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I don't really have any prompts, but if you look up the Jamilton tag on @midnigtartist's blog, you might get a few ideas! Aimee is complete Jamilton trash, loves the heck outta them

I did just that! The prompt/feeling I got from that is “Jefferson actually likes kids and takes care of Philip for a day when Hamilton loses track of him, causing Hamilton’s entire view of Jefferson as a person to shift”

@midnigtartist Happy birthday! I was already writing this before I learned it was your birthday, but I hope you enjoy it regardless! You’re art is great! Also, I sent you an ask about this but severely underestimated the size of your inbox. If/when you see the anon that sounds suspiciously like this post, feel free to ignore it! 

As much as he’d like it to be the case, Thomas did not at first recognize the kid loitering around the office. He did however, recognize that the kid couldn’t be more than 10 years old, if that- and was therefore too young to be standing around anywhere, never mind outside the ‘Washington and Associates’ law firm.

It wasn’t quite time to pack up, but Thomas figured this was more important. Plus, no one else was dealing with it, or even noticing. He saved his work, and stood up.

“Leaving early?” James poked his head up, at Thomas’ movement.

“There’s a kid hanging around outside, it’s distracting,” Thomas explained. James peeked out the window, furrowed his brows, and nodded.

“Don’t take too long,” James reminded, turning back to his work. Thomas rolled his eyes and nodded, even though he knew James’ attention was already back to his work.

The kid jumped when Thomas opened the door, immediately turning around and looking down as if he just happened to be standing there. It wasn’t very convincing.

“Hi,” Thomas pitched his voice, warmer and completely devoid of his usual sarcastic drawl. “You’ve been standing out here for a while, is there anything I can help you with?” Up close, the kid was even smaller. The parents had better be nearby, or Thomas would be having words.

“Uhh,” The kid’s head bobbed up, then straight down, his mass of curls hiding his face. Thomas felt his heart thaw, just a bit- the kid was just shy. Which was fair, given Thomas was a tall, mysterious stranger. Even adults tended to be intimidated. Thomas leaned down, dropping to the kid’s level.

“That’s okay,” Thomas tried to put the kid at ease. “Could you tell me where your parents are, so we can find them?”

“Umm,” The kid started again, but this time he brushed his hair behind an ear and glanced up to Thomas’ chin. “Mom’s at her home, I’m s'posed to be with Dad this week, and he’s s'posed to be here. I think.” He nervously glanced up at the building. “There’s only one Washington law place, right?”

Ah, a divorced kid. “Yes, as far as I’m aware, this is the only Washington law place,” Thomas didn’t want to correct the kid and possibly confuse him. Still, he couldn’t stop an amused smile at the term ‘law place’. “Can you tell me your Dad’s name?”

The kid froze, paling instantly. “U-uh, it’s my Dad, um…” He started shaking. Crap.

Thomas thought quickly. “It’s okay, it’s okay!” He smiled wide, waving his hand in what he hoped was more comforting than dismissive, though he used it in the latter sense far more often. “Could you tell me your name, instead?”

“Oh!”, the kid grinned. “My name’s Philip Hamilton! I’m 8 years old!” Thomas nearly flinched. There was only one Hamilton who worked at Washington’s, and there was no way this was a coincidence. He should have guessed- Hamilton’s divorce was well known in lawyer circles, and now that he was looking for it, the kid’s face bore some resemblance. Standing in front of Thomas was his biggest work rival’s son.

There wasn’t anything for it, though. Thomas was hardly going to just leave the kid out here. “Nice to meet you, Philip. I work with your Dad. My name’s Thomas Jefferson.”

Philip’s eyes lit up in recognition. Thomas had just enough time to worry about what exactly the kid was recognizing. “Jefferson? Dad mentions you all the time! He says you’re really distracting!”

