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Luukku 6: Tag yourself, Kallaveden saaret -edition

Näin itsenäisyyspäivän kansallisromanttisessa hengessä tänään on vuorossa tilaisuus samaistua aivan oikeisiin Suomen kymmeneksi suurimman järven saariin! Maantiedon oppitunnista tämä ei kuitenkaan aivan käy, sillä saarten koot eivät kuvassa ole oikeassa suhteessa toisiinsa. Suosittelen erittäin lämpimästi kyseisen vesistön saarten oma-aloitteista tutkimista kartalta, sieltä näes löytyy myös monia muita mainioita henkilöhahmoja, jotka eivät tähän meemiin mahtuneet.



This coming Saturday, February 6, at 8pm local time, followers of “Roosh V”- noted sexist, racist, homophobic, and overall horrible monster (not a human being)- will be holding secret meetings to rally for rape to be legalized. You didn’t read this wrong THEY WANT RAPE TO BE LEGALIZED. 

This shit is dangerous af, and as they have barred anyone who isn’t a cis male or straight, so we need all our white male allies to gather and shut this shit down. If you are a straight man of colour, please be careful. Even though the website says the meeting is for straight men of all races, the Roosh V following has also been known to be very racist and xenophobic.

Here is how the meeting will take place, as according to their website (I’m not going to link it because it does not deserve any hits, but all the info here is authentic- you may google and see for yourself):

We will have 165 meetings in 43 countries for our international meetup day on February 6, 2016 at 8PM local time. Hosts have been instructed to wait at the meeting point from 8:00-8:20pm before moving on to the final location. If you arrive at the meeting point at 8:21pm, you will miss the meetup. Arriving on time within the window is absolutely paramount.

To identify your fellow tribesmen, ask the following question to a man you suspect is there for the meetup: “Do you know where I can find a pet shop?” If you are asked this question, answer in the affirmative: “Yes, it’s right here.” You can then introduce yourself and get details about where to proceed at 8:20. If you ask someone for the pet shop and they appear confused or actually try to direct you to a real pet shop, they’re not there for the meetup.




“If you come out of the doctor’s and they tell you that you have an ailment, never Google it. I believe searching yourself comes under the same bracket. It will only end in tears.” Tears? Judging by her feisty TV character, Clarke is surely the last girl we’d see crying. “Playing feisty hard-hitting women gives me a chance to be everything I’m not. No, I’m not fishing for compliments.” – Emilia Clarke for Vs. Magazine (2014)

Nope, sorry. If you wanted me to ignore you, you probably shouldn’t have publicly commented on my post. This is not the only comment like this. You are one of many people to try to find a way around what was said/meant/implied, whatever. Because there MUST be some other meaning.

First of all, the person quoted was not the only person to make such comments and they ALL mean the same thing. “I can overlook that she’s black because the costumes are well made.” There is nothing positive about that statement. Period. Just stop trying to pretend that there is. It implies that if your costume isn’t good enough, people won’t overlook the fact that you aren’t white. As if being black is some negative factor that should be counted against you. 

Second, you are also wrong about “literally almost all of the cosplays you did were of characters who are actually white”. No. No. No. I am going to assume you do not read comic books and correct your ignorance here. Out of the 10 characters I am cosplaying in that set, guess how many have black versions in the comics. Actually no, we’re going to say out of 8 because 2 are aliens. Martian Manhunter is NOT WHITE. He’s an alien who happens to shape shift into a black man for his secret identity sometimes. Dejah Thoris is also NOT WHITE. She is also from Mars but not the same comics as Martian Manhunter. White is not the default race of the whole galaxy, people.

 So that’s 8 characters left in the set and guess who are the ONLY ones out of 8 who DON’T have a black version in the continuity that I based my costumes on?? She Hulk and Colossus. Yep, the ones with full body paint. 2 out of 8. That’s it. That’s all. Everyone else is either black all the time, or black in the continuity that I based my costume on. 

