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Just In Love

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A/N: So I was listening to Joe Jonas’ song Just In Love (x) and this idea just hit me out of nowhere, so here it is! I am using Google Translate for the words in French. I know sometimes it’s not reliable, but bear with me please. lukenut (tagging you cause I want to and love your work)

Warning: Contains Sexual Content, View At Your Own Risk!!!

     Water sloshed over the side of the tub spilling to the floor as Luke tried to fit himself in. Your laughter rang out around the bathroom as he slightly slipped. “Attention, vous klutz,” you giggled at him in French. Luke gripped onto the side of the tub to steady himself, then finally sank down into the tub, making more water splash over.

“Did you just call me a klutz?” he questioned, a smile spreading out onto his face. Your knees knocking together as he got comfortable, head resting back against the wall. 

“Yeah, but I did say be careful,” you stated, accent thick as you spoke. Luke’s smile grew at the sound of your accent. Somehow you managed to convince Luke to take a bath with you. He wasn’t too enthusiastic about the idea when he spotted your medium sized rectangular tub. There was no doubt in his mind that the two of you wouldn’t fit; especially with his six foot four height. He could never say no to you though. Anytime you batted those beautiful eyelashes Luke went weak. Now that he was actually in the tub with you, water falling to the floor with any slight movement, Luke couldn’t be more comfortable. 

“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered, grabbing onto your foot and stretching out your leg. “Bella femme,” he said this time in French, starting to massage your foot. You smiled at him, head leaning back and eyes closing as you moaned at the feeling of the massage. 

Luke had met you on the streets of Paris while on tour. He had been trying to get away from fans when he ran into you. The moment you two locked eyes he was hooked. The encounter didn’t last long, but he had memorized the look of your eyes ever since. That wasn’t the last time he saw you though. The guys had some time before sound check to look around more. They went to a coffee shop a few blocks away from the hotel and there you were; sitting at one of the tables with a cup of hot chocolate in front of you. Luke took that as a sign, swooping in to talk to you. Communication was tough between the two of you. Though you knew how to speak English, getting your translation across was hard. French was your primary language. It was a big insecurity of yours. Not being able to communicate with Luke made your heart hurt. This didn’t bother Luke at all though. He found ways to communicate with you. Sometimes you two didn’t need to talk. Just being in each other’s presence was enough, the silence speaking for you. The time you two spent together was cut short, but Luke had madly fallen in love with you. Once tour was over, he didn’t hesitate to come see you. Once word got out, it was chaos. 

Luke was in love with a girl in a whole other language. It was everywhere and people began to talk. No one could figure out why you two were together. The communication was sparse, so it didn’t make sense. People looked at you strange making you feel even more insecure about the relationship. This was was what caused problems. Even now as you two sat and bathed together Luke could sense your doubt. “What’s on your mind?” he asked making you look up at him with a confused expression. Luke bit onto his bottom lip, mind racing as he tried to remember the French he had learned. “Á q-quoi uh…p-penses-tu?” he stuttered out, your eyes widening and mouth opening in understanding. The two of you had been sitting in the water for a while now, fingers turning prune. 

“I wish we could communiquer…c-communicate,” you said the words slowly. Luke nodded in understanding then shook his head. This topic had been brought up often. Sometimes resulting in arguments. You wanted to change the way your dynamic worked, but Luke wanted it to stay the same. He didn’t understand why you wanted to change it. Luke didn’t want other people’s opinions about your relationship to change how you felt about each other. He tried his best to move closer to you, more water splashing to the floor. 

“Look at me,” Luke whispered, hand lacing into your hair and forehead resting against yours. “No one knows what we have. They don’t understand us, and words are just a waste of time,” he told you. If he had to remind you this a thousand times a day, he would. He knew you were running from the truth. Afraid that loving him would tear you apart. Love was even more wild when you were angry. Not that you would ever know, but Luke feared losing you. You were worth too much for him to lose. The two of you stared at each other for a while and you let out a deep breath.

“Je t’aime,” you whispered, pecking him on the lips. Luke smiled against your lips, deepening the kiss. 

“I love you too. So much,” he replied. Your fingers ran through his blonde hair and you pulled away, splashing him in the face with water. Luke’s laughter rang out around the bathroom and he splashed you back. This continued for a bit until you both were just exhausted from laughter. He reached into the water and pulled out the towel, pouring body wash into it. Silence filled the air and you let Luke lift your leg up, watching as he started to wash you.

     Luke’s grin grew as you laughed loudly, trying to wiggle out of his arms. The two of you had finally finished your bath and once you stepped out the tub, Luke thought it would be funny to attack you with tickles. Finally his fingers stopped brushing over your skin and you caught your breath. You grabbed your towel wrapping it around yourself and turning to face Luke. His eyes were closed as he ran a towel through his hair to dry it. Another one hanging loosely around his waist. You bit onto your bottom lip while watching him; with the heat from the bath and the way Luke looked, you found yourself becoming aroused. “What?” Luke questioned, a light pink tint making its way onto his cheeks at your staring. You shook your head and gave him a small smile. He took you by surprise and scooped you up into his arms. Carrying you bridal style towards the bed. He lightly dropped you onto the middle of bed, the fluffy duvet raising up a bit. You rolled to one side as Luke plopped down. Scooting closer, he pulled your legs onto his torso and rested up on his elbow as he looked down at you. You held your breath as his fingers started to trail across your skin, starting from your neck, down to your collarbone and so on. 

