The other day I was looking for the Russian dub of Cars on VK, and in Russian the title is Тачки, which means “wheelbarrows.” Which made me kinda curious. So I asked a Russian language group I’m in what the etymology of the slang was, and like… under what circumstances it can translate as “car” instead of “wheelbarrow.”

There was some back and forth about it, in the sense that it’s like “jalopy” but with an ironic vs. negative connotation. Or that it’s for cool cars–cars that are SO COOL you can call them wheelbarrows and it ain’t no thang because they’re too cool to crumble under the insult.

Finally someone just posted a Google Images search and was like “THESE ARE THE CARS THAT IT MEANS” and look at these ridiculous fools who pop up in the company of actual wheelbarrow cars. XD

I feel like this Google Search freaking outed me, man. Like, I tried to casually pose an etymological question to a college-level Russian language group without letting on I was talking about Cars, and Lightning McQueen’s just like “HELLO HI I HEARD YOU WERE TALKING ABOUT ME? YOU WERE TALKING ABOUT ME, RIGHT. KACHOW!”

O U T E D.

Hamilton characters as tumblr things/memes:

Hamilton: none pizza with left beef

Burr: the guy who hates moreos

Jefferson: relevant supernatural gif

Madison: *shoving breadsticks into my purse*

Lafayette: misspelled Benedict Cumberbatch

Mulligan: mishapocalypse

Laurens: lgbt tumblr

Washington: *looks at smudged writing on hand*

King George: find the vegan

Phillip: science side of tumblr

Angelica: me, an intellectual

Eliza: *looks directly into the camera like Jim on the office*

Peggy: moon moon

im just remembering all the horror stories from kin tumblr back in 2015/2016

  • the person who faked having a prosthetic arm so they could kin the guy from fma
  • meanposts entire existence
  • i remember when someone messaged me really condescendingly and made posts about me because i had a fucking naruto kin and im white
  • person who pretended to be ashkenazi jewish and used google translate to write posts in hebrew
  • suicide baiting people for having the same kins as you
  • kys fake :3
  • the juuzou fakes list
  • edgecult (??????)
  • komaeda kins
  • people being kin with nazi anime characters for some reason
  • that one post saying you shouldnt even relate to characters of different races
  • everyone having that same fucking layout
  • the constant impending fear of getting a callout
  • feel free to add
the first google image that comes up for the crystal gems


im not even joking if you look up “steven” on google images our steven comes up 11 times before any other steven





rose QUARTZ:




lapis LAZULI:



To the other anon/s I have recieved since my last post

If you are willing to come off anon, please message me again via tumblr messenger. I will make myself available throughout the day to chat 💖 I promise your username will not be posted.

If you’re not willing to come off anon, and you need more than to just get something off your chest, please see the list of help lines in the last post, or google for one in your area. There are type/txt based options!

Another thing about the last post: please go through the notes on it like I just did 💖 There are so many good and kind and wonderful people offering words of support! The little community that’s formed around this blog is filled with the best people, each of whom I am inspired by and grateful for!

As a last word, please remember: your mental illness is going to lie to you. It is going to make the meaning in things feel inaccessible. But you can defeat it. Please trust me when I say you CAN make things better, and it is worth getting through this! Keep trying! I am so proud of you!!

On Your Knees, Little Girl: Dean x Reader x Sam

Title: On Your Knees Little, Girl.
Rating: NC-17
Paring: Dean x Reader x Sam

Word Count: 3,900
Warnings: Oral (Male and Female Receiving), Slight Non-Con, Threesome, Double VAGINAL Penetration, Spanking, SMUT SMUT SMUT!  18+

AN:  I had this laying around on my google drive for awhile.  Posted it.  Got shy about so I took it down and then decided what the hell ever.  Yes this is dirty.  But I’m an adult!  I hope you enjoy too. 

It had been one of those days.  A long, hard, hot mess of a fucking day. You had been stuck in the back seat of the Impala with a fuming boyfriend and an equaling fuming friend in the front seat.  They had told you probably a hundred and thirty-three times to stay away from this hunt- you were too much of a greenhorn.  Demons weren’t like ghosts or even werewolves.  No, demons were dangerous business that you were not ready to handle.  So of course, when that bitch had given you away and placed a knife to your throat, neither of the brothers were in the mood to talk.  So now, you sat in the backseat wanting to desperately say something in your defense, but you knew it was better to keep quiet for now.  

After a few hours, Dean had whipped the car into the parking lot of a pretty seedy motel.  You jumped as he slammed the door behind him as he went to register with the front office.  

You took the opportunity to plead your case with the more level-headed Winchester.

“Look Sam, I’m sorry you know…” You began, but was cut off mid-sentence by his deeper voice.

“I know, Y/N. I know you are, but you have got to listen.  OK? What Dean and I tell you is for your own good.”  He said gently as he turned to look at you with that lost puppy way he had.

You breathed in deeply and nodded.  You opened your mouth to plead your cause further but driver’s side door was pulled open.  Your mouth snapped closed as you caught Dean’s eyes in the rear view mirror.  He was clearly pissed off at you.  His green eyes were burning like hellfire and you quickly looked away.

After Dean pulled into a parking stop for your room, you followed behind the brothers quietly.  You sighed as you drop onto the bed with a dull thud. Normally you would inspect the bed to make sure there weren’t any mystery stains, but you were beyond tired- mentally and physically.  You barely registered Sam’s voice telling you that they were going to make a food run before you fell into a calm darkness.


You sat up with a start when the door to the motel room banged against the wall. Your eyes flew to the door and you involuntarily reached out for the gun on the night stand.  You breath a sigh of relief when you found Dean and Sam standing there-your eyes flickered to the digital clock next to you.  It was 2 A.M.  