Distracting, huh? Not 'evil’, not 'idiotic’; nor any of the other insults Hamilton would shout to his face? Not even 'bad man’, if he wanted to soften it to his kid? Thomas itched to ply Philip for answers, for what Hamilton really thought; but it was the middle of winter and now was not the time.

“How about we wait inside for your Dad, and you tell me what you’re doing out here?” Thomas spoke cautiously, not sure how Philip would react to being asked to go somewhere with a relative stranger.

Strangely though, Philip’s shyness went straight out the window after his introduction. “Oh! That’s because Dad promised me this time, for real promised, that he’d get off work on time and take me to see a movie! I wanted to make sure he really would, so I looked up 'Washington law’ on google and bussed here all by myself!” Thomas led the way to the building as Philip chattered, small hand immediately latching onto Thomas’ fingers.

“That’s very cool!” Thomas enthused, opening the door and immediately shooting a glare at every person who stared. “Now, your Dad’s out now, the boss sent him to the courthouse to drop something off, but we can wait for him, alright?”

Philip beamed. “Alright! This place looks even cooler than I thought!” He was so enthusiastic, that Thomas couldn’t help but smile back. Hamilton would still be getting an earful, being so unreliable that his 8 year old child felt the need to escape his babysitter and bus through the middle of town to check up on him. Hell, did he even have a babysitter?

Thomas’ work was left, forgotten on his desk. James would clean up for him, this was more important. “What do you say to meeting your Dad’s boss?” He needed to at least explain the situation, after all.

“Mr. Washington? Yeah! Dad says he’s too nosy, and Mom says he’s basically like my second grandpa, even though I’ve never met him before.”

Thomas couldn’t stop the chuckle if he tried. “Did he? You’ll have to tell me more, later.” He joked, but Philip nodded anyways. This was far better than finishing his work.

Alex was determined to keep his promise, for real this time. He was not staying late, and if possible, he would even be home early. Washington owed it to him, for all that free overtime.

Unfortunately, all the owing in the world meant nothing when Washington ordered him to take some important documents to the courthouse, a good half hour away, when the day was nearly over. Alex could never say no to a direct request like that, even if Washington probably would have relented if he explained his circumstances.

No, he could do this and still be out on time, if he drove straight to Philip’s school, instead of back to the firm, first. Alex did so, driving as fast as he reasonably could.

Only, when he did that, Philip had already left, instead of waiting for him. In fact, he had left for the washroom in the last hour of class, and never returned, according to the teacher. Alex barely spared the time to chew them out for not keeping a better headcount, and then he was running off to his car and to home.

Philip wasn’t at home either. Alex started panicking in earnest. He could be anywhere, but why would he? Philip was so excited about going to see the movie, he wouldn’t have just run off today of all days, would he? But he alternative- if Philip hadn’t purposefully run off himself- was far worse. Alex started by doing circles of the neighbourhood, then the local parks.

Alex was focused; so focused that his phone remained in his pocket, battery dead before he’d even realized Philip was missing.

It must have been hours later, the sun starting to set, when Alex finally gave up. He had panicked somewhere early down the line, and never quite stopped. His limbs were shaking. Alex had lost his son.

He didn’t want to even think about the phone call he would have to make to Eliza. But first, he’d check the house again, just in case. Alex wasn’t holding out much hope at this point.

Alex was just stressed enough to miss the strange car behind his in the driveway. He was not, however, too stressed to notice two people sitting in his living room.

“Hamilton, about time!” Jefferson waved his arms enthusiastically, though something sharp glinted in his eyes. Alex’s brain stuttered for a moment at the sight of his coworker/rival relaxing in his home, but then Philip was bounding into his arms.

“Dad! Where the heck where you? Mr. Jefferson’s called you like, a million times!”

“Wha- Philip, where have you been? You weren’t at school, the teachers told me you disappeared, you weren’t at home, I’ve been worried sick, looking for you!” Harsh, panicked words spilled from Alex’s mouth, even as he seized his son in a fierce hug. “Don’t scare me like that!”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to,” Philip hugged back tight, voice suddenly subdued and guilty. “I just wanted to find you at work, so you’d actually go on time.”