“That feels nice,” you mumbled, eyes closing in delight and breathing becoming irregular as he reached the valley of your breasts. Luke’s Caribbean blue eyes soaked in every curve and he unwrapped the towel from your body. He could feel himself growing hard, fingers gliding over your side of your breasts. Taking his pointer finger and thumb, he pinched at your left nipple. Continuing this until it was a hardened bud. Luke repeated the same action on your right nipple, smirking when he heard a soft moan leave your lips. Right now he just wanted to touch you, caress every part of your body. Luke leaned forward pressing his lips against yours in a soft and sweet kiss. It was quick, but enough to get you riled up. His fingers continued to glide over your skin. Soft, feather-like touches over your belly button. Pinching at your hips and sliding his fingertips down your leg. Goosebumps rose against your skin as he brought his hand back up, resting it on your inner thigh. Your eyelids fluttered open and you sucked in a deep breath. Luke had a way of sending electric sparks through your body. His hand trailed closer to your aching core, but stopped short to give you a look. He wanted to make sure you were in the mood to do what was on his mind. You nodded rapidly “Touchez moi,” you choked out, teeth sinking into your bottom lip. Luke didn’t need to be told twice and he pecked your shoulder, hand inching closer to where you needed him the most. You rested back against the pillows, staring up at the ceiling. Luke finally cupped your heat, thumb briefly pressing over your clit to elicit a moan from you. He laughed as you rose your hips up, wanting him to touch you more.  

“I won’t tease you this time,” he reassured, the sound of his voice coming out raspy. No, Luke wasn’t in the mood to tease you or him. He did want to take it slow. Worship every inch of your body and make love to you. He ran his fingers between your folds a groan tumbling from his lips at how wet you were. Luke’s fingers were already drenched in your juices and he didn’t even stick them inside you yet. His other hand slid under your head, lifting you up to give you a passionate kiss. You smiled against his lips, nibbling at his bottom lip for access. His lips parted and you slid your tongue inside, moaning against his lips. Your kisses became needy, your fingers lacing into his hair and tugging. Luke pulled away for air and he rubbed the tip of his nose against yours. Pecking the tip of your nose, his lips trailed down, following the route his fingers had taken. You craned your neck to the side as he kissed there, sucking and biting at your skin to create a bruise. A shiver ran down your spine when he sucked on your sweet spot and you cried out in pleasure. You felt Luke smile against your skin, tongue gliding over the bruise. He continued on, taking one of your nipples into his mouth and biting at it. Your hand flew to his hair once again, soft moans falling from your lips. He moved down even more and you giggled as Luke scattered kisses over your tummy pouch. You lifted up onto your elbows, mouth agape, and eyes wide as he reached your inner thigh. Luke held eye contact with you as he lifted your leg up. He trailed kisses down your leg, a smile on his lips. Your chest rose at a fast pace as he sucked love bites into your inner thigh, his breath warm against your skin. Luke stopped once he got close to your heat and moved over to show your left thigh the same attention. “Is this where you want me?” Luke whispered, kissing your clit and making a jolt run up your body. 

“Yes,” you said, the word barely audible. Luke heard it though and he kissed your clit again. “Luke, s’il vous plaît,” you whined. “Please,” you said this time in English. His eyes closed at the sound of your voice. The way you spoke, both in French and English was music to his ears. Even if he barely understood some words in French, Luke preferred for you to speak in your native tongue. When he opened his eyes, you could tell that they had grown a shade darker. Lust and desire filling them. Luke stuck his tongue out, taking a swipe up your folds. You hummed in pleasure, resting back on the pillows again. He loved to go down on you. Kitty licking your core and sucking at your clit. Luke’s name tumbled from your lips as he plunged two fingers into your heat. He paid extra attention to your clit as he slowly began to thrust his fingers in and out of you. “Fuck yes,” you whimpered, hips rising only to have Luke push them back down. You jump as he nipped at your clit, curling his fingers up to reach a different angle. His length stood erect now, the head red as pre-cum leaked out. Luke’s mind raced as he tried to think of something boring to stop him from cumming right there. Your moans making his length twitch. Luke needed you. He need you bad. Pulling his fingers out, Luke wrapped his arms around your thighs, pulling you closer as he began to tongue fuck you. You legs wrapped around his head, pushing him more into your heat. You moaned loudly as his tongue curled up to hit against your g-spot. There was a deep feeling in the pit of your stomach and you knew you were going to release soon. Luke licked up your slit, spreading your juices around. He moaned at your aroma. The tip of his tongue played with your bundle of nerves and your thighs began to shake as you came. Your hands gripped at the sheets around you. Cries of pleasure leaving you as Luke continued, licking you clean once you came down from your high. He kissed back up to your lips, letting you taste your release on his tongue.

