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What would manolo look like as a nutcracker

Find a nutcracker that has a guitar with it, shave off any and all facial hair (except the sideburns if they’re there), and stick Manolo’s swirly hair on top of it (also don’t forget the ponytail in the back). And, voila! Manolo nutcracker!


That infamous beef noodle meme :’)


and most things inbetween…

Searching ‘241543903’ in Google Images shows you numerous photos of people sticking their heads inside freezers.

This crazy meme began in 2009, when Tumblr artist David Horvitz posted random instructions to his followers. The number 241543903 was a combination of the serial number on his refrigerator, and the barcodes on a bag of edamame and a package of soba noodles he had in the freezer.


All photos via Avax News