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Okay real talk… If the Power Rangers writers were trying to make Kimberly seem straight (trying being the operative word)… Why did she have a girl’s nudes in the first place??? 

Not to mention her having the Bisexual Bob and having a date with Trini in Krispy Kreme

he scream

So in this post, @mint-bees floated this idea of The Host screaming when entering a room, in order to see his way around via echolocation. This is a fucking hilarious concept that got me thinking.

I mean, just imagine the havoc before the other egos get used to that!

Bim screeches in return, nearly pissing himself. The Googles glitch at the startle, and it’s days before Google Green can speak right again. Wilford damn near shoots the Host in fright, and then again seconds later in anger.

Four hours after the first time it happens, a blob of peanut butter falls onto the brisket sandwich Ed’s preparing. He looks up to discover the King of the Squirrels peering down at him from his hiding place atop the kitchen cabinets. It takes another hour and a half to coax him down.

Concerning The Eolian

Okay so while studying exogenic processes at uni I just learned that “Eolian” is a legit English word and not just the name of a really cool bar in my favourite book series. The thing that stunned me most though is what it means, because the definition of the word is (quoted from the google dictionary thingy): “relating to or arising from the action of the wind” or (quoted from “of or caused by the wind; wind-blown”


Is this common knowledge to native English speakers and something that I just completely missed? Or has Pat been sneaky again and this is one of those hidden little things you can find throughout the book (this time if you happen to be studying geology)?? Either way it’s really cool, I have always liked how the wind is a constant theme in the series and this just made it even better!

-punkguchi’s very very softly- Idek but I really wanted to do this for a long time cuz @yankasmiles is a really nice person and I still really love all that you do even though I practically dived off the planet when I’m now at another crossroads. Thank you for all you created.
I hope she’s doing well. Also the fandom. Have my very apologetic (but was very fun doing) baby yam yams

Also can I just say that yams needs MORE LOVE. PLEASE.

Shiratorizawa Academy

Haikyuu!! Season 3 ll Episode 1: Greetings

I feel like these are two sentences that are going to pop up quite frequently in their life together. I can just picture a 90 year old Phryne telling Jack that she just absolutely NEEDS to do a naked bungee jump off of Macau Tower and 90 year old Jack is giving her this same look. 

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Is there any websites or apps that has a Nekosona atsume thing?

~ Neko Atsume Cat Creator Thingy (google play) ~
from a lil bit of looking, i found this:

it’s an app which lets you make your own neko atsume cat on your phone! currently it seems it is only available on google play though, here’s the link for that (which can be found in the previous link as well):

~ Neko Atsume Cat Templates (reddit > imgur) ~
so this has black and white templates which you can colour in as well :)

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I found Jontron's cover of Firework, about a month ago, which was amazing and I loved the part that you animated. And I was wondering. Did you get to choose the section you animated, like, here is the whole audio, what do you want to animate? Or was it, hey can could animate this part? I love your sense of humor, btw ^~^

For that one they sent out a giant Google Spreadsheet thingy, which had all the lines/segments with a not of how many seconds that bit lasted for. Then people got to write in their names by the bit they wanted to animate, so everyone could see which ones were taken and which ones were maybe next to bits by others (just in case anyone wanted to collab).

And once everyone had filled in all the bits, everyone got the corresponding audio clip (one 8 second clip in my case) to animate to, then send back the finished stuff (without audio) so that everything then lined up with the full track!

Very well organized and put together by Mike Bedsole :)

Don't Break Me Down {part two}

Title: Don’t Break Me Down {part 2}

Author: livelaughloveboo

Words: 1470 words ( four pages on my google docs thingy)

Warnings: Swearing, drunken tendencies, some violence

Link to Fic: on my blog or

AN: {First part of ‘Don’t Break Me Down’.} And here’s part two to ‘Don’t Break Me Down’! Hope you enjoy it. It’s my birthday present to all of you, my reading followers! (Kind of late, but oh well.)

Disclaimer: I don’t own Supernatural


It had been a couple weeks after the incident - that’s what she was calling it. She hadn’t had any more episodes - another term she used for the incident - like that and she was proud.

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