This island is using sheep to map the landscape because Google won’t give them Street View

Google Street View has yet to map the Faroe Islands, an 18-island archipelago in the north Atlantic, part of the Kingdom of Denmark. To promote tourism and to convince Google to map its picturesque streets, the tourism organization Visit Faroe Islands launched Sheep View 360, an unconventional method for documenting its landscape. 

Tired of waiting for Google’s fancy car to come map the roads on your remote island? Why not do it yourself? With sheep? 

According to Smithsonian, that’s the approach taken by Durita Dahl Andreassen (pictured above) who works for the tourism bureau of Denmark’s Faroe Islands. 

When Andreassen couldn’t find any images of the rugged, chilly island on Google street view, she decided to upload her own, using sheep, which roam freely on the island. She describes the idea in a video for the project, entitled Sheep View 360:

In the Faroe Islands there are twice as many sheep as people. And the Faroe Islands originally even means ‘the sheep islands.’ It is one of the only places on earth where they walk free in nature and they get all around the islands. I have put a 360 camera on the back of a sheep. It’s like street view, but with sheep.

Google seems to be OK with the idea. In fact, they actually encourage people to upload their own street view pictures. So, why not take an 80-second break and watch this video of a sheep making its way through the island’s beautiful landscape? 

(Image Credit: Visit Faroe Islands)

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