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Sanvers fics recs

Here’s our little reveal ;)

Someone asked for us to do a fics recs so here we are ♥ This is for you anon ;) We haven’t read all the fics, some were recommended by other people.

Those are only a few of the fics … we will keep an excel file updated for you. A complete post on that matter can be found here (made by @4alarmfirecracker and @older-danvers) :

If someone has other fics recs (complete please), please give us the link (AO3) in our Submit box. 100 fics already await you in the excel ;) Sanvers only.

We’ve also made a special page for fics recs … You can find it HERE.

A post explaining how to use the excel can be found HERE.

I’ll start this little post by recommanding @queercapwriting little fics

A few of the fics in the excel :

Are you made of copper and tellurium…? by rileynoah (E - 2245 words)

Blue Springs Bound by TB80 (T - 33390 words) (Entire serie)

Bright by LHKnox (T - 6673 words)

Can’t Go It Alone by jcause (T - 75507 words)

Coffee by Sanveers (T - 17868 words)

Moving Day by TheRoguePhilosopher (G - 3944 words)

pizza and pajamas by Izzi456 (T - 35410 words) (Entire serie)

Sing Me a Song by TB80 (T - 11517 words)

Spending My Life Falling Deeper In Love With You by oddcoupler222 (T - 33545 words)

The Colour of Forgotten Places by Inisheer (M - 19363 words)

Undercover Lovers by Supergirl_everything (M - 55273 words)

Not completed yet but amazing fics (check the date to see if it will be updated or not) :

The Wedding Date by Jayenator565, sincerely_v (G - 83709 words) 10/12

Virtually Perfect by Badgersprite (T - 78731 words) 4/?

Not read by us :

Tower Rats by Roadie (M - 32645 words)  10/?

Touch me by Cosmicheda (M - 10042 words) 5/?

With Supercorp (not in the excel) :

(L)inked souls by SilentRain91 (M - 54192 words)

The universe says so by SilentRain91 (M - 78558 words)

Special thanks to @4alarmfirecracker, @mssawyerdanvers, @older-danvers, this post  and this post.

I’m trying the digital bullet journal.
I would never have tried that if it weren’t for @jellybujo and the awesome spread she shared.
I wanted to have a personalised / decorated bujo, wich I also use as a diary, since a long long time! But I never really liked what I did on my notebook, so I said, why not give it a try on digital??
And omg the revelation!! I LOVE it !!
So im using and iPad Pro as well as an Apple Pencil, and the apps I use are goodnotes 4 and procreate.
I use a lot of picture rom all over the internet to decorate, so anything you may see is not my art, its google founded :D

hi !

So there’s this project going on called  Project: First Million made by TKU (ToppKlass United) & basically fandoms from underated groups ( such as 24K ) stream a playlist of songs under 1 million views. This project will help boosting view & to build connection btw the fandoms!  24Us are of course invited to this event and to participate we have to be at least 30! 

If you want to participate you have to  sign up here ( i’m also participating ):

Sanvers fics recs

Hello everyone. I’ll show you how to use our fics recs excel ♥ [fanfics recs page here]

First, you see it like that

You can sort the fics by Title, Author, Rating, Number of words and if it’s complete or not.

You click here

Here you can click for example on by number of words

You have it sorted by number of words ;)

You can try all the other sortings ♥

Hope you’ll love the fics ♥

EDIT : First post with some fics HERE.

seranmoo  asked:

So what all did you do to Strange Aeons to get it working with High Noon Drifter? Could you put out a guide, or maybe even a compatibility patch?

It did take a little bit of editing, but thankfully it was very straightforward.
Distributing an edited build probably would not be polite to the original author, so I whipped up a very quick patch that should take care of things.

Load in the order of Strange Aeons > High Noon Drifter > Patch.

Now you can whip Nyarlathotep.
Though this is obviously not the intended way to play, after you play please feel free to visit the original author’s topic and let him know if you enjoyed the ride.


Your welcome!! I love you all and have a nice day!




anonymous asked:

Angst prompt! Hanahaki disease, any couple :D

Urban Dictionary: a fictional (emphasis on fictional) disease, often used in fanfictions, where the victim regurgitates and coughs up flower petals when they suffer from unrequited love.

