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Can you write a fanfic about Shaw x Root having an established relationship and always forgetting to turn their coms off when flirting and talking about their sexual activities :)))

Heart Eyes and Hot Mics

"You ready to go?" Shaw asks, leaning against the far wall of her apartment, arms crossed. Her hair is tied up in a tight ponytail, and her outfit is black pants with a black shirt.

"Almost," a woman’s voice calls back from the bathroom.

"We’re going to be late,"Shaw warns, clicking her ear wig into place. She turns it on, adjusting it to the right frequency.

The bathroom door opens, and Root walks out in a half-dressed, hair tangled mess. Seeing her, Shaw straightens up, hands coming down to her sides. She keeps her eyes on Root’s face, trying hard not to look anywhere else. Root’s feet are shoe-less, white socks padding across the cold floor, and she has on a button down shirt, with not a single one done. She brushes her hair as she walks, struggling with an unruly knot. Eyes coming forward, she spots Shaw and smiles.

"You can’t blame me," she says in a light, warning tone. "This,” she gestures to her hair, “is your fault.” Shaw’s eyes narrow in dismay, but she remains silent.

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Why NOT to use Google Maps

Google Maps is super useful, looks a lot better than Bing (duh), and is synced with transit in many places. Today, it even has a built-in Pacman game. So what could be wrong with it?

Attn BDSers: Google Maps does not map Palestine. Check it out:

Ever heard of Al-Bireh? Probably not if you haven’t been to the area. Al-Bireh is Ramallah’s twin city; it’s actually within the greater Ramallah municipality, technically. A lot of the protests and things that you hear about in and around Ramallah actually take place in Al-Bireh, but are never reported as such. But it’s Al-Bireh, and not Ramallah, that shows up on the map. That’s surprising, considering that Ramallah’s the de facto capital of Palestine. 

Let’s zoom in:

There’s Ramallah, finally. It’s shown as the same size as Psagot Zeyev — the neighbouring Israeli settlement. Psagot is MUCH smaller and is totally isolated from Ramallah and Bireh, as most settlements are from their neighbouring cities (Hebron excepted). 

Zoom in again:

Finally, we can see that Ramallah is a major city — but nothing is labeled. There aren’t even street names. 

When I was living in Ramallah, we used an alternative: Open Street Map. Imagine a cross between Google Maps and Wikipedia. OSM is editable by anyone. 

Their maps of the West Bank shows the area system that actually makes the West Bank into an archipelago: 

And when you zoom in not only are there street names in Ramallah in both Arabic and English, there are businesses, hotels, banks, and other useful information. Those are there because anyone can add them.

The thing with OSM though is that it’s better the more people who use it. If you can, try to move away from Google Maps and use OSM in your area. Add to it. Edit it. Participate. It’s a great tool.

And as always, support projects that help present Palestine as a real place with real people. It’s so much more than just a contested region. Little things like maps can help show that.