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Next week MoMA Film presents Slithering Screens: 10 Years of New Frontier at Sundance Institute, featuring a roster of works that hack the cinema space. We’ll be giving away Yung Jake-designed Google Cardboard devices at the screenings, so be sure to reserve your tickets!  

[Google Cardboard designed by Yung Jake. 2016. Photograph: Gretchen Scott]


Hey Guys! I had an amazing opportunity working as a designer on Disney’s Feast Oscar winner and Director Patrick Osborne’s Pearl for Google Spotlight Stories. I’ve always wanted to work with the extremely talented Production Designer Tuna Bora, which was fulfilled on this project! I’m telling ya, the journey was a blast!

When the first Google Spotlight Story “Windy Day” came out, I was so thrilled that animation was taking another form of entertainment through new technology and I always wished that I would one day be a part of it. I can proudly say that that dream has come true. ENJOY!

We’ve spent a lot of time recently thinking about the idea of whiteness — as a political identity, as a foundational dynamic in our politics, and the ways we talk (or don’t talk) about it. It was even the first episode of our new podcast.

Apparently, we’re not alone. Our colleague Eyder Peralta noticed that the number of searches for the term “white people” on Google has started to trend upward in recent months.

A quick primer on how Google Trends works: It looks at the relative searches for a specific term over time. It can’t tell us how many searches there were for “white people” compared to all other search traffic on Google, or even exactly how many people were searching that term at any given moment.

What it does show is how interest in any given search term has gone up and down over time, relative to the highest period of interest in that same term since 2004.

Quick Thoughts On The Ups And Downs Of Google Searches For ‘White People’

Chart: Alyson Hurt/NPR


So, Joanne’s Crush is our (My team mate and myself) very first attempt of Visual novel made with the Ren’py engine! (^__^)/ The game is totally free and available on the google play store!

Genre : Romance

Language : English

Length : Short

Synopsis : The story tells about Joanne, a very shy high school girl who struggles to confess her love!

Others : Multiple choices game, 3 good endings, 4 bad endings and 2 cgs.


Thanks to everyone who’ll give it a try! We hope you’ll enjoy it even if just a bit (^__^)/