Alex loosened his hug so that he could face Philip directly. “Wait, you what-?” Alex cut himself off, remembering the other person in the room. “Jefferson, why the fu-heck are you here?” Philip’s head poked up at Alex’s accusatory tone, brows furrowing in confusion.

“Nice save,” Jefferson smirked, always as irritating as possible. “Also, is that really the way you want to be speaking to the guy who’s been watching your kid all evening? When I could have been doing anything else with my time?”

There was no reason for Jefferson to be lying. In fact, that answer made the most sense, given that Jefferson had literally been in his home, watching Philip, when Alex got in there. Still though, this was Jefferson. Instinctive denial surged in his chest. “Excuse me-”

“I’m sorry!” Philip shouted again, lip trembling. He wasn’t looking at Alex though, instead facing Jefferson. “I didn’t mean to waste your day!”

Alex’s blood ran cold. That was exactly the opening one could never make to Jefferson- he could never hold back his infuriating sarcastic comments. He was going open his mouth and spout some negative bullshit that would make Philip cry, because Jefferson was an asshole who didn’t have any kids and probably hated them.

Jefferson did open his mouth, but his eyes were suddenly wide, with surprise and maybe guilt- something Alex had never seen him wear. He scrambled off the couch. “No no, I didn’t mean that, Philip! You’ve been great fun!” Jefferson assured, stepping over to crouch in front of Philip.

Philip looked up at him cautiously. Alex held his breath, completely taken aback. “Really?”, Philip whispered, and Alex could hear the tiny smile working its way into his voice.

“Of course!” Jefferson reached a hand over to ruffle his hair. “I got to read all your poems, and you got to hear all about the silly things your Dad does at work! It’s just that your Dad’s back now, so I should probable get going.” He gave Philip a wide grin, full of warmth and life.

Alex wasn’t sure he’d ever seen Jefferson with a smile like that. It did something to his stomach that he’d rather not analyze.

“No! You gotta stay for supper! We can’t do the movie anymore anyways, right Dad!” Philip bounced back, both emotionally and literally, on the balls of his feet.

Alex opened his mouth, searching for an excuse that wouldn’t upset Philip. Then, he glanced over to Jefferson. He was fidgeting, glancing away awkwardly. With a start, Alex realized he must have actually had fun. Somehow, Jefferson was actually really good with kids, if Philip’s excitement meant anything; and now he was standing there, in Alex’s house, looking more awkward and vulnerable than Alex had ever seen him.

“Yeah… yeah, he can stay. If he wants to.” Alex didn’t even want to guess what his face looked like right now. He wasn’t even sure what his feelings looked like right now. It was all a mess of exposed wires, his entire worldview turned on its head.

Jefferson flinched in surprise for a moment, eyes snapping to Alex. Then, he gauged Alex’s pure, undiluted confusion, and a smile slowly took his face, one that more closely resembled the teasing smirks Alex was used to. Now though, it seemed just a little less aggressive than Alex remembered.

“I suppose I can stay and tell your Dad all about how you skipped your last class, looked up his workplace online, and then bussed there all by yourself without telling anybody.” Jefferson shrugged, nonchalant.

“What! Mr. Jefferson, no!” Philip whined, even as he smiled broadly. “I’m gonna get grounded!”

Jefferson laughed. “Well, whose fault is that? You’re a little troublemaker!”

Philip spouted denials in between giggles. Alex felt his paradigm shift further off axis. “I guess I’ll get started,” Alex said, quiet and distant. He stood up and edged his way to the kitchen. Jefferson and Philip continued to chat in his hallway.

Somewhere between numb and completely unsure of himself, Alex turned the oven on and got out a frozen pizza. He took as much time as he could retrieving the round pan and opening the pizza box. Replaying in his mind was the smile Jefferson had made at Philip. His stomach flipped again.

