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My Senior, IE-kun humanhead version

I only made ones for the first five designed browsers.  So These are the only five I can make human headed versions. ok :)

Please look out for more characters! Like Netscape, Vivaldi, ‘Spartan’, Mosaic etc etc… 

Hey guyyys so, I’ve got asks to publish but seeing as I’m on mobile. It’ll be much better if I do them on pc later
What I wanted to pitch: for a while I’ve been thinking about making a Word Blog on the side, like… just a big collection of strange/misunderstood/useful words and their definitions. In the form of aesthetically smart text posts.
Idk I have a giant list of words already that I want to define and. I was just wondering if anyone might be interested in that sorta bizz

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here is a record of it saying: LIAM PAYNE “Reworks” Roses Hand Tat BY MEGHAN MABEY | ON MARCH 17, 2016

I hope everyone here appreciates the fact that I used this as an opportunity to fuck off of doing real life work for 4 and a half minutes to take to the google webs. My #sacrifice. 

I think Liam added even more to it since then though? Hoevestigating this,  it looks like he had it darkened around March, but it still didn’t extend past his wrist the way the ink from today did:

July 2016:

Terday, Jan. 19, 2017:

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Melly, I saw your asks about Just Hold On and Syco, maybe this link can explain better what may have happened. It's a theory, so nothing is confirmed worshippedlove(.)tumblr(.)com/post/154652252375/this-is-my-attempt-at-explaining-what-i-think-of


I read that, and I invite folks to take to the Google webs and research and form their own theories and opinions, but I very respectfully disagree with that one. Almost an identical (or as they say in the industry “dead on balls”) scenario to JHO/Syco played out previously with Zayn. I do not think there was some eleventh hour involvement with Syco - I think Syco was always involved. Just because they didn’t inform or seed that prior to what we were given doesn’t really mean much to me.

Ultra Records is a Sony affiliate, and Patrick Moxey, Ultra Records President  & co-founder, was Simon Cowell’s business partner on the alive but then dead then alive and now dead again Ultimate DJ show. 

Patrick Moxey, Simon Cowell, and Hamish Hamilton.

And here’s Patrick Moxey at this year’s Syco Summer Party, bruh-ing down with former Syco President Sonny Takhar, because why not:

I guess what I’m saying is regardless of Syco’s involvement, there shouldn’t be any less pride in making that song a success or wanting to help Louis (we as a fandom did the damn thing and there’s everything to be proud of there), but I don’t think we should be ignoring the fact that this is a super familiar scenario that played out this very year with Zayn. 

Everyone is freaking out about Donald Trump, but I’m just here like...


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Hi! I love your content but I am a complete noob when it comes to downloading from openload. Would you mind sharing some brief instructions on how to download from there? I would love to have your content in game!

Hey! It is so nice to know that you love my content! Thank you!:) 

Yes of course, I will try to explain you how to download from there. And don’t worry, I think that you are not the only one who has problems with openload!

First of all, to make sure that there is no confusion: 

Then, you have to wait 5 seconds. After the 5 second you will have:

Now, you can click on the download button! Then it depends on your computer, the web browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera or Safari for example) that you use. 

Generally, when you click on the Download button, two ads come up. Obviously, you close the two pop-up. Then, you click again on the download button. (It is possible that a new pop-up opens in new tab or window, that you will close.) On my computer, with Google Chrome, the file is downloading on his own. I think that some web browser ask you where you want to save the file, before downloading it. 

If ever, it’s not working, you can try to click on download button / close pop-up until the file is downloading haha. ( I guess that you have already try that)

But seriously, if  the problem persists, send me a message again, but this time tell me which web browser you use. Then, I will try to do a tuto with this browser!:) 

I hope that everything is going to work now!:) 


/ / / /    verbal DEATH [ 2 of 4 ]        gg. April ‘15

This shit made me all that I am.                                                                               gif game str8 garbage so i dropped an png version also

u: how do u find these rares
me: [looking at my array of 50+ social media tabs and 500+ google web cache pages] listen, u dont just “find” them,