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hey guys, this is your periodic reminder to please not send me asks looking for what is essentially homework help. I don’t provide tutoring services for free, and doing so over tumblr ask is probably the worst and least efficient way to do it anyways. And there’s no guarantee I’ll even be able to help you because trust me, there’s a lot of chemistry I do not know.

There are an enormous amount of online resources for help with this type of thing that are literally just a google search away. Plus in person resources that most schools provide. 

This isn’t about any single ask in particular, but I’ve noticed an uptick in these types of messages since the semester started. If you’re struggling in your classes, please reach out to your instructors and TAs or other departmental resources for help, not a random stranger who runs a mostly joke science blog on the internet. 

anonymous asked:

Could you recommend some online stores for plus size? Pretty please!

my personal favorites are asos curve, forever21 +,,, posh shoppe, modcloth, new look, and random other google searches for plus size. haha. have a good week!