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I have no idea what to do with your meme prompt b/c when I was in my shady little corner of live journal a meme was a kind of a prompt- thing so can you just tell me 'bout you and your "These Boots Were Made For Crushing" fic?

Oh god. Yeah, okay.

So this fic. I wrote the bulk of it over a weekend, 3 days, in a total of 15-20 hours.

Well, actually let me give you the background first. So, Trish @spaceshipsarecool sent this prompt to Jen @writerstealth who just never really felt up to writing it and then Trish sent the prompt to me.

A Brief Aside: You should probably know that Trish is my second favorite author in the Supergirl fandom. Trish is magnificent, that’s really the only word that I have for her writing and herself, just magnificent. You should also know that Trish is really into dom/sub play and I knew that would come into this writing. Besides, I’m a smut writer so what else am I going to do with my time (besides school/lab/lsat/etc…) 

So anyway the prompt also had tying Kara up with the lasso which, I mean, okay I’ve gotten weirder requests (actually getting tied up in an exceptionally mild request) so why not? 

I learn, a little later, that Jen had gotten this prompt as well, or at least owed people Diana/Kara smut so I was all over that, because Jen is one of the most prolific writers I know, and v great. So, with utter calm and nonchalance I messaged her with this: “hey, Jen, we can write this together and make it the smuttiest smut to have ever smutted.”

And Jen was like “you know what, if you were write the bulk of it I will give you all of the dialogue you could ever want” and since dialogue is the thorn in my smutty side, I said “hell to the yes, sign me and my gay ass up for this”

Now, I’d been talking to a couple of my other writer friends and they talked about how cool it would be for Diana and Kara to be all broTPish. Of course a WW/SG brotp is something I want to write. 

Anyhow, so you have these two legitimate goddesses,

A Brief Aside #2: At this point, I had not seen the Wonder Woman, so I didn’t think either were legit goddesses, but WW is. Also, in that same vein of thought, I thought that Kara could perhaps beat Diana if trained enough (I no longer think that, like Diana stopped shrapnel with her mind or something, she’d wreck Kara).

Who learn about each other and Kara grows and gets stronger and kinda hot and Diana is not one to show restraint (like ever, legit, ever) and stuff’s bound to occur.

Okay, end background. 

So, the beginning scene, I think, was mostly Jen’s idea. Although Coop @coop-writes put the idea in my head ages and ages ago to do a fighting scene, so props to her. 

Anyway, I wanted the absolute devastation that these two could wreak upon the world to be highlighted in this fic. 

A Brief Aside #3: I know I am not alone in this thought: I fucking hate it when women are shown as weaker than they really are. I know that Kara grew up in a pacifistic culture but I crave Supergirl of season 1 who was angry and destroyed things. I crave that like I crave air. 

So Kara and Diana destroy things and all the Amazons are a little turned on (projecting? In MY fics? It’s more likely than you’d think). So, yeah, training scene, super hot, v destructive, get yo blood amped up.

The main show: Fun fact: I write out detailed diagrams of my smut scenes (like when and where does each orgasm take place and how do they occur?) This is a science okay? 

Anyway. My favorite part is the Cypress tree banging and I kinda wanted Diana to orgasm there, but I also think damaging the flora of a paradise island isn’t a good idea. So only three bangs and then Kara runs off. I liked that scene.

Also I think it was Coop who I talked about how uncomfortable it would be to bang on the beach, yet it’s extraordinarily sexy when someone else is doing it… oddities of the human mind. (or it was Jess, @the-queen-of-the-light that I talked to about that… I can’t remember.)

The boots staying on was Trish’s idea, of course. And I mean, what a hardship it is to imagine Diana running naked across Themyscira in only her boots and bracers (who else is thinking Boots and Boys, but way gayer and 1000% hotter?) What a hardship indeed.

The villa idea was Jen’s, and a lot of the dialogue when Kara is tied up, was Jen’s idea too. Although, I did revise quite a bit of that. 

Anyway, the main point of the story (besides smut for Trish) was for them to have fun. Because sex is fun and they 100% would have had fun with this. (when else are they gonna be banging a chick who can keep up with each other?)

The ending scene, where Mala asks if Diana is free that night, was my own work of genius. I like to imagine that Mala and Diana go way, way back and Mala got all the dirty details from Diana and spun the tale even more to the rest of the Amazons XD

The actual ending scene was brainstormed between me and Jess. (also, the idea that Diana has slept with every Justice League member is my sister’s). What can I say? Everybody bangs everybody else.

Ask me about one of my stories (or a scene in a story) and I’ll tell you how it came to be.