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Who was Oskar Fischinger? Watch his musical animations made decades before computers
Google has honoured Oskar Fischinger, the German-American artist, musician and filmmaker who created incredible works of animated art set to music, with a commemorative Doodle on what would have been his 117th birthday.

Fischinger left Nazi Germany for Hollywood in 1936 as Hitler cracked down on abstract art. His impeccably-created stop-motion animations, synchronised to music, were a painstaking endeavour that he would obsess over for months or years.

Before computer software, the animations were a labour of love, requiring its creators to meticulously plan the arrangements and make sure they were in time with the music.

“Music is not limited to the world of sound. There exists a music of the visual world,” is one of Fischinger’s famous quotes.

Google’s commemorative Doodle allows those who click on it to create their own visual art in Fischinger’s style, clicking on the diamonds to choose notes. 

An Optical Poem (1938)

03.02.2017 Brush Lettering

Practice for my bullet journal from a few days ago 📔🖌️ :) I can do it continuously, but i like the effect of switching brush ends more :D I’m thinking about getting another set of Tombows? They’re really good for brush lettering, though they’re a little difficult to blend, even with the blending brush included in the set. I got the Portrait set from Amazon :) 




Shout out to people who liked Hamilton before it was mainstream and remember these things:
  • How in the beginning, before it was released in the Public Theater in NY (like, several months before we even knew it was gonna be on Broadway) there was one solitary trailer for the show and it was the singular source for clips and music.
  • There was pretty much one or two news pages covering the show and you read the same couple of articles over and over again.
  • The only songs we somewhat knew were Alexander Hamilton from Lin’s White House performance and like thirty seconds of My Shot from that o n e trailer.
  • The two history nerds on Tumblr who got to see it had to describe it in riveting detail to the other (like five) history nerds on Tumblr who didn’t have the resources to go to the Public Theater.  (NO FOOTAGE OR SOUNDTRACK).
  • Two, maybe three people were drawing fanart.
  • Lin first getting his Tumblr account.
  • Staying up for hours to listen to the first ever official cast recording live.
  • And then only having that link and not the soundtrack to listen to, so you would have to memorize the points on the timelines where your favorite songs were and constantly tap/click back to those specific points.
  • Having nobody to talk to about it irl because nobody had heard of it imagine that.
  • Freaking out when it was announced that it would open on Broadway over the summer and that tickets would soon be on sale.
  • Trying to convince people that a musical conveyed through rap and hip hop music about the Founding Fathers portrayed by a mostly POC cast makes much more sense than you would initially think.
  • Frantically Googling pictures for visuals because NO FOOTAGE.
  • Excitedly hyper-analyzing the political and cultural implications of the show within the circle of the Ten Tumblr History Nerds™.
  • When there was no merch.
  • And then the only merch in the beginning was like two or three different shirts.
  • When the website first went up.
  • When that visual of Lin-as-Hamilton walked on the star and then pointed and then it froze and then thAT BECAME THE THING
  • When the “inspiration for the hit Broadway production” sticker first went on the Chernow books and instead of being the Hamilton Star Symbol™ it was just a black circle.
  • Watching in confused excitement as all of a sudden everybody started to love American history.  (”I mean I ALWAYS liked history.”)
  • Jamilton was once the only major ship in the “Found Fathers Fandom™ ” and the more relevant Hamilton became, the more it faded away.
  • Previously somewhat-unheard of/not-talked-about historical figures like Hercules Mulligan, James Madison, and John Laurens became extremely relevant.

There’s probably a lot more idk but wow things have changed in a couple short years

Fine Art Sites,Database and Blogs (updating)


Each and every website/blog had a hyperlink before, but all of them disappeared since 7/15 owing to tumblr’s bug. Please search on tumblr to find the bloggers, and copy keywords to search for other websites. 