“Hey,” Jefferson’s voice was calm and subdued, but made Alex jump a foot anyways. “I put the TV on for Philip.” He was right behind Alex, nearly crowding him into the counter. “I assume you want to know what’s been going on? No one’s been on the same page today.”

Alex swallowed. It wasn’t the first time Jefferson had crowded him, Alex had realized over time that it was more a matter of not knowing about personal space, rather than an active bid at intimidation. It was also overwhelming, especially now. “Uh,” Alex started, horrified at the squeak his voice made. “I guess not.”

Jefferson smirked- how could he not?- but relented, backing up a step. “It really wasn’t all that crazy. The kid showed up in the last hour of work, and no one else would do it, so I watched him. Tried to call your phone, I’m assuming it’s dead.” Alex dug into his pocket, pulling out a very dead phone. He paled. “No, it’s fine, it’s done.” Jefferson waved his hand dismissively. “I didn’t- I mean, it wasn’t awful.”

Alex paused at Jefferson’s stutter. His ears were pink. Adorable, Alex thought, then shook it from his mind. “Thank you,” he said instead.

“Uhhh,” Jefferson’s ears turned pinker. “No offense, but that sounds so weird coming from you.” Suddenly, he started laughing. “And I just said 'no offense’, which is even weirder!”

Alex snorted. Giggles stumbled their way between his lips, turning into chuckles, then full blown laughter. “Oh my God,” Alex wheezed, “This is so weird!”

Jefferson was howling right beside him. “I know, right?!”

Their laughs petered off, save for a quiet snicker from the distance. Both their heads whipped around- Philip peeked from the doorway. “Dad hasn’t laughed like that in ages,” He said knowingly. “You guys should hang out more. Hey, can Mr. Jefferson come with us to the movie, next time?”

Alex flushed, his mind stumbling to a stop, not sure if it was from the sheer audacity of the question, or how the idea of going out with Jefferson sounded too much like a date. His only saving grace was that it was probably the last thing Jefferson wanted, anyways. It didn’t matter that the sight of him being so nice to Philip did things to Alex’s heart.

“That sounds nice. If your Dad agrees.” Jefferson gave Philip an indulgent smile, then turned to Alex, question standing.  A quiet blush graced his cheekbones as well. He looked so much more attractive- cute, Alex’s brain supplied- when it was open like this. Usually, Jefferson’s appearance was the only attractive thing about him. Alex realized suddenly that he was gone- had been gone the moment Jefferson had revealed a side of himself that wasn’t pure opposition to everything Alex stood for.

“Alright,” Alex agreed. He needed to see where this was going. He was going to figure Jefferson out, or die trying.

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Bear spray is legally supposed to be locked away. When googling 'bear spray laws' the first stories that pop up are stories of people being maced and gangs. Management is now too lazy to keep bearspray locked, so management keeps bearspray behind Customer Service in an unlocked room because they don't want to walk the distance to use their clearance cards to open the locked room. It's illegal as a business. This isn't the first illegal thing they have tried to do... and we sell firearms. Wtf.


I’m just going to say it again because the last time that I posted this; I only had like 50 followers, at the most.

-ALWAYS do your research. You absolutely need to if you plan on shoplifting. Google your states shoplifting laws.

-Google “(insert location) shoplifting (insert year)”, if you aren’t coming up with anything, insert “news” onto it, to make sure that no camera footage was posted of you.
Most areas will post a picture of you from their security cam if they suspect that you took something.
I will explain why they do this. Say that you have a hook or magnet to remove tags. What do most of us recommend that we do with the tags that we’ve removed from clothing? We put it on something else that we aren’t lifting, mostly onto things that are already tagged. Which leaves items with 2 tags on them. If you’ve been to this store multiple times and they notice double tagged items every time that they’ve seen you in the store; they’ll connect the 2 together and sometimes, will post a picture of you onto news sites and ask for someone to identify you so that they can “ask some questions”.

