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so. what do you think of young justice?

Story time, folks.

Way back in 2012, when I was a high school student, young and carefree, my friends invited me to see Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. It had just hit the theaters. 

Now I didn’t know anything about Batman back then– I hadn’t seen the other movies, and I didn’t really want to– but you don’t just say “no” to your squad. So I went. On the walk to the theater, my buddy gave my the rundown on the first two films and mentioned that she hoped a Robin would appear in the last installment.

A Robin?” I asked her.

“I think there’s lots of them,” she said. “At least three.”

She’d been watching a TV show, she explained, that had two of them. And there was another, in between them, that had died.

“A robin died??” (I was shocked.)

“Yes,” she told me, and she promised she would show me that TV show the next time I was at her place. My house didn’t have television.

I enjoyed the movie, and a few weeks later, I went to my friend’s house for her birthday party. Around eleven, we settled in for the night– my friend remembered her promise and turned on that tv show, which I learned was called Young Justice

Six hours later, I was still watching, clicking through episodes as my friends dropped off to sleep one by one. I was fascinated. I was transported. I had to know more.

And well, here I am.

I love Young Justice.

  • My dad has set up his Android phone to respond to the "Okay Google" voice command for things. He recently got a new phone from his employer, and it's an iPhone. We were talking about this at dinner tonight.
  • me: Wow. So this isn't just your work phone. It's gonna be your new personal phone too.
  • my dad: Yeah.
  • me: I guess that means no more "Okay Google".
  • my dad: I'll have to ask Siri now or something. Bummer.
  • his Google Home in the adjacent room, scaring the shit out of both of us: I'm sorry, I don't know how to help with that yet.

okay, so i was playing around with the google translate voice thing and, there’s different quality of translation voices for different languages; the more widely spoken/assisted translation there is in a language, the more fluent and normal the voice sounds

that makes me think, though, what if there are bots with lower-quality vocalisers than others? For example, it can go from ‘computer generated’ sounding to downright one flat note binary sounding [though words are still audible]. some vocalisers come staticky, can’t go beyond a certain octave, or have fluctuations and skipping that make it hard to understand the bot. 

I’m thinking a lot of decepticons end up having lower quality vocalisers. they’re gruffer, rougher, scratchier, staticky. and while it wouldn’t exactly be scary in a normal civilised fashion, hearing it scream as you take its life, or you hearing it as you’re torn piece by piece, is kind of unsettling.

and, for bots that speak languages not native to cybertronian, imagine how robot-y and awkward it’d sound if they had a lower budget vocaliser. I can imagine how stressful it’d be to speak a language like ones humans speak, because it doesn’t rely on clicking/whirls/frequencies, and typically requires a constant flow of harmonics to speak. 

I can imagine how hard that’d be on a worn down vocalizer. I also think that human language would wear down a vocalizer a lot faster than their own language because of this. You’d see bots who’ve been on earth for millions of years ending up mute if they’ve communicated with humans often. 

Mimicking animal noises is easier on the vocaliser; those that are stuck on earth but don’t want to screw around with humans communicates with animals instead, asking for the animals’ help to forage for resources they need, or to warn them if any humans are close to stumbling onto their location. Bots becoming leaders of entire animal colonies because they can speak their language.
ok it kind of went off track there sorry oTL

Family Bonding - Part One

Summary: Ford wants Stan to help test his new teleporter by being his guinea pig–er, assistant. What could possibly go wrong?

Scribe and I both fell in love with @agent-jaselin​‘s adorable Stan-Mabel fusion, one thing led to another and we ended up writing a whole fic about it together. This is part one of two. You can also read it on Scribe’s Ao3 account here!

Warning: Too silly, far too silly and fluffy and cute. May cause the Fun Police to show up and arrest you for reading it.

“Just think of the scientific applications, Stanley!”

“Every time you say that, it takes five months off my life.”

Stan sat on the edge of the sofa, up in what used to be Soos’s break room, looking skeptically at the plans Ford had sketched out on the chalkboard. There were a number of equations he didn’t bother trying to puzzle out, a handful of notes and explanations, and a drawing of himself, smiling and stepping through what he assumed was supposed to represent a hole in space or time or spacetime or something like that. It wasn’t filling him with confidence.

“I dunno, something about this doesn’t feel right. Like, everything about it.” Stan said. “Why do we even need a teleporter on the Stan O’War?”

“For safety reasons, obviously!” Ford explained. “Just think of all the potential dangers out at sea. With this, if we ever find ourselves caught in a whirlpool or trapped in a storm we can’t sail our way out of, we don’t need to worry about going down with the ship. We can just step through a carefully marked doorway and end up here in the Mystery Shack, with no harm done at all!”

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rmr that time Michael got turned on bc of those Italian guys’ accent & then i made that AU where i said what if Calum was half Italian instead of half Scottish… well wHAT IF!!! that same concept bUT Michael & his parents move to Italy and Michael is so PISSED at them bc he has to leave all of his friends behind in Australia so he swears that he isn’t going to befriend anyone in Italy and he’s just going to be angry the whole time and give his parents the silent treatment until they feel so so bad for what they’ve done and move back to Sydney (overdramatic teenager, much?)

but then during the first week of their stay in Italy, aka the first week of Michael’s “strike”, he sees this fucking goRGEOUS Sicilian boy w thick curly hair and chocolate eyes and he decides to walk up & ask him for directions (Michael was bored of being cooped up in his small room so he decided that he may as well explore his stupid new hometown, which he highly regrets bc where the fuck is he) but apparently the boy doesn’t speak English :/ Michael keeps trying to communicate w/ him tho and eventually the boy decides to take him to where he wants to go since Michael doesn’t understand shit. 

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Let’s all take a moment to ask ourselves why Maine and Locus, the two most dehumanized characters in Red vs Blue, are the two characters in Red vs Blue that are most frequently headcanoned as black, even though one of them canonically has light skin and could easily be, i don’t know, Korean! 

Let’s just fucking think about it!!