If you want to do some digital urban exploration, Google maps has got you covered! Thanks to Google street view, you can virtually wander around an abandoned shark museum in Japan.  This link will take you there

(If the link doesn’t work, try entering “気仙沼リアスシャークミュージアム “ into Google maps and choosing the street view option.)

EDIT: I’ve been informed it’s not actually abandoned, it was just damaged in a storm and closed temporarily.


Google has just erased Palestine from its maps.

- First, they erased Palestinian homes from the grounds. Then they erased Palestine citizens from their existence. Now they are using internet to erase them from our sight. What a pathetic breed Zionists are, this isn't even murder. Its GENOCIDE!
Just walking around 221B..

Oh, look at this! Those chairs are so close to each other! What a platonic way to sit down with your best friend!

Sherlock, honey, what a beautiful drawing you made there!!

They gave that deer a headphone.

That cd looks very suspicious over there and- HOLD ON, IS THAT A FLOPPY DISK?!

Sherlocks skull.

More magazines about guns. Why, Sherlock?

I really expected to read “miss me” instead of “America” and “Denmark” here.

A freaking book about suicide. Why, Sherlock? whY? 

The list that no one asked for of books in Sherlock’s flat

When Friendship Runs Deeper than Blood; Sleepers - Lorenzo
Henry IV- Shakespeare
Easing the passing: the trial of Doctor John Bodkin Adams - Patrick Devlin
The Second World War IV - Winston Churchill
Bringing Down the House - Ben Mezrich
Memoirs of a Bow Street Runner - Henry Goddard
The Pickwick Papers - Charles Dickens
Manuel de Numismatique Française II - Blanchet et Dieudonné
A Practical Approach to Planning Law - Michael Purdue and Violet Moore
Tales of Mystery & Imagination - Edgar Allan Poe
The Return of the Native - Thomas Hardy
Signature Killers - Robert D. Keppol
The Courage to Be - Paul Tillich
The Boer War - Thomas Pakenham
Mathematics Teaching; Theory in Practice - T.H.F Brissenden
Nicholas Nickleby - Charles Dickens
Polly and the Wolf again - Catherine Storr
The Glittering Prizes - Frederic Raphael
Critical Practice - Catherine Belsey
Charlotte Bronte - Jane Eyre
Speed, Ecstasy, Ritalin: The Science of Amphetamines - Leslie Iversen
Blackstone’s Statutes on Criminal Law - P.R. Glazebrook
Stunned Mullets and Two-Pot Screamers - G.A Wilkes
The Damage Done - Warben Fellows
Proclaimed in Blood - Hugh Miller
Remembering our Childhood: How Memory Betrays us - Karl Sabbagh
Systema Naturae 250: The Linnaean Ark - Andrew Polaszek
Investigative Interviewing - Oxford- Eric Sheppard
Happy Like Murderers - Gordon Burn
Mysteries of the Unexplained - Carroll C. Calkins
The History of Music - Emil Naumann
A Beginners Guide to Airsports - Keith Carey
Moriarty’s Police Law - Williams W. J.
Provinces of England - C.A. Fawcett
Going to Extremes; How like Minds Unite and Divide - Cass R. Sunstein


New Oxford Textbook of Psychiatry
Oxford Textbook of Suicidology and Suicide Prevention
The reader’s digest Great encyclopedic dictionary
The children’s Encyclopedia
Collier’s Encyclopedia
Halsbury’s Laws of England 9, 21, 700 & 54
English Idioms
Britannica Yearbook of Science and the Future - 1991

Un-Identifiable Authors

Perspectives in sociology
English Idioms
Wild life of the world
Critical Practice
A Bible Commentary
Smiles (George Moor-?)
Inventions that changed the world
Human Physiology study guide
Planning Law
The Mystery Book
Inventions that changed the world (20th Century)
Family Law
The Silver Jubilee Book

And a ton more! That I couldn’t read