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have you done got7 as random screenshots from Spongebob? these would be hilarious

I have now 🐥

GOT7 as moments in SpongeBob SquarePants

Mark -

Jaebum -

Jackson -

Jinyoung -

Youngjae -

Bambam -

Yugyeom -

@gefionne ´s kylux fanficiton Flyboys is one of my absolute favourites right now!

I googled raf pilots after reading and I absolutely had to draw Hux in one of those leather jackets.
I apologize that I don´t comment as regularly as I should and I hope to make up for it with this little illustration <3

i was looking at the OPTS card database and i’m absolutely creasing at some of these automatic translations courtesy of google

ah….my favourite villain…..Sandy…….

i would hope mihawk is able to perform such a basic human function

yes law!!! you must take care me!!! he’s SO EAGER

big shock for marimo…what spooked him….

body pain….same jinbe….

captain of the wand….is law a wizard….

hawkins, angrily manifesting voodoo dolls: “IT’S NOT A PHASE!!”

My science teacher is known for being a bit slow, and in one class he used the phrase “Uranus is at the end of the solar system” in front of a bunch of 16 year olds, so we spent the next 3 weeks asking him things like “is Uranus on google images” or “can you measure Uranus with a ruler”.
My personal favourite was “could there ever be investigative probes sent to Uranus?”.

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what are your fave movies? :)

……omg, anonnie <3 
listen i tried i really really tried picking just a few and keeping this short but D:

百万円と苦虫女 (one million yen girl) - tanada yuki
リリイ・シュシュのすべて (all about lily chou-chou) - iwai shunji
花とアリス (hana and alice) - iwai shunji
2つ目の窓 (still the water) - kawase naomi
萌の朱雀 (moe no suzaku) - kawase naomi
L-DK - kawamura yasuhiro
ビリギャル (flying colors) - doi nobuhiro
アオハライド (blue spring ride) - miki takahiro
ソラニン (solanin) - miki takahiro
君に届け (from me to you) - kumazawa naoto
そして父になる (like father, like son) - koreeda hirokazu
ワンダフルライフ (after life) - koreeda hirokazu
ノルウェイの森 (norwegian wood) - tran anh hung
横道世之介 (a story of yonosuke) - shuuichi okita
うさぎドロップ (bunny drop) - hiroyuki tanaka
恋空 (koizora) - imai natsuki
ペタル ダンス (petal dance) - ishikawa hiroshi
おかしの家 (okashi no ie) -  yuya ishii, katsuhiko ikeda

anime (still japan but ya know):
おおかみこどもの雨と雪 (wolf children) - hosoda mamoru
時をかける少女 (the girl who leapt through time) - hosoda mamoru
秒速5センチメートル (5 centimeters per second) - shinkai makoto
言の葉の庭 (the garden of words) - shinkai makoto
雲のむこう、約束の場所 (the place promised in our early days) - shinkai makoto 
かぐや姫の物語 (the tale of princess kaguya) - takahata isao
千と千尋の神隠し (spirited away) - miyazaki hayao
ハウルの動く城 (howl’s moving castle) - miyazaki hayao
天空の城ラピュタ (castle in the sky) - miyazaki hayao
もののけ姫 (princess mononoke) - miyazaki hayao
風立ちぬ (the wind rises) - miyazaki hayao 

taiwan, hong kong, china:
chungking express - wong kar-wai
in the mood for love - wong kar-wai
happy together - wong kar-wai
secret - jay chou
you are the apple of my eye - giddens ko
yi yi - edward yang
the witness - ahn sang-hoon
murmur of the hearts - sylvia chang
house of flying daggers -  zhang yimou
farewell my concubine -  chen kaige

mexico, brazil:
babel - alejandro gonzález iñárritu
diarios de motocicleta - walter salles
el crimen del padre amaro - carlos carrera
hoje eu quero voltar sozinho (the way he looks) - daniel ribeiro

twinsters - samantha futerman
かたつもり (katatsumori) - kawase naomi
夢と狂気の王国 (the kingdom of dreams and madness) - sunada mami

america, europe:
advantageous - jennifer phang
precious - lee daniels
the grand budapest hotel - wes anderson
her - spike jonze
gone girl - david fincher
marie antoinette - sofia coppola
the virgin suicides - sofia coppola
amélie - jean-pierre jeunet
la vie d'adèle - abdellatif kechiche
tomboy - céline sciamma

Now if people ask if Google is our favourite Markiplier ego, we’ll have to specify which colour is our favourite

Person 1: So whats your favourite Markiplier ego?
Person 2: Oh its GoogleIrl
Person 1: Oh really? What colour?

Are you not getting anything done? Struggling with planning your life or do you just want a helping hand in the right direction? There’s an app for that! All mentioned apps are available for both iOS and andriod devices if nothing else is said.