This is an ever-updating list, since tumblr doesn’t update reblogged post, please open the original link of this post to get the latest list

I’m a painting lover, though I’m a bad rookie at it. Impressionism, Renaissance, Pre-Raphaelites and Barbizon School are my favorite genres. I love a lot more, mainly focused on watercolor and oil painting. 

I would appreciate any related supplement to this list ლ ( ◕ ᗜ ◕ ) ლ. 

Thanks to all I mentioned in this post, for sharing inspiring art. 

Search Engines/Database:

Art cyclopedia: The Fine Art Search Engine

The Athenaeum

Web Gallery of Art, searchable fine arts image database

Paintings Art Gallery - Gallerix (support reverse search of painting) Advanced Search

Wikimedia Commons 

Artble: The Home of Passionate Art Lovers

Art Project - Google Arts & Culture - Visual Art Encyclopedia - Artist - Web gallery of art


Art/Gallery Websites: 

Artstack-art online  (collect artworks online)

Arcadia Art | The finest artworks throughout the world and the centuries. All images are in high definition.

Russian Fine Art   (FB)

Landscape Paintings | Landscape Oil Painting | Landscapes Art at Toperfect

Artchive | Gallery artists, artists social network online gallery of contemporary paintings   ( Twitter )

my daily art display | A daily dip into the world of art  

Inspirational Artworks: LINKS -

Ambleside Gallery

Heritage Gallery West  

Art Gallery | SR Brennen Galleries 

Let’s Paint Nature! | Hiking & Painting in Nature – Chicago

Realist Art Resource  (FB: Realist Art Resource)

The Artist’s Road

Kai Fine Art   (Twitter: @Kaifineart )

Tatha Gallery  ( Facebook )

Mountain Galleries at the Fairmont  (Twitter:  @MntGalleries )

Insight Gallery Fredericksburg  ( Facebook )

Portraits Inc.–representing the world’s best portrait artists  ( Facebook )

Art TV–Youtube

Astoria Fine Art Gallery in Jackson Hole,USA

Dick Idol Gallery - Located in downtown Whitefish, Montana,USA

Painting Tutorials: 

Watercolor Painting Made Easy: Lessons, Techniques & More


Fine Art Tips Facebook  

Zimou Tan

Art Pro

Jay Lee Watercolor Painting

Wei Taillandier

Personal Websites of Artists:

Claude Monet biography and paintings in high definition

Vincent Willem van Gogh biography and paintings in high definition -

Alfredo Rodriguez Paintings

Rovina Cai Illustration  Tumblr:@rovinacai

Yaphleen Illustration  Tumblr: @yaphleen

Claire Basler Floral Painting  (FB: Claire Basler)

Sergey Zhiboedov Watercolor

Anne StahlContemporary, abstract paintings by artist Anne Stahl

Polina Yakovleva Illustration

Becky Joy Fine Art - Impressionist Oil Landscape Paintings  (Twitter: @beckyjoyartist )

Nick Andrew Oil Paintings  (Twitter: @NickAndrewArt )

Kieron Williamson Oil Paintings  (Twitter:  @krwartist )

@serge-marshennikov  Oil Paintings

Anatoly Korobkin and Diana Korobkina Oil Paintings

@qinni  Watercolor ( Youtube channel )

Ann Oram Oil Painting  (Twitter:  @Ann_Oram )

Anna Armona Watercolor

Sandra L. Strohschein Watercolor  ( Facebook )

Sung Ho Lee Watercolor ( Facebook )

@wratshit Illustration

Kanta Harusaki Watercolor  ( Facebook )

Linda Wilder Oil Painting ( Facebook , Artstack )

Iris Grace Watercolor  ( Facebook )

Robert Hagan Oil Painting ( FB )

@artbylouiseterrier Illustration Website

Donna Young Oil Painting ( FB )

Oleg Kozak Watercolor 

Daniel Gerhartz - Oil Paintings and Portraits  ( FB ) 

Vitaly Stroinov Oil Painting ( FB )

D. Eleinne Basa Oil Painting  ( FB )

Katy Lipscomb Illustration ( FB )

