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We love it when people find inventive uses for Google Street View (previously featured here). Artist Halley Docherty turned Google Street View into a time machine by taking paintings of London created in the 18th and 19th century and superimposing them over Street View images of the precise locations depicted in those old paintings. It’s as though contemporary locations, from river views and park trails to landmarks, intersections and street scenes, have opened themselves to reveal their own memories of how they looked and who was there many years ago.

"This is not the first time Docherty has created a merging of past and present. Other projects have included collages of present-day settings with classic album covers and another featured juxtapositions with photos from World War I. Docherty’s series help to reveal the aesthetic flavor and wide-ranging eye of Street View.”

Click here to learn more about these pieces and view more of Halley Docherty’s fascinating London paintings project.

[via Architizer]

These Are the Most Gorgeous Google Street Views Imaginable

"Google Street View just added a new virtual destination: some of the most stunning landscapes in Greenland, from fjords to viking ruins.

'Thanks to our partners Visit Greenland and Asiaq, you can now explore immersive 360-degree imagery of the world’s largest island, which is sparsely populated yet chock full of glorious natural wonders and historical sites,’ Google wrote on its blog Wednesday. ‘Let us take you on a tour of fjords, waterfront vistas, Norse ruins and more.’”

Check it out at timemagazine.


Google Street View screenshots of significant locations from Serial

• The Best Buy parking lot

• Potential location of Hae’s car on Edmondson Ave. 

• The I-70 Park and Ride lot

• Woodlawn Public Library parking lot

• View of Leakin Park from the road (location of Hae’s body)

• Woodlawn High School