Monday Madness And Randomness. Mondays have been manic lately but today was madder than most. The exercise clinic was busy but orderly with one new client requiring one-on-one attention. She had no exercise contraindications but I was taking it light and easy with her…and then she passed out. I managed to catch her and break her fall while alerting medical staff and I am thankful my reflexes saved a head injury.

Obviously catching an unconscious adult before they hit the ground is always going to wreak havoc on a person’s soft tissues but gee I’m feeling beaten up and sore all over tonight. She was on obs for an hour but was absolutely fine and the doctor cleared her to come back to the gym on Wednesday. I have adverse event paperwork to do and a workplace physio appointment tomorrow.

Anyway, my client lilies are opening beautifully and my chocolate treat (compliments of clubathletica) was more than welcome this evening.

On the family fun front; we took a cheerful waving family photo to text to The Lad so he has a happy surprise next time he gets mobile phone access. (Except Mitzy looks chronically depressed because she is missing her chief walker.) He had only a four-minute phone opportunity on Sunday and was feeling a bit stressed.

And just to round off this random day; we found The Lad on Google Maps! More precisely, clubathletica was researching safe cycling routes from home to the city (if there is such a thing) when she spotted her bro walking The Mit down our street! Classic. Typical Tom though, he never mentioned the Google van passing by.