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The 200 Follower Fic

I’m working on the interactive fic I was talking about earlier. It might be like a Google Form? We’ll see how it goes. It’ll be for when I hit 200 followers (which could be rather soon, thank you, I love you guys).

My questions for you, dear followers:

What are your favorite fic tropes (sickfic or not)?

What are your favorite ‘easter eggs’ I guess I could call them that? In this context, if you say “bacon”, I would somehow have to include bacon within the fic. Could be a major part, could be in passing.

I’m trying to compile a massive list of these for you to vote on, and I’ll write a fic based on what you guys choose. Is this even a good idea? Maybe. Will you guys probably fuck me over and make it the hardest fic to write? Probably. The more answers I get, the wilder this will get.

And we’ll tag this #the200followerfic