You know what you did if you did it.

Now undo it, please and thank you! 

This is a simple, easy to follow short guide on how to get rid of your review for the Keystone Motel in Florida. If you wrote a review, PLEASE DELETE IT unless you’ve actually been and did not write the review in the context of Steven Universe.

I completely understand many of you put good ratings with good intentions, but those ratings aren’t accurate either unless you’ve really been to the motel. 


Do not cause trouble for this business or for the Crewniverse! 

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Well it’s nice to know that it finally won’t be forced into many of the sites and apps that I use all the time for no good damn reason. it finally can be its own little thing off far away from everything. Hell yeah :D



Umemoto Izumi - April 29, 2015, 22:16

Good evening (´-`).。oO(

Today I went back to Fukuoka, and the lesson ended earlier so…

I went out with Meru d( ‘Д’ d)

We went to the park and then watched a movie (´-ω-`)

At the park I took lots of pictures!

Because the weather was nice ⊂((・x・))⊃

I wanted to take pictures of soap bubbles so it was fun!!!

We ate Blue Hawaii shaved ice and Meru’s tongue got all blue (´ω`;)

These days I’m enjoying more taking pictures of people (つω-`)

Cameras are fun riiiiight? \(^o^)/

The movie we watched was Parasyte Part 2!

It was thrilling lol

See you!




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Thanks for coming to the Namba Style Two-Shot Event(^o^)


It was chosen at random and while there were many fans of various members, I was happy that everyone enjoyed taking pictures✨


It has been a while since I have taken a photo with Jo🎶

Umemoto Izumi - June 26, 2015, 17:04

Note: Ume is referring to this post from Yamamoto Sayaka

たいへんです((( ⍥ )))
It’s incredible ((( ⍥ )))

I was so surprised (´・_・`)

Yamamoto Sayaka-san… The Yamamoto Sayaka-san that I admire from the bottom of my heart…

Shared my guitar video on Google+

And even said “let’s do it together”… >_<

I’ll practice with all devotion so that when we’re able do it together, I won’t be embarrassed to play by her side!!!

And Yamamoto Sayaka-san saw [the video] because you spread it around!!

Thank you ✨

500コメも埋まっていて本当に嬉しかったです₍₍ ◝(●˙꒳˙●)◜ ₎₎
I was really happy to receive 500 comments ₍₍ ◝(●˙꒳˙●)◜ ₎₎

Now I’ll keep doing my best in the rehearsals!



A BIG THANK YOU !! Our page on Google+ just passed the one million followers!

We are very proud to announce, we are the first group in Steampunk History to reach more than one million followers on a single social network. Thank you Google+ !

2 years ago we created and launched Steampunk Tendencies and you are now more than 1.5 million following us all around the world! 

60 000 members in our groups:

We are just… the WORLD LARGEST Steampunk community!    

Thanks to all of you to be there, following us, bringing life to this community, thank you for your support!

We love you !!

Special thanks to Pierre Jean Tardiveau for the animation! <3 

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Todayz Newz

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1) Another Reason To Hate The Dentist

A dentist from Minnesota is being accused of paying 50,000 dollars to hunt and kill Cecil, one of Africa’s most famous lions. This is bad news for other famous lions including The MGM Lion, The Cowardly Lion, and Snoop.

Even more upset are his patients who are slowly starting to realize that if a dentist is able to drop 50k on big game hunting they might be overpaying for their dental work.

2) The NFL Gets A Woman That’s Not A Cheerleader

The Arizona Cardinals have hired Dr. Jen Welter making her the first woman on a coaching staff in the history of the NFL. Finally someone with the football knowledge of Tom Brady and the hair regimen of… Tom Brady.

Jen has a PhD in psychology and a masters in sports psychology and was brought on as an intern to assist with inside linebackers, so we can finally look forward to a much more freudian approach to blitzes. Now not only will the defense be able to read the quarterback, but also analyze his relationship with his mother.

3) Israel loses Iran but wins a spy

Convicted Israeli Spy Jonathan Pollard has been granted parole after 30 years in prison for espionage. He says he’s looking forward to finally watching the Star Wars prequels and then being very disappointed by them.

His life sentence is being commuted as a way to appease Israel who isn’t thrilled with the new deal that the US has struck with Iran. You know the old saying: “if you give a mouse a nuclear deal, Israel is going to want a captured spy to go with it.”

4) Google Minus

Google has announced that users will no longer be required to have a Google+ account to use YouTube. So, good news! Now you can have your anonymity back BallsLover14.

5) UK Parliament is full of wankers

A freedom of information request has revealed that over 247,000 attempts were made to visit porn sites from UK parliament computers last year, so kudos to them for getting that number down. Most of those visits came from the Liverpool MP known best as Pervy Steve.


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I fell asleep、、、


I am writing this late but thank you to everyone who came to yesterday’s Handshake Event in Osaka, despite the negative impact of the typhoon on public transport(;_;)


Yesterday as well, I was able to talk about a vast array of topics with many people and I was told that, “I want you to do a solo-concert!” “If you have a solo-concert, I’ll definitely go!” I was very happy to be told this and I felt very invigorated.


I do not know however long you will have to wait but、、


Day by day, I have many wild ideas and aspirations for the actual make-up of the event. I am willfully getting excited(lol)

私もその時の為に準備しなI h(^-^)

I have to prepare for when that time comes too(^-^)


I hope that I can meet with those people who couldn’t make it yesterday, sometime in the future、、✨


So, I off to go to the thea…Mamiya Rinzō(lol)

Okada Kanna - June 1, 2015, 22:24

Good evening everyone ♪

Today was my seitansai *\(^o^)/*

Thanks to everyone it was an unforgettable, fantastic day

For the units I sang Candy as center, and also Yokaze no Shiwaza!

It was the first time I sang a solo song, so I was nervous…

But I’ve been practicing by myself for the past half-year thinking of doing it on my seitansai, and I think maybe that had good results!

In any case, I’m 18 ✨

I want to have a wonderful year together with you /////

Thank you so much for today

I’ve pasted below the contents of the letter to you that I read at the stage today, so please read it! ↓

“To everyone

It’s the first time I write a letter to you. I’m extremely shy, so at the right moment what I want to say doesn’t come out right and I regret saying it, so this year I wrote a letter in order to say everything I want.

First, this past year. The recovery from my injury, the overseas concert in Taiwan, the Kouhaku Uta Gassen, ranking in the Senbatsu Sousenkyo, the tour finale… These 365 days had only new experiences and hectic changes in my environment.

Specially the Senbatsu Sousenkyo, where you gave me the wonderful rank of #42 for which I’m really grateful. When I first set rank #44 as my goal, many people told me “Isn’t that a little too high?” and “First you should rank”. Certainly, if you look at my present self maybe it’s too high. But because goals are set while looking at your future self, and because I have to work harder, I think that a low obstacle that your present self can overcome is not related to growth. That is precisely why I set a goal that I thought would be unreasonable for my present self.

So when my name was called, I was really very surprised. Naturally, I think a rank obtained by competing with people simply is not a result. I am still very inexperienced, so now that I am 18 I want to make a bigger effort than before and discover my own possibilities.

Being an idol for me is having you smile when looking at me. When you smile because of me I become happy. I think it’s a wonderful job where both I and the fans can become happy. I am proud that I can perform this wonderful job, and that I have you supporting me.

Please keep always supporting HKT48 and myself.

Okada Kanna”