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What's going on with Denny's? Can you give me some phrases I can Google to get me in the right path please?

oh they just always post memes right, and the whole corporations having websites that make it into pop culture internet memes shit leads to people forgetting corporations aren’t people they’re corporations, they’re not our friends they aren’t good, they’re just shitty capitalists lmao so the whole thing is just “see if dennys uses this in their advertising” because it’s anti-capitalist and it would aid in their destruction to normalize anticapitalist sentiments. 

sherlock never used to watch the oscars because he could predict the winners. now he and john watch them together because they trade kisses for every prediction they get right. 

john usually (always) has to google who won best picture the next morning.

Soulmate AU!Seventeen -- Jeonghan + First Word Tattoo pt. 1

 AU where the first words you hear your soulmate say are tattooed on your forearm -

A/N: So I’m really excited to post this! I wrote both parts already, so expect part two to be up on Friday!  I hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think and who you want to see next. This is 1.5k+ words, but the next part is longer!

Quick note, pronouns for the reader aren’t used, but you have a best friend that’s a girl. Also, [F/N] means “friend name” and [Y/N] means “your name”.

“턱 끝까지 차 올랐던 그 말을 내일 꼭 하겠어”

Those are the words written on your forearm. They’ve been there since you were born - a constant part of you that you could never understand.

The words looks beautiful and you wished you could understand them, but you’re 13 and haven’t gotten around to even figuring out what language they were in. You always felt self-conscious about them, since your friends often compared quotes and dreamed of how they’d meet their soulmates. One of your friends even lucked out and had their soulmate’s full name in their quote!

But you weren’t so lucky. Instead, you had to fend off questions about your soulmate. There were always pitying looks and “I’m sorry”s.

You weren’t sorry. Your soulmate was yours and would love you someday. They were your other half. You weren’t going to let a language barrier get between that.

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i n d i g o. Maura Chester
Indigo is the colour of integrity - responsibility, tradition, justice, and obsession.

For a moment, even I thought you were genuine.
That’s why you scare me.
If I don’t kill you now, everyone else will believe you.

So, I’d never heard the word “apostate” until playing Dragon Age, and I just came to understand it as the word used for mages living outside the Circle.

Well, I google it to make sure I was spelling it right (I always want to put an extra p in there), and well:

Apostates are mages living against the Chantry. But more than that, they are “defectors,” “traitors,” “heretics.”

Maybe this should have been obvious, but the word just has so much more meaning for me now.

My girlfriend and I thought that the answer to the question about Goodnight and Billy’s relationship was a little avoidant. Why use that of all questions to bring up that it’s opium they’ve got in their cigarettes?

I did some research, mostly just from curiousity and for the purpose of research. (Writing always means google searchs that would put you on a watchlist, right?)

Wikipedia says; “During the 18th century, opium was found to be a good remedy for nervous disorders. Due to its sedative and tranquilizing properties, it was used to quiet the minds of those with psychosis, help with people who were considered insane, and also to help treat patients with insomnia.”

Alright, cool. Let’s keep reading, because there’s a lot more on the page here. Outside of the medicinal uses section, I eventual come across a section about the recreational use of opium in China. Considering the likelihood of Billy having been brought over a bit later in life as an indentured servant as opposed to outright growing up here, I poke my head in a bit.

To start with, the first thing I see is this; “The earliest clear description of the use of opium as a recreational drug/20160927210336/https:/> in China came from Xu Boling, who wrote in 1483 that opium was "mainly used to aid masculinity, strengthen sperm and regain vigor”, and that it “enhances the art of alchemists, sex and court ladies”.“

Okay. But that’s a pretty long time before our movie takes place. Associations can change - "A century later, Li Shizhen/20160927210336/https:/> listed standard medical uses of opium in his renowned Compendium of Materia Medica/20160927210336/https:/> (1578), but also wrote that "lay people use it for the art of sex”, in particular the ability to “arrest seminal emission”.“

Alright, but that’s still a few hundred years before - "This association of opium with sex continued in China until the end of the 19th century.”

Oh. Well, I guess regardless of whether or not they were /trying/ to imply anything, at least the boys are probably having plenty of fun.