Someone that I know got caught a few months ago because of this. She had been lifting from a store about once every 2 weeks or so. She double tagged Northface jackets and blue jeans then hung them back up. Someone purchased that same Northface jacket that day and the SA saw that it was double tagged and notified security because they had been having this problem for a while now. Security had also been notified once prior to that and saw camera footage of my friend picking up a Northface along with several other things and going back to the dressing room. They couldn’t just send out a picture of her just because she happened to try on a Northface, but once they saw her face again doing the same thing, they did.
They also noticed that a blouse was missing from the stack of things that she was carrying.
So, they sent her picture out to our local news.
Me nor her knew about it and she went to that store about a week or 2 later and an SA called security and they watched her very closely and had 2 LP follow her out. They had her come back in and wait for the police to search her and she got caught with about $50 worth of stuff.
They also got her for the cost of the blouse, which added up to be 75 dollars. She got off the hook with probation and a fine. She doesn’t shoplift anymore.

So, try to find items that aren’t tagged and put the tag that you removed onto that item. Try to refrain from double tagging (if you can). If you HAVE to double tag, only lift at that certain store about once a month so that they don’t catch onto you.


In light of everything going on...

Could people, anyone capable of doing so, please do something every single time you see someone describe ableism as being about a list of words you are supposed to say and a list of words you’re not supposed to say?

Ableism is about going to a hospital and getting told by doctors that you’d be better off going home and dying than getting a feeding tube.

Ableism is about going to get SSI and getting told that if you can blog (or do some other random thing that is not gainful employment and will never be), you can work for gainful employment.

Ableism is about your own family believing you’re lazy or exaggerating or faking because you don’t seem like their idea of what a disabled person is (young white guy in a wheelchair from paraplegia, usually – who are actually usually among the more privileged and able to work of disabled people, not that they have it easy by any means, especially since able to work doesn’t mean able to get hired in an ableist workforce).

Ableism is about valuing people based on what we can do, rather than valuing people because we exist.

Ableism is about drawing a line past which people don’t count as disabled anymore, they just count as not even people, and not worth protecting.

Ableism is about there being entire books where people think it’s legitimate to debate whether people with intellectual or other cognitive or developmental disabilities (those are three totally different but overlapping categories, just so you’re aware) count as persons or not.  Both “philosophically” and under law.  Google Peter Singer if you don’t believe me (he also doesn’t think newborns are persons, but everyone loves him because he supports animal rights – by bringing down disabled human beings in the process, and everyone knows – because of ableism, of course – that disabled human beings don’t matter anyway, not as much as animals).

Ableism is not – at least not mostly – about whether ‘stupid’ is a slur.  It’s just not.  And it infuriates me both when disabled people treat it primarily that way, and when nondisabled people treat it primarily that way.  

Because when you do a serious discussion of racism, and then classism, and then sexism, and transphobia, and transmisogyny, and homophobia, and biphobia, and every other kind of oppression you can think of, large and small, and you give them in-depth coverage… and then you come to ableism.  And it’s always last.  And it’s always a footnote to all the other kinds of oppression.  And the footnote always reads “And ableism… don’t say stupid, or idiot, instead, say these other words that don’t actually form an adequate replacement for those first words at all.”  

Which diminishes the understanding of the power of actual ableist slurs such as retard (hint: a slur carries with it as part of the meaning, that the person being described by the slur is not a real person – an insult like ‘stupid’ can be used in an ableist or non-ableist way but is not necessarily a slur even when it’s ableist). And it also diminishes the understanding of what ableism actually is, by not taking seriously the fact that ableism kills people.  