It had started like a normal cough. A tickle in his chest, a scratch in his throat, both easily relieved with some hot, bitter alien tea Coran had given him.
But after a few weeks had passed and the symptoms only got worse Lance began to suspect something wasn’t quite right. He found himself running out of breath a little faster each day, his stamina during training dropping significantly until simply changing his clothes was enough to have him winded, any strain beyond walking down a hallway throwing him into violent coughing fits.
He spent several nights in a healing pod without any results beyond a relief to his sore muscles and not even the numerous scans Coran conducted managed to reveal what was wrong with him.

Until one morning, just after taking a ridiculously exhausting shower, Lance figured out exactly what was wrong with him. The humidity paired with the questionable strain of drying himself had sent him into another coughing fit, doubling over and heaving until, finally, he spit out a handful of deep red, crinkled flower petals into his palm.
He stared at them, mind blank and shocked to his core, until Shiro had entered the communal showers and he quickly hid the petals in his chest before feeling the room without a single word, panic creeping into every fibre of his being.

It was impossible. He was in a relationship. A very stable, fulfilling relationship. Hanahaki didn’t happen to people like him. People who had soft, loving, supportive partners, people who were happy.
But then it happened again. And again. He just kept coughing up these flower petals, sometimes tiny, sometimes larger, in deep shades of red and purple and light pastel pinks. It happened more and more often, so often that it became hard to hide from everyone else. Every cough during a meal or training session making panic flare up in his stomach when he had to crush the petals in his fist, hoping no one would notice the colourful stains in his palms.

He could feel Pidge giving him strange looks and Shiro becoming more and more worried each day as Coran ran every diagnostic possible with the ships incredibly advanced system to no avail.
But of course it was Hunk who caught him in the end, having dropped to his knees in the middle of his room in another violent coughing fit, clutching handfuls of bright pink petals to his chest, strain and desperation forcing tears to well up in his eyes as he looked up at his boyfriend.

“Is that … what I think it is?”, Hunk started carefully and Lance could already feel his big, soft heart starting to shatter, a painful squeeze answering in his own chest.
“Yes…”, he wheezed, voice hoarse and raspy. “No … I … I don’t know?” Hunk fell to his knees in front of him and Lance could barely swallow a helpless sob as that warm, deep gaze found his, large hands reaching out to wrap around his cold, sweaty ones to carefully pry his fingers open.
“I don’t know what’s wrong…!”, he insisted, a shiver running through his whole body as Hunks thumbs traced patterns into his palms, crinkling the delicate petals and making some of them drift to the floor. His eyes started to burn, tears welling up more and more until they spilled over, dripping down his cheeks.

“I love you!” This time it was a sob. “I swear to god I love you!”
“I love you too”, Hunk said, honest and warm but he sounded so small and Lance wanted to scream. “So it can’t be because of me.” Lance shook his head, eyes squeezed shut and forcing more tears to spill.
“It’s not! It’s not because of … but I don’t…” A hiccup interrupted his words and made him cough up another handful of tiny petals, silently falling into his lap.
Hunk reached up and cupped one of his wet cheeks with his wide, warm palm. Lance nuzzled into it without even thinking.

“Is it Allura?”, Hunk asked and Lance grit his teeth against another cough, sniffing. “Shiro? Ah, maybe it’s Keith…”
“It doesn’t matter!”, Lance wheezed before coughing again because he didn’t know, he didn’t even know. Why was this happening to him? “I can’t force anyone to love me!”

Strong, steady arms wrapped around his quivering body as Hunk pulled him into a tight hug, hooking his chin over Lance’s shoulder and muttering, in a soothing voice:
“It’s okay, we’ll find a cure. There has to be one, right? I bet Alteans can cure anything. You’ll be fine, you hear me? You’ll be fine, Lance…”
It sounded like he was trying to convince himself as much as his boyfriend.
Lance squeezed his eyes shut, let his tears soak into Hunk’s shirt and allowed himself to be lulled in by the soothing sound of Hunk’s voice, giving in to the illusion that there was a chance this wouldn’t end horribly for both of them. And for a few, blissful moments, he even managed to ignore the insistent scratch in the back of his throat.

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My Senior, IE-kun humanhead version

I only made ones for the first five designed browsers.  So These are the only five I can make human headed versions. ok :)

Please look out for more characters! Like Netscape, Vivaldi, ‘Spartan’, Mosaic etc etc…