Forest - an app where you plant a tree that will die if you leave the app - great for staying away from the phone! Although, it cost 0.99 for iPhone users.

Pomotodo - a timer set for 25 minutes of work, then a five minute break. It tracks your activity so you can see what you are spending time on which is really nice!

MyHomework - keeps track of all your assignments, classes and due dates!


Coffitivity - basically different coffe shop sounds, perfect when studying!

8tracks - make your own playlists or listen to other peoples nice playlists!

Relax melodies - exactly what it sounds like: relaxing melodies for studying or sleeping (because sleep is important)

Noizio - 15 different sounds (like coffeehouse and wawes) that you can mix togheter to cerate the perfect background sound! [thank you @quartherinesuniverse!!]

Calendars and to do-lists

Sunrise calendar - a simple, neat mobile calendar that does its job.

Planner - colour coded and gorgeous calendar + notebook + to do-list!

Todoist - a really powerful to do-list app!! You can plan ahead and set repetitive events, and it connects to other apps like google drive and sunrise calendar!

Solcalendar - a really nice calendar and to do-list! Also, you can add stickers to your schedule but it’s only available on Android phones. - simple and minimalistic to do-list maker! pretty similar to todoist.


Evernote - in this app you can make notebooks, organize articles and make to-do list for example, one of my favourites!

Google Keep - I love this app! It’s like small digital post it-notes right in your pocket!

OneNote - pretty similar to evernote, like a virtual notebook!

Mindly - the perefct app if you like to make mind maps, really nice interface too.

Don’t forget to check out my bullet journal mastepost too!

remember how i said i was in a writing mood


Dark is rather polite and talks to people without issue upon first meeting. Of course, he wants those he speaks with to trust him. Trust is a disadvantage for them, but not for him. He’s a calm type of short-tempered, meaning that he will easily get angry but that he’ll respond in such a relaxed tone that you’ll know he’s not pleased. Usually, he prefers not to create a mess as it’s needlessly annoying to clean, but he definitely doesn’t fear a hellish disaster if it gets him what he wants. To sum it up, he’s practically human (personality wise) unless you upset him, in which case, you’ve made a dire mistake. I also believe he’d find it beyond easy to read people: body language, tone, eyes, etc. You can try to hide, but he’ll know what you’re feeling either way.

The Host (Author?) is genuinely probably my second favourite, if not Google. He’s most definitely an intelligent person. Also, he seems quite self aware, or at least well-developed. I assume he’s extremely observant and notices even the smallest details about anything he can. I don’t know a whole ton about them to be honest, but they’re still one of my faves.

Google is my third favourite. He’s very literal and a major realist. Not a lot can be interpreted about him because he’s quite literally a robot, and therefore doesn’t have any real feelings. I do like about Google, though, how constantly calm he is (again, robotic nature) and simply the way he carries himself, speaks, and acts.

Wilford is a pretty all-over-the-place character. The first and most obvious thing I can say about him is that he’s impulsively literal. He doesn’t think about his actions until afterwards, and possibly feels regret, but doesn’t see a point in lingering on it. He’s basically a sadistic goofball, from what I can tell. Interesting to watch, though, because of the variation in attitude.

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Hey I was wondering how or where you watch skam, I've seen a lot of posts and I really want to watch it

Hey lovely anon! Here’s a link to watch Skam:

Unfortunately, the only way it can be watched legally is in Scandanavia, without English subtitles! So everyone else uses Google Drive, and this link is my favourite - I think the subtitling is most accurate here, haha. 

But for real, go for it and watch it! It’s super easy to cause the episodes are only about twenty minutes, and it is honestly one of the most authentic and well-made shows about being a teenager today that I’ve seen, like, ever. Season 3 is the one that got super famous internationally and is my personal favourite so far, and Season 4 is currently being released in parts most days of the week (it’s clever how they release it in real time), but S1&2 are still amazing, so enjoy! :) 


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It’s Valentine’s Day! I’ve never had a special someone on Valentine’s day before. So I didn’t quite know what to do. Do I make a massive effort and buy you a thousand roses and big pink heart shaped balloons? Or do I do the opposite and not do anything.

I didn’t have any idea to these questions. It’s not like I could go and ask you. Because I knew one thing I wanted to surprise you. Now on I know I surprise you on a daily basis, I wanted you to extra surprised. So I had to use my least favourite thing in the world Google. (Baby you gotta teach me how to type fast like you do) So after a lot of struggling I’ve come up with the perfect plan for Valentine’s day. Staring off with this beautiful hand-written note by your favourite man (I better be your favourite man otherwise we have to talk) laid on an empty pillow beside you.

So what ya waiting for? I’m in the kitchen with your first surprise.

I love you baby

Dean x

Love Letters are now CLOSED, however our normal requests and would includes are OPEN.

On us the gods have set an evil destiny,
that we should be a singer’s theme
for generations to come.

