Google has just erased Palestine from its maps.

- First, they erased Palestinian homes from the grounds. Then they erased Palestine citizens from their existence. Now they are using internet to erase them from our sight. What a pathetic breed Zionists are, this isn't even murder. Its GENOCIDE!

For over a decade, artist Ayano Tsukimi has been creating life-size dolls to represent the deceased residents of a small Japanese village. Today, the dolls outnumber the villagers 10 to 1.

Nagoro is a small village in Shikoku, Japan.

Resident and artist Ayano Tsukimi returned to the village after an 11-year absence only to discover that many of her old neighbors and friends had either moved or passed away.

The town population is also dying, and has dwindled down to about 35 people.

But there are over 350 doll-people living there.

They are taking over.

You can even see them on Google Maps.

Images via: TheVerge and ThisisColossal



Today the Department of Miniature Marvels is delighting in an awesome new project by Google Maps (previously featured here). They traveled to Miniatur Wunderland, the world’s largest model railway, located in Hamburg, Germany, and mapped it so that it can be explored on their Street View site.

“…to capture the nooks and crannies in Miniatur Wunderland, we worked with our partner at Ubilabs to build an entirely new—and much smaller—device. Tiny cameras were mounted on tiny vehicles that were able to drive the roads and over the train tracks, weaving through the Wunderland’s little worlds to capture their hidden treasures.

Populated by over 200,000 itty-bitty citizens, Miniatur Wunderland features 13,000 meters (42,650 feet) of track that travel through miniature replicas of German provinces, famous locations in the USA, and a fully functional airport.

Click here to learn more about this geektastic project and take your own virtual tour of Miniatur Wunderland, which now also contains a miniature Google Street View car that was created to commemorate collaboration.

[via Laughing Squid]

Halfway through your walk to school, a wild Charmander appears. Just a few throws of a Pokéball, and it could be yours. Will you stop to catch it?

Nintendo is betting you will. Not just that, they’re betting that you’ve waited most of your life to see a Pokémon in the real world.

Pokémon Go — the upcoming iOS and Android app from Nintendo, The Pokémon Co., and developer Niantic Labs — promises to let anyone with a smart phone “find” and train the diverse creatures of Pokémon all around them.

For aspiring Trainers, it could be an entirely new way to interact with a now 20-year-old franchise.

To Be The Very Best: Pokémon Enters Into Augmented Reality

Image: Courtesy of Niantic Labs