“Guys?”  You croaked as you stared at them as they filled the space around the bed.  Dean wore an expression that was unreadable as you watched him studying you.  Sam was standing to your left and mirrored his brother’s expression.  You started to get up but Dean’s hand motioned for you to stop.  You obeyed as his look turned from blank to predatory.  You swallowed hard when an evil smirk spread over his features as he eyed you up for size.  

“Dean?” You questioned as you tried to figure out what he was thinking. He chuckled lowly and turned his attention to his brother.  

“So Sammy…  Should the punishment fit the crime?”  He said coolly as he smoothed his hand over his jaw.  Sam’s eyes flashed hotly as his own smirk grew over his features. You squirmed when his hazel eyes landed on you and racked over your full-clothed body.  

“I think a well deserved spanking is required, Dean.”  He said with a low deadly chuckle. “ After all, she did disobey you.”   

Dean in response let out a low chuckle and smirked at his brother’s suggestion.  Moving with precision, Dean stalked over so that he was looming over you.  He smiled darkly at you when you looked at him with widen eyes.  

“You’ve been a naughty girl, Y/N.  Sam and I talked it over at the bar.  We both are both going to give you what you have coming.”   He said with a menacing tone.  You groaned lowly when he put extra emphasis on the word we.  

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You know, I was going to just post another google search of why I hate this, but let’s talk about that one line. “Fetch bones from skeletons”. Which bones? Let’s talk choices:


Pros: Wide, keeps let’s you have hip joints, takes the abuse we give it, let’s us sit

Cons: Tilts easily, your tailbone will betray if you’re not careful, remembering the bony landmarks of the Pelvis is a god damn nightmare:


Pros: Holds our brain, let’s us chew food, a good place to attach facial muscles

Cons: doesn’t give us a bone for our nose, easily broken, I hate when you’re eating like macaroni or rice and because your nose and mouth are connected, the food will end up in your nasal cavity and you have to fucking snort it out, why are there so many fucking bones to the skull: 


Pros: Gives us opposable thumbs, let’s us touch dogs, let’s me pop my fingers in disgusting ways, don’t have arches like the foot which I have to remember for an exam I have Monday, let’s me type out this goof to you readers

Cons: The hand is Murphy’s Law incarnate, can get tired easily, I hate hand cramps, god I am so glad I didn’t have to remember all the carpal bones for school because look at how many there are:

Remembering all the bones of the foot was bad enough

And finally, Femur:

Pros: Strongest bone in the body, helps produces red blood cells, connects to your hip joint to allow you to walk, just a really neat bone

Cons: Can unfortunately still break so its not indestructible, your patella will ditch you in a second for your femur if you let it, APPARENTLY a bone club with nails hammered through it is not a good weapon in Pathfinder but man, look at how cool that is: 

Rad as shit. 

do u love the loser’s club???? would u die for them all???? do u pretend that stan, eddie, and georgie didn’t die???? then this net is perfect for u!

- mbf me
- be between 13-18
- must fill out the google form
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- that’s it!!

i’m gonna pick 15-20 people, and this will be open to enter til oct. 31! message me if u have any questions, and good luck!!
Is the staggeringly profitable business of scientific publishing bad for science?
The long read: It is an industry like no other, with profit margins to rival Google – and it was created by one of Britain’s most notorious tycoons: Robert Maxwell
By Stephen Buranyi

The core of Elsevier’s operation is in scientific journals, the weekly or monthly publications in which scientists share their results. Despite the narrow audience, scientific publishing is a remarkably big business. With total global revenues of more than £19bn, it weighs in somewhere between the recording and the film industries in size, but it is far more profitable. In 2010, Elsevier’s scientific publishing arm reported profits of £724m on just over £2bn in revenue. It was a 36% margin – higher than Apple, Google, or Amazon posted that year.

But Elsevier’s business model seemed a truly puzzling thing. In order to make money, a traditional publisher – say, a magazine – first has to cover a multitude of costs: it pays writers for the articles; it employs editors to commission, shape and check the articles; and it pays to distribute the finished product to subscribers and retailers. All of this is expensive, and successful magazines typically make profits of around 12-15%.

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hey idk if you were aware of this but you have a post talking about a-specs tagged as asexual and i wanted to let you know that its actually a short term for autism spectrum, not acearo spectrum! its okay to make mistakes yknow but i hope you understand better

hey anon, thanks for sending an ask and raising your concerns with me but i’m pretty sure i’m not the one whose mistaken. i’m fully aware of the argument surrounding the term ‘a-spec’ and i’ve read multiple posts about the issue that were written by autistic people (those who are aro/ace and those who aren’t) who have said that what you’re claiming isn’t true.

here are just two posts that i just pulled off of google: - a post where autistic people deny that a-spec was ever an autistic term - and another post where an autistic person discusses the subject

and those are only two. there are many more that you can find by searching (or by checking the notes of these posts) where multiple autistic people are saying that a-spec has never been an autistm-specific term, so given these posts and the probably hundreds of posts on the same issue i’ve seen come across my dash on the subject (because it’s one that, again, i’ve seen discussed rather frequently) i’m inclined to believe that a-spec is an aro/ace term and not an autistic one. this is a conclusion i’ve reached based on not only what autistic people have said but also on the pattern of behavior that aphobes (who are primarily the ones making the claim about the term a-spec) have displayed in the past (and the present) where they’ve made countless other false claims/accusations in an effort to discredit aro/ace people and anyone who supports them.

for these reasons i will not delete the post and i will continue using a-spec to refer to people on the aromantic/asexual spectrum. if this is something you disagree with then you can feel free to unfollow me but that is where i stand.