And even this act of always putting ableism last, always treating it as less serious or possibly not even a real ism at all (possibly “political correctness gone amok”, possibly “(eyeroll) yet another group of people wanting to claim they’re oppressed and really stealing the idea of oppression from real oppressed people like people of color and taking their ideas and successes without crediting them at all”, however it’s phrased… that is one of the worst things about ableism in circles that claim to want to deal with oppression in all its forms.  Because it basically throws us to the wolves while claiming there are no wolves to throw us to and that we aren’t really dying in huge numbers everywhere and so forth.  There are ways in which ableism becomes worse, more deadly, because of being diminished in this way by all the “serious” anti-oppression people.

So – I don’t care if you call what you do social justice or anti-oppression or anything else.  I don’t care if you’re part of those circles or not.  I don’t care if you use ideas from those circles or not.  I just don’t care.  All I care about is that you take ableism seriously and that you take the danger disabled people are in right now seriously and part of taking it seriously is making sure that people understand it’s not about what words are politically correct or politically incorrect at this particular moment in time when it comes to disability.  

Because disabled people are often the first to die – or among the first – in situations like this. And this is not an accident.  It is because the people with power know that a lot of people don’t give a rat’s ass what happens to us, whether on the right or on the left.  It’s because they know that you don’t take our oppression seriously.  It’s because they know that our deaths will be considered inevitable.  Have you ever considered it inevitable that disabled people and old people end up in nursing homes, group homes, developmental centers, psych wards, and other institutional settings? – sad, maybe, tragic even, but inevitable consequences of disability?  Because that’s the same kind of thinking that makes our deaths inevitable.  (By the way, nursing homes are the cause of death for a lot of us, but our disability gets blamed instead and this is all normalized so much you probably can’t even see it.)  Have you ever considered it inevitable that disabled people contemplate suicide, and never thought it might be the result of the same forces that cause other oppressed people to contemplate suicide?  Have you ever responded almost reflexively to disabled people’s suicidal thoughts by saying that we ought to have the right to kill ourselves easily and painlessly (when you’d never say the same of, say, queer teenagers), without even thinking that maybe most of the time we’re suicidal for the same reason queer teenagers often are?  Have you ever thought that when we don’t get SSI and die on the streets, that’s just…. unfortunate but sort of inevitable?  That basically our deaths however and whenever they happen are unfortunate but inevitable consequences of being disabled, and you’ve never even thought of the way ableism plays both into our deaths themselves and into your own thoughts about them?

Because that’s why you need to get people to take ableism seriously immediately.  And that’s why I’ve always been infuriated by people not taking ableism seriously.  Because I’ve been that person in that hospital room being told by doctors that I would do better off to go home and die of a totally preventable pneumonia or starvation, rather than get the combination of feeding tubes that would prevent both?  

Oh and by the way – don’t quote me statistics about aspiration pneumonia and feeding tubes unless you know my exact disability, the exact cause of the aspiration pneumonia, and the exact configuration and type of feeding tubes I use and exactly how I use them.  I know that as a general rule feeding tubes don’t prevent aspiration and may even cause it, but in my particular circumstances that doesn’t apply.  There are dozens of reasons for feeding tubes, dozens of types of feeding tubes, and if you don’t understand all of this in-depth you have no basis for commenting.  I went from getting aspiration pneumonia seven times in the first few months of a year, to getting it once or twice a year at most, instantly, with the right combination of feeding tubes.  And I gained back roughly half of the 75 pounds I’d lost rapidly as a result of my stomach disorder.  

And I’m happy, and I’m fucking alive, which is more than I expected by now.  I didn’t expect to hit 34 or 35, and I’m now 36.  I might even eventually hit old age at this point, who knows.  But however long I lived, I deserved a chance to be alive.  And it took a lot of people calling the hospital and demanding I get treated right, to even get the feeding tube.  They couldn’t deny it to me – because I needed it – so they just tried every trick they knew to talk me out of agreeing to it.  After tumblr and other places resulted in enough phone calls to the hospital, I got my tube the next day, although my problems with ableism in that hospital were and remain far from over and the circumstances of getting the tube and the aftermath were something out of a nightmare scenario.  Not because they had to be, but because they could get away with it, because ableism is everywhere and practically unacknowledged by just about everyone, including especially the people who supposedly care the most about disabled people (family, caregivers, “helping professionals”, anti-oppression people, etc).

