Google Launches Play Music All Access; Competitor To Spotify, Rdio

Google Play Music has officially launched and will be a streaming competitor to Spotify and Rdio. All Access is live in the US today on Android devices and on the web for a free 30-day trial that will eventually cost $10 a month. Check out details and pictures from The Verge below after the jump.

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The Monkees' impressive new album
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I am an unabashed Monkees fan and I love this new album so much!

This gets it exactly right: “The result is a joyous, janglely, and surprisingly solid collection of summer pop that sounds like The Monkees we all remember, while still feeling relevant and not a complete exercise in nostalgia.”


Google Play (BABYMETAL ver.)

Soundtracks this week (26 Jun 2016)

Short week, 4 day weekend, didn’t stop it from being fucking rough.

  • Happy
  • Melissa Polinar
  • Happy - Single

Title: Happy

Artist: Melissa Polinar

Album: Happy (Single)

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted any music but today Melissa Polinar released her new single on iTunes/Google Play Music :) 

I’m going to provide the link for both stores so we can all support an amazing independent artist that is Melissa Polinar ^_^

iTunes link: (x)

Google Play Music link: (x)

Google Redesigns Play Music on the Web

by Zack Zarrillo

The Verge has a full profile on the changes to Google’s Play Music from the company itself: 

Another small change: the artist page has moved away from square photos in favor of circle crops — the same switch Android, iOS, and third-party apps have made when it comes to displaying your contacts. “We’re trying to differentiate people from other content, making artists and bands first class citizens in the experience and not just another card,” said Rea. “Circles feel more organic than sharp edged squares and rectangles which makes them a perfect fit for people’s faces.” Design talk aside, the most useful addition to this update is a new queue pop-over that you can toggle on by hitting an icon at the bottom right. Previously, this disrupted your music browsing and took you back to a dedicated queue page. Now, you can continue looking around for new music and quickly see which songs are coming up in your playlist. Google has also made some accessibility improvements, introducing “lots” of new keyboard shortcuts and Screenreader compatibility.

It’s almost like companies that have a foot in music are scrambling to make changes to their existing services before Apple launches it’s competitor


Sunflower Bean live for Skull Candy @ YouTube Space, NY