What I learned in 2016, good and bad:
1. Everyone knows something you don’t know. It’s always nice to sit and talk with new people.
2. Life doesn’t revolve around love alone. (Heck yeah, a hopeless romantic just got this figured out in her late 23.)
3. Life doesn’t revolve around you alone. Life is more fun when you think less of yourself and more of what you can do to help other people.
4. You’re not always happy, and you don’t always have to be. There are more layers in your life to experience other than just happiness.
5. Documentaries are pretty awesome.
6. Being an adult is not growing old and doing the same thing you’ve been doing years before. The older & more experienced you are in life, the more tasks you have to juggle, and you’re becoming a very overwhelmed clown, just like every other adult you see.
7. Not everyone is equally nice to you.
8. But that won’t stop you from being equally nice to everyone.
9. Always, put family first.
10. Just because someone comes into your life, doesn’t mean they always stay.
11. And there is no use being sad over that, because maybe they don’t have the space to stay when all the rooms in your life is occupied for something else.
12. Sometimes work sucks. With all of that pressure, remember to stay true. Remember why you started, and create things out of passion not money. Remember to have an impact.
13. Try your best and don’t waste your time thinking about things you can’t change.
14. In every situation, always choose the kindest thing to do.
15. You started to enjoy working out, healthy diet, cleaning, and saving up more than ever.
16. Also, staying in is always cheaper than going out.
17. Online dating is kind of lame.
18. Have fun on your own and don’t mind anybody’s business. (your gossipy friend is the toxic.)
19. Always be there when your friend needs you. Except at times when they need your comment on the latest gossip they just heard, it’s a waste of your precious time.
20. You don’t always win.
21. You can be strong and soft at the same time. Sometimes it’s good to be outspoken, sometimes it’s wiser to keep your opinion on your own.
22. You can always google things.
23. It’s always good to start any relationship platonically.
24. The right person will come at the right time, so focus on building yourself and being someone, instead of being someone’s.
25. No matter how many more realisations I will have in the future, I will always be a naive person. But this is what keeps me optimistic and not bitter when life goes the other way.

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Hey there, your blog is helping me a lot and I was wondering if you know any reliable dictionary and where to buy it. One can't always trust Google right? Thanks

Well one of the most reliable online dictionaries is Naver. The only problem is that it can be difficult to navigate since it’s in Korean. However, it’s very useful and it also provides excellent examples.

This one isn’t a dictionary, but it is a great tool for conjugation.

As for physical dictionaries, my personal recommendation is the Collins Gem Korean Dictionary. It is reasonably priced, and offers both Korean-English, and English-Korean. For a starter dictionary, it is perfect, especially if you’re not willing to spend an extravagant amount of money on a dictionary.

Other dictionaries include:

  • Collins Pocket Korean Dictionary 
  • Oxford Advanced Learner’s English-Korean Dictionary (However, this is only a one-way dictionary and can sometimes be quite pricey)
  • Minjung’s Essence English-Korean Dictionary (This is considered one of the best English-Korean dictionaries, but it is VERY pricey)
  • Minjung’s Pocket English-Korean/Korean-English Dictionary (A little less expensive than the full dictionary, but it has great reviews!)

There are many more dictionaries out there, but Minjung’s has one of the best reputations. So if you want a very reliable and decent quality dictionary, it can be quite pricey!

You can try buying from Amazon, TwoChois, or YES24. It’s definitely worth your while scouring different websites for the best price available!

Hope this helped! If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask!


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Hi Mom!! Can you please explain me why we call Jokke "blobfish"? 😁 because I have no idea about it

meme documentation: Joachim “Blobfish” Hauer

i all started when my beloved fellow blobby lover @earthtosake saw something special about his face

i have to admit that until then i didn’t even know what a “blobfish” was so i googled it and as alway mother google had the right answers for me

now more people on tumblr realized this #fact and the meme was born

not always that beautiful unfortunately…

but always glamorous

people created meme crossovers like tande x hauer

and everyone only knew him by his new real name 

i can’t imagine ski jumping without a blobfish with skies on now and we all know the world is a better place with him 

do you ever forget to pay attention to the instructions during a certain mission in a video game so you kind of just wander the map aimlessly for 3 hours trying to figure out what the hell you’re supposed to be doing


Stuart: (Y/N)?
Stiles: Hey (Y/N), we’re here!
(Y/N): Kitchen!
Stiles: What are you doing? It smells burned.
(Y/N): I- I wanted to bake cupcakes for your birthday… but…
Stuart: You don’t have to-
Stiles: Yes, she has to! I love cupcakes!
(Y/N): Well… They all burned… That’s a bad birthday present. Sorry…
Stuart: You know what? We’ll help you!
Stiles: I can’t bake!
Stuart: You’ll help!
Stiles: Fine…
(Y/N): Really?
Stuart: Yes!
(Y/N): Awesome! It’ll be funny!
You start to put the ingredients in a bowl.
Stiles: Which recipe do you take?
(Y/N): Your dad gave me one. They are chocolate cupcakes.
Stiles: Really? Let me see!
You show him the recipe. He smiles.
(Y/N): He said, these are your favorites.
Stuart: Do you know what you’re doing?
(Y/N): I think… I’m not really good at baking.
Stiles looks over your shoulder.
Stiles: Wow, that was actually all surprisingly correct.
(Y/N): Really?
Stiles: Yes.
Stuart: No.
Stuart also looks over your shoulder and then on his phone.
Stuart: That’s wrong.
Stiles: No, it’s not. She did it correct.
Stuart: I just googled it, so you’re wrong. It’s too much sugar and it’s an egg too much.
Stiles: You googled it? Google isn’t always right!
Stuart: But mostly and this is wrong.
Stiles: No, it’s not.
(Y/N): Guys, stop and help me!
They don’t stop.
Stuart: We need more flour!
Stuart takes the flour and put it in the bowl. Accidentally you and Stiles get some flour over you.
Stuart: Oh… Oops.
Stiles: You planned this!
Stuart: What? Why should I-
Stiles throws an egg, which lands on Stuart’s head.
(Y/N): Oh no…
Stuart: You didn’t do that…
Stiles: Oops.
The boys start to throw the ingredients across the kitchen. At some point you also throw these, because the anger becomes fun and you’re laughing.

