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Emma Swan noticing you when you walk out of Granny’s Diner.

“Mom? You okay?” Henry asked when he noticed that Emma had hesitated on opening the car door. Emma cleared her throat then nodded.

“I’m fine, sorry, kid. I just thought I recognized that person for a moment.” Emma chuckled softly. “I must’ve be daydreaming. Let’s go.” Henry stared at her for a bit longer then shrugged.

“We could always go check who they are, or we could see if they’re in the storybook.” Emma shook her head. 

“No, it’s fine. If I know her, we’ll be bound to bump into each other again. Storybrooke isn’t a huge town.” 

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The Art of Getting By (2011)

I’ve always had a different taste for movies. I prefer independent ones over mainstream flicks.But of course there are times when I just want to chill and watch a teen-movie for fun. We rarely see indie films that target the teenage audience– And this is why I felt so excited to watch The Art of Getting By.

The Art of Getting by tells the story of George, a high school senior who’s been slacking off the entire year just because he doesn’t feel motivated. He has a very pessimistic view on life and does not see the point of living because we’ll all eventually die.He then meets Sally, a slightly popular high school student– And the two of them form a very close but complicated bond.

What I like about this film is that, although the story revolves around the lives of teenagers, it didn’t use any of those stereotypical teenage nonsense. Like the exaggerated teen angst and how rebellious and fussy teenagers are. It shows that teens also think about life and have problems of their own– and that there is more to it other than partying and causing trouble.

I cannot even stop gushing about the cast. Emma Roberts and Freddie Highmore are a part of my tween-self. I was so obsessed with Unfabulous and Charlie and the Chocolate factory back then haha. Freddie is such a cutie in the film although he still is very much baby-faced.They actors were able to deliver their roles well although, I did notice Freddie’s British accent slipping in a couple of scenes. 

After watching the film, I sort of felt inspired artistically. I mean I don’t paint let alone draw or anything like that but, I could definitely relate to how George knew that he wanted to paint– He just didn’t what to paint. I find it quite similar to my predicament now– I want to write but I have no idea as to what I want to write. Life is such a complicated entity.

Overall, it was a great film. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I felt happy after watching it– which is ironic because the story is about George’s fatalistic outlook on life. Nevertheless, I do recommend you people to watch this film.

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