“You okay?” he asked, sucking on your collarbone. You nodded, eyes closed as you regained your breathing. Luke bushed his thumb over you cheek, staring at you lovingly. “So beautiful. I’m so in love with you,” he gushed, you smiled at his words and pulled him into another kiss. 

“Make love to me,” you said against his lips, hand resting on his cheek. Luke kissed the palm of your hand, nodding at your words. He slid behind you, the two of you now in the spooning position. Luke lifted your right leg and hooked it over his thigh. He kissed onto your shoulder blade, stroking his length twice before easing into you. He felt you stretch around his length, resting there to let you adjust. A small gasp left your lips, and you tilted your head back to give him a kiss. Once you felt like you had adjusted, you gave him a nod. Luke slid his length out until just the head was just in then pushed back inside. You softly moaned, head resting back against his arm as he continued the action. Finally, Luke got a steady rhythm, his strokes going long. This angle allowed him to reach places he couldn’t before and you had become a moaning mess; body shuddering each time he entered you. One hand gripped at the sheets as the other reached back to pull Luke into another passionate kiss. The position wasn’t comfortable, but with Luke hitting your g-spot each time he entered you, it was pure bliss. 

“Holy shit, do that again!” Luke grunted, head flying back when you clenched around his length. You repeated the action and he growled in pleasure; the pace of his thrusts picking up. Luke reached down and began to slowly rub circles around your clit. Your moans turned into high pitched screams as he did this and you tugged at the hair on the back of his neck. “You like that?” Luke whispered, hips snapping against yours. You vigorously nodded, pushing back into him so that he wasn’t doing all the work. 

“Don’t stop,” you begged when you felt his length slip out. You whined at the emptiness, turning over so that you were facing him. Luke’s eyes grew wide as you climbed on top of him. He stared in awe as you sank down onto his length, head flying back, a loud moan leaving your lips, and breasts perked out. You had never topped before and now that you have, Luke never wanted it to end. His mouth hung open, deep moans rising from the back of his throat as you began to ride him. Your hands rest against his chest and you rose your hips up swirling them back down in figure eights. You looked like a goddess in Luke’s eyes and that’s what you were. You were his goddess. His hands rested against your hips and Luke began to buck up into you. “Oh yes, oui, yes!” you began to chant. The words interchanging between French and English. Luke sat up, snaking his arms around your body. He kissed you with hunger, moaning into it and tasting your tongue. The bed began to squeak mixing in with the sound of skin slapping against skin. The sounds of your juices squelching together entering the melody. Your nails dug into his shoulders, creating crescent moons in his skin. Luke held you closer, eyes rolling back into their sockets as he orgasm was approaching. He flipped the two of you over, curling his hips into yours slowly. Making you feel every inch of his length. Luke swore your cries of pleasure could be heard from outside. He reached down again, pressing his thumb against your bundle of nerves. This made your whole body shake and you mumbled out about how close you were.

“Me too,” Luke groaned, an animal like moan falling from his lips. Your bodies danced together as you chased your orgasm. Luke wanted you to come together and he made sure you did. 

     Everything was still and it was as if time had froze as Luke stared at your sleeping figure. The night you two had was replaying over in his mind and he smiled. His eyes adverted to the clock, 6:32 AM in red block letters was shown. Your balcony door was open, a cool breeze flowing in and making the curtains move. Luke could see the sun starting to rise, the Eiffel tower could be spotted way in the distance. His gaze shot down to your figure as you turned beneath the covers. Your breathing was even, hair a mess and drool sliding down your chin. Luke chuckled at your sleeping state. You were even more radiant in the early morning light and Luke was so in love with you. You had him wrapped around your finger and you didn’t even know it. His stomach growled and your eyebrows furrowed at the noise, face softening once more as it stopped. Luke lifted the covers, slowly peeling your body away from him as he reached for his boxers. The bed rose as he stood up. “Ne me quitte pas,” he heard you grumbled from behind. Luke looked back, watching as you rubbed at your eyes, letting out a yawn.

“What?” he questioned, not remembering what those words meant exactly.

“Don’t leave me,” you whined this time in English, pouting up at him. Luke sat back down on the bed, pulling you closer to him and giving you a soft kiss.

I would never leave you,” he stated against your lips, “Never. Please understand that.” You nodded at his words, kissing him again. 

“Where were you going?” you asked, falling back into the pillows with a sigh.

“To make coffee and breakfast,” he told you, brushing back your hair. “I know you’re hungry,” he said. You nodded, giving him a smile and letting him rise from the bed once more. Luke handed you one of his shirts to wear and you sat up to slip it on. “Je t’amie,” he grinned over his shoulders, leaning against the door frame.

“I love you too,” you said back, blowing him a kiss as he left the room. Luke was head over heels. He saw a future with you and planned to make it reality. Luke was in love and no one was going to change that.