Richard Musgrave-Evans Oil Painting  ( FB )

Yoann Lossel Gold Leaf Painting   @yoannlossel ( Youtube )

Simon Leonidovitch Kozhin Oil Painting  (FB)

Phatcharaphan Chanthep Watercolor and Oil Painting

Jane Hunt Oil Painting  ( FB )

Robert W. Cook Watercolor  ( FB )

Pol Ledent (French artist) Oil Painting

Ahad Vatani (Iranian artist) Watercolor

Malgorzata Szczecinska Watercolor  ( FB )

David Joaquin native American Art  ( FB )

Pam Herrick prophetic art  ( FB )

Zheng Liang Feng(冯正梁) Watercolor (FB)

Painting&Other Inspirational Blogs:

♦ Painting, Sculpture

Fine Art Blogger  

ARTECULTURA | Revista Virtual de Artes, com ênfase na pintura do século XIX

Tutt'Art@ | Pittura * Scultura * Poesia * Musica   ; Masterpiece of Art  (Twitter: @MariaLaterza )

ART BLOG MarkovArt | The Art blog about the Old Masters and Contemporary Artists

Konstatin Sterkhov: Art Of Watercolor

@rainlullaby99 (scroll down and find more blogger)



@topofartcom website 


@ ladydior13 


@art-of-eons (the-esoteric-arts)


@kaiganoshoujo (Twitter:甘美な少女の絵画bot)































































































































♦ Nature Photography

















@elvenforestworld (Vk group: Elven Forest )
































































@thearcheresspictures (archeress)






♦ Crystals





25.01.17 Holiday Studying

It’s my holiday, so I’m using the blank paper method to check my knowledge before I head off into 5th year. 

We had a clinical preparedness MCQ a few weeks ago that tested everything we had learnt in the past 4 years with a pass mark of 70%, and that went well (don’t have to do it again, yay!) but I still feel like there’s more that I don’t know. 

Probably won’t get through too many because I’m still enjoying my holidays, but I’ll get through a few diseases at least, which is better than nothing! :D




Typo Haul!

Typo was having a Cyber Monday sale, so I got these lovely pieces!! The rose gold really adds a nice touch, here’s hoping it will inspire me to study+organise in 2017 ♡





management_soop: 역대급 화보 비주얼 🙊💕 #에스콰이어 코리아 커버 #공유 배우 한국, 대만, 싱가포르, 말레이시아, 태국, 인도네시아, 홍콩까지 총 7개국은 커버로 공개되며 베트남 필리핀에서도 이번 화보 내용이 실립니다.

•google translate• Historical painting visual 🙊💕Esquire Korea cover actor Gong Yoo Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Hong Kong are covered, and this magazine is also published in Vietnam & Philippines will be released on Tuesday.



Posts from my studygram :) I post daily-ish!




anonymous asked:

The kid hearing some older kids mention sex and they ask google what sex is (also this would happen for cuss words)

Google would definitely hesitate. Because even though his programming is telling him he is on safe mode for the child, he was asked a question and the kid won’t leave him alone about it.

“Goog. What’s sex?”

Google frowns and turns his head slowly. 

“Goog. What. Is. Sex,” the kid repeats insistently. 

Google is visually torn. One of his internal fans whirs to life with all the processing.

“We-ll. Have you seen adu-lts kiss?”

“Ewwww, yeah.”

“Sex is wh-at happens next.”

“What? I don’t get it.”

“Sigh… It’s how babies a-re made.”

“What?!? Ewwwwww!! …I don’t get it.”

It’s going to be a long night. 

Next week MoMA Film presents Slithering Screens: 10 Years of New Frontier at Sundance Institute, featuring a roster of works that hack the cinema space. We’ll be giving away Yung Jake-designed Google Cardboard devices at the screenings, so be sure to reserve your tickets!  

[Google Cardboard designed by Yung Jake. 2016. Photograph: Gretchen Scott]