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Top 10 Fashion Brands to Follow on Google+

We know you must be wondering…who uses G+ anyway? But we’ve done some digging around and found that there are some really awesome fashion designers and brands actively using G+ to share their stories.

If you have a Gmail account, you’ll automatically be logged in to start following pages in your circles. From exclusive G+ offers to never-before-seen content on their pages, these fashion brands are worth the +1.

Here’s a link to Wantering’s Shared Circle on Google Plus, which includes over 20 of the top fashion brands. Quickly add them all to your newsfeed by clicking the “add people” button. (Click to Tweet this Circle)

Drumroll please!

10) Modcloth’s How-to videos and real girl photos have created a lot of buzz for this brand. Hitting their audience of women looking for great prices on trendy items, Modcloth has a relatable story to share.

9) Levi’s gets props for somewhat of a brand revival. We like their tips on how to break in your jeans, along with great product shots the most.

8) Christian Dior is one of few luxury designers to have an active presence on G+. The page gives you backdoor access into the brand’s products and also news about who’s wearing Dior (ahem, Jennifer Lawrence).

7) Diane von Furstenberg (DVF) is perhaps the Queen of Google Fashion, kicking off the first Google Hangout #shopthehangout in partnership with the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America). What else do you expect from the designer who utilized Google Glass on her runway in 2012?

6) Topman gets a shout out for creating a Google Plus VIP program that includes exclusive insider benefits. Follow for updates on new items, promos, and cat GIFS.

5) Warby Parker exploded in 2013 with numerous collaborations with artists like Beck and non-profit organizations like RxArt. Who doesn’t have a pair of Warby glasses?

4) Rebecca Minkoff is one of the fashion brands who has participated in a Google Hangout in 2013. Their photos and videos make us feel like we’re backstage at her fashion show and we really like that.

3) ASOS is kind of taking over the fashion world one GIF at a time. Fun and playful just like their brand identity, the ASOS G+ page is an online store you just need to know.

2) H&M is one of the largest global retailers in the fast-fashion world. With so many items, how do you showcase the best? They take a Polyvore-style approach and create themed boards that get high engagement from their fans.

1) Burberry is killing it when it comes to digital innovation. Beautiful images that are completely on-brand help transport you into the Burberry world.

Find all of these brands’ Google Plus pages and more in our Top Fashion Brands Shared Circle. And come by and hang out on our Wantering G+ page.