Helen, Iliad


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Hello, i want to start making aesthetics, but I have no idea where to start... like for example where do you find the images? a how do you make them smaller without them getting blurry and then how do you put them together.. and how do you change the backgrounds to different colors.. like i'm so lost.. can you give me some tips? i would be grateful :)*

how to make aesthetics like this

okay, so idk if i’m the best person to answer this, but i’ll be doing my best to put up an easy-to-understand tutorial for you. we’ll be going step-by-step :) all the stuff is under the cut since it was rather long

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Random Tag Thing?

I was tagged by @nyxeunoia

Time right now: 2:54

Average hours of sleep: 4-10, there is no in between 

Number of blankets I sleep with: 1 Doona 

Last thing I googled: School idol Tomodachi, got to update my girls  

Favourite music artists: Selena Gomez, Madeon, Gumi, porter Robinson, fallout boy and so much more. 

Song stuck in my head: Copycat, Gumi 

Last movie I watched: Porco Rosso studio ghibli

Last TV show I watched: don’t watch tv 

What I’m wearing right now: sports shorts crop top, oversized army jacket

When I created this blog: August 2016

I post: my art 

Do I have any other blogs: nope, not bothered 

Do I get asks regularly: every 2 days or so, it makes me really happy 

Why did I chose my url: cause I’m a king and I draw 

Hogwarts house: Gryffindor my dudes 

Pokemon team: valor but my fave team in the games is team aqua 

Favourite colour: wine red, I like witchy colours 

Dream job: do nothing 

i tag everyone 

the 20 tag

RULES: Answer the 20 questions and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better. i was tagged by @freehoseoksdick lol

  • Name: laura
  • Nicknames: bug, bitch
  • Gender: female
  • Star Sign: sagittarius 
  • Height: 172cm aka 5′7.7
  • Time right now: 21:12 
  • Last thing I googled‘tgi fridays gluten free menu’
  • Favourite band: my kings bangtan, but i love fall out boy & muse
  • Favourite solo artist: g dragon lmao
  • Song stuck in my head: new face - PSY
  • Last movie I watched: me before you
  • When did you create your blog: march 2016
  • What do you post: fanfics, shitposts of jungkook
  • When did your blog reach its peak: idk? what is a peak
  • Do you have other blogs: yes i have a namjoon blog, a taehyung blog, and a main/personal blog
  • Do you get asks regularly: on average i get about 10-12 a day, more if i update
  • Why did you choose your url: i feel very strongly about jeon jungkook’s thighs
  • Following: i only follow 32 blogs lol, the vast majority being bts fanfic writers and or makeup artists 
  • Posts: 6466 
  • Hogwarts House: i am a proud gryffindor 
  • Pokemon Team: team mystic
  • Favourite colours: black, grey & white aka anything monochrome
  • Average hours of sleep: 4/5 a night 
  • Lucky Numbers: 1 because i have to come first at everything
  • Fave characters: buffy summers, chandler bing, nathan from misfits
  • What am I wearing now: black leggings and an oversized white shirt i’m not kidding lmao they’re my lounge clothes
  • How many blankets do you sleep with: i have a winter duvet all year round, a thermal sheet, an electric blanket and sometimes a throw blanket too. i am a very cold person
  • Dream job: i’ll let you know when i know 
  • Dream trip: seoullllllll to see bts perform in their home country and eat amazing korean bbq

i know i’m supposed to tag 20 people but i cba so everyone reading this hi yes hello there friend you’re tagged in this pls do this and @ me so i can nosey thanku

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nickname: Ki or Kian is perfectly fine

zodiac sign: Sagittarius Nov. 24

height: 5′10″ Tall babe

last thing you googled: Lance

favourite music artist: Alice Francis

song stuck in my head: Jamie Berry -Peeping Tom

last movie you watched: Probably some horror movie

what are you wearing right now? Tank top and shorts

why did you choose your url? Klance + Concepts = Nice Good Things™

Plus people have started sending me asks with Concept: or A Really nice Concept: and I think that’s the best thing since sliced bread

do you have any other blogs? Yeah, boyybites It’s more of my main where I post my oc’s and other random crap arts

what did you last relationship teach you? Lol don’t trust any guy no matter how nice they fucking seem. Especially when they want to try and date you

religious or spiritual: Neither, I’m more of a eh, I’m here why should I question that sorta babe

favourite color: Pink and blue, the soft tones keep me calm

average hours of sleep? Sleep?

lucky number? 42,069

favourite characters? Ulaz and Slav and probably every other alien on the show. They’re the ones I relate to the most

how many blankets do you sleep in? 1, two in the winter

dream job?: Don’t care as long as I’m financially stable

people i want to get to know better: @cheese-with-a-dream @cuz-satan-said-so @quiznakingklance @pidgesglasses