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Reasons why you should play Poptropica:

1.) No member vs. Non member bias crap. You don’t ever feel obligated to use real money in the game and can get along perfectly without it.
2.) You don’t have to socialize with everyone else. The other people are in one room per island, and you aren’t required to go there.
3.) The puzzles they give you are fun and can actually get difficult in parts.
4.) You can meet your future self.
5.) You can become a master ninja and ride a water dragon.
6.) Only game where your a badass super spy dressed as a world-traveling, panromantic, journalist while simultaneously being the star of a game show/superhero/ghost hunter/vampire hunter/Demi God (amongst other things) while being named something incredibly stupid like Lucky Panda or something.
7.) All the islands area super fun and will have you obsessed until you finish them (except for Skullduggery because it takes way too much grinding for gold).
8.) One of the villains is a scientist in a pink bunny suit.
9.) There’s a robot owl that you will become more attached to than some family members (seriously, when he gets shot bloodlust levels rise).
10.) Completely free to play on PC and free to download on Google Play and Apple Store (so if you have a windows phone then your stuck depressed like me).
And thus concludes why you should play a game that kids in your second grade class probably played. Enjoy friends!

Momiplier and the Egos

(The blog has been a little intense lately, so let’s cheer things up a bit with some Momiplier meeting the Egos!)

Imagine Mark’s mom flying in to see him in LA, and ever since seeing “Markiplier TV” she’s been asking about the Egos. She remembers Mark talking about them years ago when they first came around, but she’s never seen them for herself. So during her visit, Mark and Amy decide to take her by Ego Inc. to show her around and let her meet the Egos.

There’s only one problem: all the Egos are sick.

They don’t get sick often, but when they do, it can get a little crazy. When the three of them walk in the front door, Oliver meets them. Momiplier walks up and pinches his cheeks and ruffles his hair, talking about how handsome he is, and Oliver is so flustered that he can barely tell Mark and Amy what’s going on. That’s when it starts raining tea. “Oh no, Host is awake again,” Oliver whines.

Momiplier by then has wandered over to the elevator, and hits the button for the kitchen when the others aren’t looking. She goes up and rummages around until she finds all she’ll need to make her famous chicken noodle soup, and downstairs, Mark finally realizes she’s missing and pulls Amy and Oliver into the elevator after him.

They’re stopped on the way up by Bim, sniffling and wrapped in a blanket. When he sees the others are already in the elevator, he gets in with only, “At least it’s not raining in here.” Host stops them next. “I can’t make it stop,” he mutters and climbs in as well.

By the time they finally make it to the kitchen, Ed and Silver are there as well, smelling the food and following their noses into the dining room. They all settle around the table in a slump. Wilford shows up a few minutes later in his pj’s, and at some point, it stops raining tea, and harps start playing nonstop in the background. Mark considers gagging the Host, but he doesn’t think Amy will let him.

Once the soup is done, Momiplier ladles a heaping helping into several bowls. Doc shows up at the last minute, refusing to admit he’s as sick as a dog himself, but when he smells the soup, he hangs around “just because he’s hungry.” After she’s got them all sat down and eating, Momiplier wanders around brushing the Ego’s hair back from their eyes, “You all need haircuts.” And she asks them about what they do here in this big building. “Oh, I didn’t know you had your own TV show.” She gets Doc out of his lab coat, telling him if he goes back to work, she’ll be very upset with him. She’s not satisfied until Dr. Iplier pinkie promises her that he won’t go back to the clinic today.

After she’s got them full of food, she sends them all to bed, tucking each of them in herself and putting a wet rag on their foreheads to help with their temperature. With a kiss and an extra pot of soup for when they wake up, Momiplier shows herself out, and Mark and Amy take her back to his apartment.

The next day when the Egos get up and get to feeling better, they call Amy and ask her to bring Mark’s mom back by again before she goes. Wilford and Google run to nearest store and buy up all the nail polish colors they can find, and when Momiplier arrives, they ask her to do their nails like she did for Mark back at Christmas.

Afterwards, Host and Doc make lunch for her, chatting and laughing as she tells them stories about Mark when he was younger, and Oliver speaks to her in Korean, able to switch his language settings. Bim absolutely fawns over the work she did on their nails and asks about her tips and tricks. Wilford has a list of questions drawn up, and while Momiplier doesn’t have time for a full on-camera interview, he quizzes her all about herself and especially about her soup recipe, which he later hands over to the Host.

Before she has to leave, however, Momiplier asks about Dark. “Where is the angry one that wears the suit?” Mark tries to tell her that she really doesn’t want to meet Dark, but she insists. So they take her up to his office, Wilford ready to defend them just in case, but when they get there, they find Dark still sick, sitting at his piano and pecking out a few simple melodies.

When Dark sees Mark’s mom, he’s somewhat dumbstruck that she’d have the nerve to come see him, but Momiplier, entirely aware of how scary Dark can be, grabs him by the ear and drags him into his bedroom. “You should be resting! You’ll be even more sick if you don’t get your rest!” She tells Mark to go get another bowl of the soup, and Mark looks at Dark, trying to gauge what he’s about to do. But Dark just follows Momiplier, lets her tuck him in, and when Mark comes in with the soup, Dark shrugs and croaks, “I’m evil, but I’m not that evil. Besides… this soup is really good.”

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