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I feel bad for Harry too, I’m disgusted. But sex sells and Harry Styles sells. Like IDK how Anne keeps her mouth shut? My mother would have burnt Modest down by now. (Guess where I get my motherly protectiveness.)

People outside the fandom can see Louis and Harry’s clear coupledom, they know Haylor was bullshit, they know Hendall was bullshit, the few in the public that see past the headlines can see. (And anyone with a remotely functioning gaydar.)

If someone ACTUALLY stole Louis’ phone I’d bet you any money he and Harry would’ve been outed with selfies or sexties. The young rich famous men smoking pot video (which was taken on a god damned Google Glass anyway) IS NOT THAT SHOCKING and not worth near as much as a picture of the loved up boyfriend and the 410 women a year lothario doing something totally not-hetero would have been.

No one from management hurried to delete Harry’s favorite because those fuckers put it there. Behind the scenes is uglier than we can probably imagine and it’s just going to get dirtier from here.

I contacted Harry Magee, Simon Jones, Columbia PR, and the lower level info emails via email and didn’t get a single response. If Harry had been hacked they would have let us know immediately, like Eleanor did when Louis got “hacked.”

I think management similarly followed the porn account but Louis or Harry was lucky enough to be awake and catch it, and ” FUCK YOU BITCHES!” was born out of Louis’ rage, which completely undermined their attempt then, and they had to claim a hacking because it could’ve been taken as aimed at the precious fans that Modest and HJPR care so much about. *rolls eyes to space*

Louis won a round. Harry lost one. They have to sleep sometime.

And I worry about their stress levels a lot too, not just because of their media image, because they know who they are, but more the effects of the closet on their self esteem, their relationships and their entire lives. Their stress hormone levels are probably through the roof.

Notice the only time you see Louis’ camp is when he’s really concentrating on a football or a note? He is concentrating in public constantly to control that and that is the shit that upsets me the most. He has to control his every move (and every word and glance) everywhere but in their home or rooms when they’re alone. (Harry doesn’t have to so much control his camp behavior because his media image has earned him straight privilege so anything camp he does is just ‘playing around’ - bullshit.) That affects their mental and physical health and well-being. And it makes me sick, and I will lead the Big Gay War for that alone.