that actually create a new blog or sign you out (isn’t that cool)

fully customisable

Google All-in-One Page preview | code

an all-in-one page based on the Google search results page

contains: about me, blogroll, navigation, and FAQ

fully customisable; customisation instructions in the code

Google Redirect/Hiatus Page preview | code

a page based on the Google main page

if “Hiatus” option is selected, it will have an ask box instead of a search bar

Google logo can be replaced with any image, and will be automatically resized

fully customisable

terms of use

if you have any issues or queries, feel free to contact me

enjoy your new theme!


I saw one of these powerpoints in the sp tag but i wasn’t satisfied with it so i got inspired. what year is it

i wanted to go into more detail especially about craig and those guys but i spent WAY too much time on this already so WHATEVER HERE IT IS

How the signs respond to "I love you"

Aries: I knew it

Taurus: *screams on the inside* Really?

Gemini: Nooooo haha

Cancer: Why would anyone love me?

Leo: We have so much in common!

Virgo: No thank you

Libra: ….. gtg!

Scorpio: No, bye.

Sagittarius: ??????

Capricorn: What does that even mean why would you say that?

Aquarius: How much did my mom pay you to say that to me?

Pisces: cool!


Theme: Mondodrama by Kurtcobangs
- Code

  • Sidebar Icon 67x x 67px (100px works just fine)
  • Four Custom Links
  • Input Your Own Blog Title

Theme: Neon by Kurtcobangs
- Code

  • Sidebar Image 280px x 200px
  • Links Pop Up Menu WhenYou Hover ‘Links’, Up to Four Custom Links
  • Input Your Blog Title

Both themes comes with 400px & 500px Post Width Option, Visible Info & Tags w/ Reblog Button, Tooltips & Accent Color. 
 Both themes are optimized for Google Google Chrome.
Theme Previews will tell you the additional Theme Features.

*Note, the google font used in these themes in ‘Roboto’, in which may show incorrectly on the customize page but looks perfectly fine on your actual blog and when viewing your blog.

Go to the theme blog if you need help or to see other themes. Go here for Icon resources.

Please like or reblog If you use or/are using.
Keep credit intact on all themes, no using as base or redistributing

Theme #16: Ice { Live Preview | Static Preview | Code }

  • one column theme
  • black sidebar
  • sidebar pic dimensions [Width:300px Height:449px]
  • 9 custom links
  • infinite description on sidebar hover
  • back to top button
  • small cursor
  • don’t remove the credit
  • like/reblog if using

These themes are necessary. You need this in your life, okay. Thank me later.

So, the paperchildren are all ohemmoh​’s creations and you should absolutely check her out, because she makes like the coolest doodles ever. All I did was make themes for them for your Google Chrome browser, all credits for the drawings go to Emma! :)

If you want to download them for your Google Chrome browser, click the link under each screenshot and click “continue” when the theme asks for permission and then click something like “confirm” or “accept”!


Download the Calum theme here.

Download the Ashton one here.

Download the Luke one here.

Download the Michael one here.


The download links didn’t work at first, so I found a site where I could upload the themes on and where you can download them without any troubles!