google's self driving car

Jesus Christ the idea of self driving cars is so horrifying not just that Google cars have a ten foot blindspot that would lead to me getting killed all the time but the fact that truck driving is the largest source of employment for a couple dozen states and then consider the ancillary industries that would also die out like you already have thousands of towns where the only thing they have going for them economically is their gas station and their diner

anonymous asked:

Are Brexit and Trump the first signs that the Dire Problem is coming to a head? What political upheavals will we see when Google perfects the self-driving car and the TruckApocalypse comes?

If the Dire Problem is supposed to be job automation, most of the best studies I’ve seen suggest that job automation isn’t having real effects right now (yes, everyone is confused about this, but the studies are pretty unanimous). I don’t know whether that will continue past the Truckpocalypse (<– correct form, your portmanteau is way too unwieldy).

My guess is Trump and Brexit have more to do with income inequality caused by other stuff, increased class differences coming from the income inequality, and various social stuff coming out of those class differences.