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i remember seeing someplace a wlw book about a rock star who gets into trouble so her manager hires an ex military bodyguard to keep her out of drugs and trouble (i don't think there was any supernatural issues) and i can't remember the name and i was wondering if you might have heard of it. (i've tried googling 'rock star gets ex military bodyguard lesbian' and it hasn't been working)

I think I know the exact book you’re referring to! If I’m not wrong it should be Snowball Earth by Andrea Lisowski and Max Fink

Let me know if that’s what you were looking for!

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Playing tag is impossible. You can't catch the egos and they'll catch you in a second. Dark uses his teleportation powers to stay just out of reach, taunting the tagger. As a tagger, he'll just pop infront and catch the unfortunate runner. The Host can trip people up, or slow them by narrating. The Googles work together to corner any runners they find. Warfstache will use his knife to tag the runner. Dr.Plier will be too worried someone'll get hurt to play. There is no fun between these lot.

Literally no game is safe when this lot plays, it’s ridiculous. 

The King of the Squirrel always gets stuck in trees in an attempt to stay out of reach and Yandere pulls out mega stalker mode when he’s the tagger, so he’s quiet and no one sees him coming. He also does this while playing hide and seek. Bim has no qualms about using his reality warping to his advantage and Ed doesn’t play at all because they’re all a bunch of cheaters. Except for Silver, who, bless his soul, tries to play games as cleanly as possible. 

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I'm trying to create a character that can control fire but I can't come up with concepts on how to use fire without feeling like I'm plagiarizing something else that already exists! Any thoughts? :(

Hey there!

I love that you asked about plagiarism. That scary “P” word gets thrown around often, so I’m thrilled to address it.

This is the second time in a week that I’ve pulled out the old dictionary, but I think it’s especially valid in this case. So definition time, per Google,

“The practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own"

Most people are fully aware that they can’t just copy a chapter from a book and slap their name on it. Stealing words verbatim is clearly plagiarism. It’s that addition of the phrase “or ideas” where the water gets murky. Writers come up with ideas all the time, and when they realize that it’s similar to one that already exists, the fear begins to set in that they might be accused of stealing from someone else’s work.

I’m sure you’ve heard the point of view that every story could be considered “plagiarized” on some level if we went strictly by ideas. Books have been recycling storylines for centuries, and to be 100% original is 100% impossible. 

For you to be accused of plagiarism when it comes to ideas, you’d have to steal a lot of ideas from the same novel. 

The Hunger Games has famously been said to be a ripoff of Battle Royale. The term ripoff is subjective, but it could certainly be argued that the idea was ripped off. Both books center around the concept of a government that forces its children to fight each other to the death, for no other reason than to terrorize people into submission. There are some other expected similarities that bleed through from having the same plot concept, but there are also several key differences that keep it from becoming plagiarism. So ripoff? Depends who you ask. Plagiarism? No.

It’s not the concept that makes a story great, but the work that goes into supporting that concept, in this case, the development of Panem as a setting and the Capital as a governing body, as well as the pop culture surrounding the Hunger Games, and the way that tributes are chosen. Not to mention the revolution that comes following the first book of the series, and the characters that populate this world she built. 

If Suzanne Collins had set The Hungers Games in a fictional world similar to our own, where classes of students are chosen at random to be sent away for a military experiment, where they each are given weapons and strapped into deadly collars, and if she had structured the ending similarly - this would be a lot of ideas from the same book, as opposed to just a general concept, and that’s when we could start to argue plagiarism. 

Anon, your question about a character that can control fire? If you’re inspired by other characters that use fire, it’s not plagiarism to have your character use fire in similar ways. You just have to set this character in a unique world with unique circumstances. 

The creativity and work you put into all the other plot elements of your story will make it different than any other story that features a character that controls fire, and that’s why it’s not plagiarism. 

If you already have ideas, then use them. Experiment with them. See what you can add to them.


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Hey i can't go to the gym so what are some efficient work outs that get rid of belly fat?

You can’t spot reduce 😩
Somebody once described losing weight as draining a pool. The water goes from the shallowest end first - so your “stubborn” areas will take longer to shed the fat.
I didn’t have a gym membership until Dec of last year, so that’s irrelevant. Do cardio workouts to get your heart rate up! Would 10000% recommend INSANITY, if your fitness is decent.
Google/YouTube is full of workout ideas on a budget!

Good luck x

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Hey I really need help! I have a con this weekend and I'm cosplaying Miku's Senbonzakura outfit but I can't seem to get the captain's hat over her pigtails ;;; I've tried putting the pigtails in different spots and putting a headband on the hat but nothings working out so far. Do you have any advice please? ;;;;

AHH! Yes that is a bit of an emergency. I see your problem. 

WELL yep! After a quick google search for senbon miku cosplayers it looks like most people put the clip ons really low. 

But if you say you tried that and it’s not working I believe you. Especially since all these cosplayers have pictures of them holding their hats like THEY ARENT ACTUALLY ON HAHAHA. 


