Want a show set in a post-apocalyptic setting with a twist on the fantasy and sci-fi genres? You want a show with elves, gnomes, demons, druids etc? You want a show with mind blowing scenery, colors, costumes and fight-scenes? You want a show with a bisexual woman as one of the leads with a qwoc as her love interest? You want a show where they add a FUCK TON of POC and WOC in the second season, four of whom are main characters? You want a show that’s fun, emotional, sometimes cheesy, sometimes super hardcore, with a great soundtrack?

Watch The Shannara Chronicles.

Callout post for @redshoesnblueskies for putting Crucifix Nail Nipples back on my dash when I wasn’t expecting it. I was unprepared.

Also apparently people are still adding things onto it like “wow I remember reading this in 2012″ and uh, that’d be a feat cause I only posted the story of Nail Nipples on this hellsite back in early 2016. 

That’s right.

It’s only just over a year old.

It’s like a horrible reverse Dorian Gray curse. As the post continues to circulate it takes one more step towards immortality while I, the author locked away in my attic, am substantially aged every time someone asks me to post the manuscript online. 

real!ciel makes women believe he likes then but no, he’s gay, he’s deceiving them (he plays along with the flirting to get nice stuff, though he does that with everyone, only that he only goes all the way with men)

bonus point for real!ciel just dropping the crazy girls who don’t want to understand he’s not into women to our!ciel, who’s a hateful bisexual. 

(our!ciel’s life’s soundtrack is the sound of silence) 

alicemadnessliddell  asked:

S boys reactions to a multilingual S/O?


♥Shu: How much years did it took you to learn all those languages? I remember, when I was a child, they wanted me to learn a lot of them. I wasn’t interested, of course. You want to teach me? No, thanks… It’s too troublesome.

♥Reiji: Hm… That’s really fascinating. Honestly, I didn’t expect that from you. So, tell me, which languages do you speak?

♥Ayato: That’s cool! You could teach me some interesting words hehe. Hey Chichinashi, how do you say “****” and “******” in Italian? Hah? Really? I bet you know more, huh? This is so cool, I can insult the guys and they won’t even know what the heck I’m saying!

♥Kanato: I didn’t know you were capable of that. So, does that means you can sing “Scarborough Fair” with a proper pronunciation? I want to hear you! I hope you don’t ruin it…

♥Laito: Woah Bitch-Chan! I’m quite surprised… Hey, do you speak French? Fufu~ I heard a phrase in french once, but I never knew what it meant… Could you translate it for me? I think it said something like “voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?” Nfu~

♥Subaru: Huh…? Are you… Talking to me in another language? Oh, seems like you know more than one. I guess that’s fine. But when you’re with me, try to speak in a way I can understand you. Otherwise I won’t know what the hell you’re saying.