Anyway, this has gotten into a long enough rant I’ll be surprised if you could read this far – I probably couldn’t (I write better than I read). But hopefully you get the message.  Right now is a time when disabled Americans, especially those of us facing other forms of oppression (ever try to get proper medical care as a queer, genderless and visibly gender-atypical, poor person with developmental disabilities? …yeah) need people fighting ableism more than ever.  And that doesn’t mean tacking up a list of words that everyone can say instead of ‘stupid’.  And treating it like it does, is part of the problem that leads to us dying in circumstances like these.

Harry Potter Locations Themed Asks

Astronomy Tower:
Favorite Constellation?

Azkaban: If you had to go to prison for anything what you it be?

Beauxbatons: What’s something French you like?

Black Lake: Is there something about water that scares you? If so what is it?

Blind Pig: What is a jazz song that you love?

Chamber of Secrets: What’s a secret that you’ve had but has been exposed?

Diagon Alley: Is there a store that you will always go into?

Durmstrang: Google laws of Bulgaria. Tell us one you find interesting.

Eeylops Owl Emporium: What kind of owl would you like to own?

Flourish & Blotts: What’s your favorite book and why?

Godric’s Hollow: Where did you grow up?

Great Hall: What’s your favorite meal to eat?

Gringotts Wizarding Bank: Is there one thing you would put in a vault? If so, what?

Gryffindor Tower: What’s the most courageous thing you’ve ever done?

Headmaster’s Office: Have you ever been called into the principal’s office?

Hogwarts: What’s your dream college?

Hogwarts Express: Have you ever travelled by train?

Honeydukes: What’s your favorite candy?

Hospital Wing: Have you ever lied to a school nurse? If so, for what?

Hufflepuff Common Room: How close is your bedroom to your kitchen?

Ilvermorny: If you could go anywhere in America, where would you go?

Kowalski’s: What is your favorite pastry/sweet?

Leaky Cauldron: Do you and your friends have a place you all hang out? If so, where?

MACUSA: Have you ever held a position of power? If so, what was it?

Madame Malkin’s: If you could have one outfit in the entire world, what would it be?

Madam Puddifoot’s: What is your ideal date? Describe it.

Ministry of Magic: If you could hold a position of power, what would it be and why?

New Salem Philanthropic Society: Have you ever been part of a club/cult?

Newt’s Case: What’s your favorite kind of environment?

Number 12 Grimmauld Place: How would you describe your home life?

Number 4 Privet Drive: What’s one problem with your family?

Ollivanders: If you could design your own wand what would you want it to look like?

Platform Nine and Three-Quarters: If you could chose to go to any of the 11 wizarding which one would it be?

Quidditch Pitch: Can you play a sport? Have you? If you haven’t or can’t, which one would you want to?

Ravenclaw Tower: What’s a riddle that you enjoy?

Room of Requirements: Describe your dream bedroom.

Shell Cottage: Describe your perfect honeymoon and who it would be with.

Shrieking Shack: Is there a place you go to when you need to get away from it all? Where?

Slytherin Common Room: Do you have an aesthetic? If so what is it?

St. Mungo’s: Have you ever been hospitalized for an injury?

The Burrow: How many rooms are in your house?

Three Broomsticks: Firewhiskey, Butterbeer or Mulled Mead?

Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes: What are three things that make you laugh?

Zonkos: Is there a joke or prank you’re particularly fond of?

so so so so so tired of people on here who think they are so smart and so above everyone else bc they think that “not letting literal nazis and white supremacists speak is just as bad as being a nazi!!!” shut the fuck up

Request: Rafael Barba & His Boy

Prompted by the request found HERE regarding Barba & his teenage son.