YOU CAN, sew your hat onto your wig. I know that sound weird, but you totally can. Your wig is made from net, so you can sew anchor points by hand form your hat into you wig. Maybe one on each side. Then clip the tails just below the hem of the hat. That way it wont fall off from its precarious position. 

If you dont know how to sew, safety pins might work. 

Now if you wanna go hardcore, and fix this issue forever, you can convert your clip on wig into a cheaters real pigtail wig. That way youll be able to fix on the hat right over the pigtails once you cut them off the clips. 


Jeff & Annie + Instagram
(Aesthetic images via Tumblr // Cast images via Google)

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I'm wondering; how do you draw hands? It's something I've been struggling with for a while and I can't seem to figure out a way that works for me.

for variety I just kinda squash and stretch the proportions of the hand. Think about the basic shapes (circle, square, triangle) and apply it based on their character. I generally emphasize the shape on their fingertips.

anywho this is just how i draw em. Every artist has a different method and I hope you find yours. :)  If you want another example, here. Also there are plenty of resources online with an easy google search. 

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Hi there, Firstly I just want to say how much I adore your art! Particularly the ToG and ACOTAR stuff. And basically I've found myself having a go at digital art! I have got the free trial of photoshop and have realised how little I know about the program. I watched your speed paint of Elucien (<3) and saw you using a tool to select parts of your drawing and shrinking/rotating it and despite my best googling efforts I can't for the life of me work out how you did it!! Any help or tips??

Sure thing! What you are going to want to do is use the Lasso tool to select the area you want to select, and then transform it. the Lasso tool looks like this:

and to get to transform you go here:

you can also press Ctrl T for free transform and that lets you use Scale and Rotate at the same time

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Can you please create some sort of "let me know when this comes out" email list? Google Groups or Yahoo! Groups might be great for this. Something simple that users can't post to, but you can use to collect email addresses and announce to everyone that the deck is available for purchase once it is - be that in six months or five years. I don't want to miss this, but with the way the internet works I'm nervous!

Thank you for your interest! This is an excellent idea.

Just made this form you can fill out and I will add you to the mailing list:


please don’t repost my work

please don’t. just don’t. please. please at least do a reverse image search on google. please click the source link on tumblr posts. please note down the artist’s name when you save the images onto your computer. please.

it’s rude, it’s annoying, and it’s extremely frustrating because while I like to resolve things privately between the reposter and I it’s more often than not they don’t have their askbox open and i just

please don’t repost my work. please don’t even save my work onto your computer if you plan on reposting later. why would you even repost work in the first place, it’s not yours, and even if you don’t claim it as yours wouldn’t you like to at least give credit where it’s due why would you do this i don’t understand

Reposting is really becoming a serious problem.

It puts unimaginable amounts of stress on people and really tears down their mental health. I know the feeling, and I’ve been having more and more sleepless nights over it all because of the stress myself. 

It’s really starting to affect my daily life and I’m getting sick over this.

Because my only outlet, my only escape that makes me happy is now the source of my stress, and I have no where else to turn to.

Artists creating is what makes them happy, they post and share their work for you to enjoy. So don’t EVER take advantage of that and take their credit. What they’ve lost sleep and skipped meals for in order to create for you all. 

Artists are not here for you to take their work and make your blog look pretty and gain you five minutes of fame. You’ll get nowhere and you will get caught. And if someone corrects you, you either take down that image or you credit the artist, don’t be a disgusting little brat or try and make excuses. 

Because now when someone reposts something, they won’t just take the original image; but they will crop or even edit out the artists’. watermark. And you know what happens? 

That image is now what is being reposted, and soon no one knows what the original is; and no one knows the source and someone will simply look at the image and take it themselves. 

It can just be an image that is found on Google, and that’s all it is. An image, not someone’s hard work.

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Your reference to Bybee et. al. is frustrating. I'm a student of Bill Foley, who uses irrealis when teaching syntax (he works with Austronesian and Papuan languages). I want to read so I can respond, but the Google preview doesn't show the whole chapter, and I can't access it through uni because I've suspended for a year. I'm not about to buy a whole book for this one thing, though, which leaves me stuck here disagreeing but not properly.

I’d recommend getting it anyway, as it’s one of the three books I’d recommend to all conlangers and linguists (the others being Lakoff and Johnson’s Metaphors We Live By and Payne’s Describing Morphosyntax). But here, let me help you out (note that Foley is quoted in here. Small world!):

To sum it up in a few words, though, their point is that “irrealis” basically doesn’t mean anything at all—or, at least, not in the same way that “perfective” and “imperfective” mean something. Every single time a category called irrealis is used in a grammar it means something different, and their observation is that it’s usually best called something else. That said, this book (The Evolution of Grammar) is a broad survey of many, many different language grammars. There might be a convincing argument to make in the category’s favor if a single language family is examined and there’s compelling evidence that a category called irrealis exists for that family.

