So I was tagged in a lot of things.

Firstly napukka had tagged me to do “the beautiful people thing”??? Like ages ago. So I guess one pic of me? 

(((Okay this is about month old, but idk if I have any better recent ones.. maybe this?)))

So there’s that challenge! I guess I /Should/ tag ppl to do this but I’m not going to, just you can do it if ya feel like it uwu.

AND then the other thing I was tagged on is by datironass and here’s the thing;

Rules: Repost and tag 10 people you would like to get to know better.

Nicknames: Cakey/Kake

Gender: Something. Genderfluid/Androgyne

Current time and date: Friday 22nd May, 11:55pm

Birthday: Dec 10th

Average amount of sleep: .. well. this is hard during week 5h. During weekend 10h

Lucky number(s): 7, 13

Last thing I googled: “Poets of the Falls Diamonds for tears lyrics”

First word that comes to mind: Beer

One place that makes you happy: My own home. (Cons)

Favourite characters: Tony Stark, Loki, Dean Winchester, Mitchell (BH UK), Thorin, Wolverine and tons of others.. I cannot pick.

Favourite food: Chinese food…. uwu♥

Favourite drink: Coffee.

Favourite book: Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris & Häräntappoase by Anne-Leena Härkonen.

Favourite TV show(s): Supernatural, Vikings, Game of Thrones, The Vampire Diaries, Being Human UK, and manymanymanydmanydmanyd others *w*

Last movie I saw in theaters: .. ._. umh.. .. Has to be Avengers AoU

Last holiday: Umh HobbitCon 3 at Easter time in Germany :’D

Dream holiday: Me and my buds in somewhere having fun. Maybe like Ireland? Idk, don’t really have one. Having fun.

Dream wedding: NONE. just no.

Dream job(s): Bartender (&bar/cafe owner), interior design designer, architect.. .

Zodiac: Pisces.

Myers-Briggs: INTP/ENTP

Relationship status: Pet owner.

What are you wearing: green woolen socks, red/black boxers, a Qwertee skeleton tee and grey hoodie.

((Again I ain’t tagging no one, but feel free to do one if you feel like it!))

inyourimagination-tion-tion asked:

Dead Poets Society/Nowhere Boy // Ship you with Tommy // Selfie Tag// dead poets selfie // I know its weird, but its a reference //

I shall google dead poets society :) Nowhere Boy was pretty good (cuz Thomas obv :P) Thanks :)

  • I ship you with: Minho (i couldn’t find the tag,omg what’s wrong with me?But your description screamed Minho xD)
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