I took some liberty with this request, but it’s kinda what came to mind so I rolled with it. Hopefully the requester won’t mind- if this was not to your liking, let me know, and we can try again! 

Originally posted by danchanandwhatever

Rafael taunted Antonio by holding up a sign he had noticed while attending the baseball game at the high school. “So, stud,” he jokingly bumped his sweaty son with his arm, and his little mirror image rolled his green eyes upon noticing the flyer. “You may be a hot shot on first base, but does that mean you’re gonna need a suit?”

Prom. Oh, Rafael remembered prom. He went with his old friend Yelina- it was one of the first times he actually wore a suit and felt damn good. It helped that his date was a bombshell, as it usually did, but he could remember much more than the sparkle of her crimson sequined dress. Eddie had snuck in a flask, they were nearly skunk drunk by the time the night was over- he actually ended up walking home with his friend instead of his date. Thankfully, Alex had offered to accompany her the few blocks back to her parent’s apartment.

And everyone knew what history had in store for them.

“Dad, lay off,” Antonio shrugged his bag higher up his shoulder, hoping to redistribute the weight more efficiently. “Nobody would wanna go to the dance with me.” Was he blushing? Rafael chuckled deep in his chest and folded up the flyer, shoving it loosely into a pocket on the outside of his son’s backpack.

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Me: literally every time I consider traveling I have to google the country’s laws to see if my existence is legal even in liberal countries I can be denied services even hospital care. I am constantly thankful my parents are liberal because non-consensual conversion therapy is legal in my state. I doubt I’ll invite most of my family to my wedding. There are 7th graders who were alive when sodomy laws were still in place in the US.

A cishet ace: F*ck you I’m qu**r even though I’m a man who has a wife whom I love. Yeah I enjoy having sex with her frequently that’s not what being ace fucking is you qu**r. Let me in your safe spaces my problems are valid too, because somebody on Reddit called me a plant. Hope you all die from STD’s you dirty evil allos lmao.

sleepybirdi  asked:

wow but for the parent trap au imagine that scene where phoenix and edgeworth are talking about the divorce between phoenix and dahlia and phoenix is like "she threw a ring at my head. definitely better than a law tome."

HONESTLY and then the dinner scene is just

‘did i hurt you when I threw that, uh - what was it?’

‘it was kamisar’s modern criminal procedure’

‘oh. right. sorry’

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name: Aranea Highwind
nickname: Lady A, the dragoon, badass queen of all Eos etc
zodiac sign: Aries
gender: Female
favourite color: Black, red, shades of gray
average hours of sleep:  Varies wildly from 3-4 hours when on crazy mission schedules to 10-12 hours when not on the clock and if she’s exhausted enough (watch out, Noctis)
last thing she googled: ‘good bars around the Vesperpool area’
height:  1,67m


name: Mariana
nickname: Mari
zodiac sign: Virgo
gender: Female
favorite color: Black, blue, silver, aquamarine
average hours of sleep: 7 (work days) 9-10 (weekends)
last thing you googled: ‘law 12973′
height: 1,72m.

So- if you were to Google “North Carolina Bathroom Laws” I’m sure you’d find something… but let a citizen of NC tell you a little something.

Our last governor apparently was a huge douche- playing you with his douchey ways. Anyway, this guy made bathroom laws that if you’re trans, you must go in the bathroom of the gender you were born with.

So a trans boy has to go in the girls bathroom

A trans girl has to go in the boys bathroom etc etc

When people protested that these citizens would not feel comfortable using these bathrooms, the governor was like “wELL NORMAL PPL WOULDN’T FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH A PERSON OF THE OPPOSITE GENDER IN THE BATHROOM”

Then I think he tried a thing to where trans ppl had to pay to use the bathroom they wanted I dunno

—- L: Oh my god?? That’s so so completely horrible!! God,,, he shouldn’t have been elected!! The poor trans ppl in your state;;