I had to move to laptop for a bit while my other computer is resetting as usual and just found out in the meantime google isn’t working (on any browser) on this pc anymore :/ is this what happens when you let parents use the computer

this never happened before, does anybody know how to fix this considering I can’t even use google

thanks for the suggestion, if next time they use it it’s still not working I’ll try somethingg

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I found my ASM's twitter and found out how much they dislike being in rehearsal. I'm upset. I'm upset that I'm not able to make rehearsal fun. Like I'm sorry you can't eat pizza while the actors are working & I'm sorry we haven't been given rehearsal props & have no moving set pieces so you're sitting all day. I was rooting for you dammit! I was just going to say that I'd love to be an ASM for when you stage manage your own show. Why?! Huge mistake on my part googling her. I feel like a failure

That’s a terrible feeling — I’m sorry anon! But don’t be too upset about it: from the sounds of it, there’s not much you can do to improve the ASM-sitch. 

We all do it. We all complain about our situations, whether they are with designers, directors, actors, the space, whatever. Some of us are more discreet than others and some are doing it just to vent. From the sounds of it, there may not be anything you can do to make your ASM enjoy themself more — and it’s not because of you. I feel like anyone who complains *that much* and *that openly* about anything has made up their mind and there’s not anything you can do to make them happy**. 

Is this a student ASM? Are you a student SM? If so, it may be worth going to your advisor/PSM/whoever oversees productions and just honestly discussing the situation. Not to snitch, but because you do want the advice. Maybe your advisor knows that this student tends to be negative and they put you together for a reason (stranger things have happened). Maybe they can come sit in on rehearsal and give you some advice. If this is the case, make your visit more about you than the ASM: “I just want some advice on whether it’s something that I can fix or see if there’s something I’m not doing.” Make it about the learning experience. 

Something you may be able to do to make your ASM feel like you’re trying to make things better for them is to just talk to them about it. “Hey, I know I don’t have much for you to do in rehearsal, but is there anything that you see that needs to be done that won’t be disruptive/will help us prepare for future rehearsals better?” Maybe it’s assigning them paperwork. Maybe it’s assigning them a specific character’s blocking or line notes or… something. Ya know? 

Moral of the story: don’t beat yourself up because someone else isn’t having a good time. It’s hard, but you need to realize that your job isn’t to make everyone happy and to make sure they’re enjoying their time. It’s to help facilitate the process of putting a show together in a safe, pleasant, and productive environment. Some people are going to be negative just for the sake of being negative and it sucks but we press on.

Best of luck!

**Generalization/opinion. Like I said: We ALL complain about our situations — even if it’s just to vent. 

punionrings  asked:

Do you guys have any generalized advice about writing about a present-day location that you don't live in and have never been to? The Wikipedia page on that location is a good start, but I'm more having trouble of everyday things people do in that location, which obviously I can't just google. For example, if I'm writing about people living and working in NYC, that's obviously very different than writing about the small town I currently live in and know a lot about.

Start by thinking about what you can do where you live. Where I live, we can go shopping, go out for a meal, spend a night in a hotel (aside from the fact that we live there), go to the pub, go for a walk, marvel at the view, visit friends, go for coffee, go to school/work, catch a bus to somewhere else, mindlessly drive around in a car, etc. Most of those you can do in New York (the walking bit more likely in a park than up a mountain). However, there is a ton more stuff you can do. Cinemas, theatres, museums, art galleries, bigger shops, fast food joints, libraries, sports centres, doing touristy things (like going to the top of the Empire State building, and visiting the Statue of Liberty), etc. Wikipedia is a good start, also Google Maps to see what the streets look like, but basically, just think about yourself at home. If you’d throw a dinner party at home, why wouldn’t your character throw one at theirs?

Hope this helps! ~DP

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about your muslim feminist opinion. even though islam gave women basic rights. at the end of the day, she is still to obey and drop everything and sexually submit to her husband even if she doesn't want to. and he could hit her if she doesn't. if a man for example told his wife she can't go out or can't work anymore or can't go to visit her friends/family, are you going to tell me that she can just blurt out "you have no right to do so" ? he can even hit her if she doesn't listen.

Lool you really have no clue what you’re talking about. Its like youre saying hear say or stuff from Google a random person. That’s is not how it goes. First, if a woman is not in the mood for sex, then she is not in the mood for sex. A husband can not force his wife to do anything, he can not force his wife to have sex. That is a form of abuse and oppression which is against islam. Second, a man can not hit his wife, the most that dude can do is tap.. With a toothbrush… Lool That’s it. He can not leave a mark, or harm her physically or emotionally. Third, husbands and wife’s both have rights. Yes a woman should listen to get husband because of the amount of obligations he has. The wife has a lot of right, like if someone is giving you all your rights, taking care of you in every way. Making you feel loved, and who can please you, then wouldn’t it be natural to want to make them happy also? The husband and wife rights go hand in hand. How can you listen and respect someone who neglects you? You cant, it just doesn’t happen.