Stiles: Sorry Stu… for the egg…
Stuart: I’m sorry, too. It was Mom’s recipe, right?
Stiles nods before you walk in the living room with the cupcakes.
(Y/N): Happy Birthday!


dimbleby asked for: okay, fine, online romance where they don’t know it’s each other


it starts with a stray comment on this forum evgeni visits, sometimes. when he’s feeling bitter about being stuck in the khl, he logs on and watches as fans talk about the prospects of the pens and how the caps are doing and tries not to focus on the seething jealousy burning in his gut.

there’s one guy who’s a die-hard pens fan, crosbyrox87, who’s – well. he talks about the games like he was up against the glass, seeing things that evgeni, with his shitty streams, can barely catch. whenever evgeni asks him things, he’s always polite and thorough and kind about evgeni’s awful english that’s only worse through the internet, sending messages that feel more like play-by-plays.

still, they don’t really interact much until after a hard loss the pens suffer, right when evgeni’s waking up from a shoot-out win that still feels bitter. crosbyrox87 is being pretty quiet, almost uncharacteristically so.

it’s so out of character, in fact, that evgeni has the courage to send a private message. you ok?

almost immediately he gets one back. it was a pretty hard loss.

sorry, evgeni types back, pulling up google translate to help him get the words right. losing always bad.

hard when it’s your team though, he receives, and that evgeni knows.

next time better, he sends, and then, crosby play good.

really? he gets back, and evgeni wrinkles his nose. he’s been staring at 87 through his laptop screen for hours and hours, wishing he could get out on the ice and receive his passes for a year.

crosby best, he sends back.

when he gets :) back, he feels oddly relieved.


after that, he and crosbyrox87 start up a friendship, or something close to it. they start messaging after every pens game, talking about stats and styles of play and the skill of lemieux. a month after their first conversation in january, evgeni wakes up to message from crosbyrox87 and feels the familiar small rush of excitement.

kharlamov17 feels really weird, it reads, is there something else i can call you?

evgeni frowns. real name evgeni, he types out.

almost immediately he gets back, any nicknames?

after quickly googling what the last word is, he types back, no. not have nickname.

what about geno? he receives, and, well. he can deal with that.

ok, he sends, and then, what about you? any name?

sid, he receives, and evgeni smiles.

same as hero? he asks.

haha, crazy coincidence, sid sends back. 

then evgeni’s alarm goes off, reminding him about practice, and evgeni only has enough time to type back, still like, even if not crosby. must leave for work!!!!

bye geno, he gets back, and if he can’t stop smiling even though it’s early, well. no one actually says anything – to his face, anyways.


evgeni’s aware that maybe it’s a little weird to keep talking to someone who lives in pittsburgh, who calls him something totally different and who’s incredibly earnest and never uses text speak (much to evgeni’s relief, because it’s hard enough trying to figure out even the regular hockey speak when it’s in english). he probably shouldn’t be excited to wake up to find sid on the forum, telling evgeni all about the last pens game, everything about their play and their scoring styles.

sometimes sid’s weird about crosby – when evgeni starts getting enthusiastic about his goals or his skating, sid occasionally responds with where crosby could improve, how he could get better. evgeni thinks that’s bullshit, though.

he great, he says, thinking about how last night he stared at highlights of crosby splitting the d and roofing the puck, wraparounds and spotting ways to the net that nobody else can see. only get better

maybe that’s just us being biased, sid sends back, and evgeni frowns at his screen.

no. true, he replies.

i’m glad you think so, sid says. i have to go. talk to you later, geno.


the summer stretches on, and the pressure from metallurg just gets heavier. evgeni doesn’t want to stay longer, doesn’t want to play here, but the weight of everyone’s expectations crush him down.

when the opportunity arises to escape, evgeni seizes it.

it isn’t until he’s safe in the u.s., passport in hand and watching the lights of pittsburgh blur in the window, nervousness churning his stomach, that he thinks about sid, who said he lived in pittsburgh, who tried to make it to games when he could.

maybe he could meet the other sid, the one who left him messages about powerplays and always spelled things perfectly and called him geno. he’ll have to message him, once he can.

that’ll have to wait, though, because they’re pulling up in front of the lemieux’s house, sergei and barry flanking him as they walk up to the front door, and there, mario and his wife and the actual sidney crosby are waiting to meet him.

“hello,” mario says, extending a hand, and evgeni smiles as best he can.

“hello,” he replies, and behind mario’s shoulder, he can see sidney grinning.