This once again proves my point, that this type of discrimination is not based on ‘accuracy’ or anything else. White supremacy allows people to make the assumption that everything SHOULD be white, and that deviations from this norm must be noted, detracted OR if you’re so 'lucky’, can be 'overlooked’ if you’re 'good enough’.

I want to thank every person on this post who complimented me on my work, or expressed joy at seeing their favorite character represented, and even the people who negatively criticized my costume work based on my sewing skills not impressing them enough. Because they saw me as a whole person and not just my race being something they had to overlook.

So you want to learn 3D art - pt. 1

Disclaimer: It’s almost impossible to give an exhaustive list of all the possible learning resources for the different tools, techniques and modeling terms in here so you’ll need to use Google-Fu yourself for your specific interest. Most of the links I’m supplying are for understanding general concepts of model creation and texturing rather than specific workflows for specific software, which you’ll need to study yourself. Usually art software developers have their own exhaustive learning pages or videos. Any advice I can give is also specifically geared towards making real-time 3D models. Ultimately one of the most important skills for a 3D artist is being able to do their own research and trial and error, and aid will rarely come in a spoonfed form.

Modelers are usually split into a few major categories: Character Art / Organics, Environment and Prop art, Hard Surface, Vehicles.
Having an idea of where your interests fall will help in figuring out your learning path and the best resources.

Most commonly used industry software

Autodesk 3DS Max - The industry standard essential. Polygon modeling, animation, lighting, rigging, morphs, effects, rendering
Autodesk Maya - same but more geared towards animation, high end hair tools
Modo - Popular alternative to 3DS Max but lacks many dev tools & exporters
Blender - famously free, does most things Max and Maya do, love or hate
Zbrush - digital sculpting and high poly modeling software, an absolute must for today’s 3D artist
Mudbox - Autodesk’s Zbrush alternative, not used much in studios
3Dcoat - Texture UV mapping and topology tools, texture painting, PBR tools, voxel highpoly modeling
Substance Painter - Material and texture creation tool for models for Physically Based Rendering engines, powerful map baker
Marvelous Designer - Cloth simulation and clothing design software
xNormal - Free texture map baker
TopoGun - Topology creation tool
Handplane - Texture UV mapping tool
Marmoset Toolbag - realtime renderer for creating presentation shots of your models
Adobe Photoshop - For texture editing and render compositing
nDO/DDO - Photoshop toolkit for creating PBR textures
Keyshot - Rendering toolkit for high resolution models and product illustrations

Major 3D art learning & resource hubs
Polycount - artists post WIP threads of their model projects, awesome for learning and inspiration
Digital Tutors
VERTEX, free online game art tutorial magazine
The Gnomon Workshop (paid classes, books and videos but 100% worth it)
Zbrush Classroom
Zbrush Central
ArtStation is a gallery site, but it’s great for checking out pro work and putting yours out there
CGsociety is also a gallery
3D-coat learning

General modeling concepts - basic stuff, topology

Tyson Murphy texture painting demonstration in 3Dcoat
Demon Chaser Tutorial by FirstKeeper

Baking, Normal Maps

Polycount Wiki - a lot of assorted guides
What is Physically Based Rendering

Character modeling breakdowns and tutorials
Polycount archive of environment modeling tutorials
Polycount: generalities on character modeling

I’ll try to expand on the general technical workflow shared across disciplines and software preferences in a part 2.


You are not a surgeon! Don’t perform surgery on your pet! Don’t amputate a necrotic limb because you let the stuck shed build up. Don’t perform INVASIVE SURGERY to pop eggs out of an egg bound female. Don’t just slather some antibiotic on an open wound!

Don’t have access to a reptile vet? Get access to one! Call your local vet. Hit up Facebook groups. Ask google! Don’t fancy yourself a vet just because you won’t put in the extra effort to find one!

End PSA.

OOPS. doing a livestream. we might also be getting our hair done during it. who the f knows.     5pm PST

also, if you are capable of tweeting to ask what time that is in your time zone, you are TOTES capable of just figuring it out via google. believe in yourself.