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(So @keilattes inspired me to draw the Victuuri Lovechild™ and I was scrolling through a bunch of @zephyrine-gale ’s art earlier and then I was like RAINBOWS and I think I accidentally rather poorly drew your offspring by accident so yeah I’m sorry)

Things I’m tired of hearing:

(Brought to you by Dean)

“Romance novels are bad for women”

“Romance novels perpetuate misogynistic ideals.”

“Romance novels are meant to placate women with silly fantasies.”


Romance novels support women, inspire women, and give them a voice.

Look there isn’t enough space in 100 posts to discuss all the ways in which romance novels are subversive as fuck in regards to the societal views of women. Luckily Maya Rodale and Sarah Wendell have me covered.


feb 14, 2017

as i wrote in a poem recently, i believe a relationship with God is “a step by step masterpiece”. or, in other words, it doesn’t just come into existence and that is it. it is a constant, every morning decision that get’s stronger and stronger with each step. and sometimes weaker and weaker. and sometimes we stop completely. it’s not always the same. it morphs, it weakens, it strengthens, it moves like a living organism and we can’t deny its changing rhythms. we can’t box up a breathing and moving God. 

to paraphrase a favorite quote, God is a surgeon. He’s going to tackle your most fatal wound first. He’s not going to work on the scrape on your knee when blood is gushing from your neck. And, in your relationship, piece by piece, He’s going to work on all the other places that need fixing.

that is how i feel right now. no, i have not taken steps backwards. no, i haven’t “slipped away”, “went a different path”, “become worldly”, or whatever else people like to word it as, because i don’t think it’s ever that black and white. 

you’re not one foot in, one foot out - you’re three toes one way, with the last two trying to go the other way, and the whole other foot is burned off up to the ankle and even if you knew where you were headed, you can’t walk and get there. and you’re begging for guidance but you’re alone. you’re all alone. you feel all alone. 

it’s not simple. it’s a moment by moment, decision by decision, prayer by prayer, step by step masterpiece. 

my heart is broken for many reasons. i hate him, i don’t like him, i don’t want anything to do with him. i’m in surgery and God is working on my fatal wounds. bitterness is just a scraped knee and we’re both more worried about the blood loss. what i’m saying is, i don’t believe in him at all but my heart is broken and i’m desperate to be fixed. and who knows, if he can fix my heart - well, he can take the rest too. 

white album explained (part 2)
  • birthday: paul's that guy who's like hey happy birthday and the other person is like ? it's not my birthday and paul is like oh haha i thought we had the same birthday weird :^)
  • yer blues: john wants drugs
  • mother nature's son: the most passively egotistical song a person could write (until let it be)
  • everybody's got something to hide: john takes paul's hello goodbye how to write a song advice but the end product wasn't as good
  • sexy sadie: even the instruments are dripping with sarcasm
  • helter skelter: PAULL IS!!!!! INTO SERIAL KILLERS!!!!!!!! (i bet your parent(s) said that at least once if they've heard this song)
  • long, long, long: is anything playing hang on *turns up volume* oh yeah it's just long, long, long
  • revolution 1: so weird bc it sounds like past john writing to future john complaining about like bagism, or like a song paul would write when he and john were doing that cute back and forth thing for a while
  • honey pie: when the beatles' time machine breaks down in the 1930's, they need to use the power of music to save the day. written + driected by paul mccartney, executive producer george martin
  • savoy truffle: proof that chocolate is both sexy and scary
  • cry baby cry: rich people doing casual rich people things like painting a painting and holding a seance
  • revolution 9: become naked *crowd chants*
  • good night: really cute but kinda awkward if you're listening to the album at like 1pm

Waiting sucks. Over paying sucks. Being out of shit sucks. And of course the few contacts I’ve got locally can’t get their shit together or they actually you know have jobs n shit.

But should be getting some Wednesday. ;) more interviews this week. Yay.

Just assume for the rest of the day this is an XV Ultimania translation blog.

Again, grain of salt. I’m trying but very rusty. 

The Gods

The gods of the ‘six’ were mentioned in myth of Eos. They are closely related to the royal family. The ring of light was made by the Six and handed over as a generous gift as proof of the king. Very few people can speak to the gods and it takes a messenger to appreciate their language, which can not be understood by ordinary people. The battle of the gods traces back and is said to have broken out over a betrayal of the god Ifrit, but further details are not widely known.

Lunas Notebook

Depending on your responses with the Luna notebook, it influences the item description at the end of the game. If you answer badly entire time it will say “there’s a trace of dust” on it when you can see it as a key item. If you’re nice, it will state the book is “well worn.” If your responses are favorable then it will say “There are tears on the pages.” Translator Note: This is not exact as the descriptions will be different between english and JP.

Verstael Besithia

A mad scientist who aims to create the strongest existence by his own hand. He is in charge of the laboratory of the Nifelheim empire. The man who succeeded in mass producing magical soldiers based on the information provided by Ardyn. He does not hesitate, and regarded the six gods as just another research material.

Directors Commentary: Translators note; unorganized.Paraphrased.

The scene with leviathan was supposed to be luna’s moment. Like Yuna in FFX, or Aeriths in FF7. While Yuna is sad to do her duty, Luna is determined and strong.

It’s heavily implied Cor’s nickname “The Immortal” is meant to be mocking for running from Insomnia before the fall.

More Ardyn with Commentary

Translators Note: This one was very difficult to translate for me. The descriptor pointed to something taboo or ‘dirty’ besides how wrong it already was. This one is heavily implied rather than straight out said. 

What were the dolls at the end of game?

Tabata: This is a description of how long Ardyn waited for Noctis. he is a sloppy personality with a.. depraved satisfaction unlike normal people. He is the kind of character to make this 'dirty’ (not as-in grimy. dirty) scenery and play with it while he waited.

Ardyn was trying to achieve his victory by defeating Noctis as king, but was it purely for revenge?

Tabata: I wonder if there was a profound reason besides wanting to taste the highest pleasure of revenge on a strengthened Noctis. The misfortune of Noctis was based on my own happiness.

Translators Note: Dirty in the first statement is perverse. It also seems like Tabata gets off on the ending of the game. Explains a lot.It also seems like the corpses in the throne room were real bodies, a testament of Ardyns ability to preserve. It’s loosely stated Ardyn had much more power than he used, to the point of implying Noctis was allowed to win for the sake of Ardyn emerging victorious. 

Director commentary states the ending of the game was left purposefully vague, so that the player could decide what happens in the end. It is left entirely up to interpretation. 


[wip teaser]

btw thanks to those who voiced out their opinions on the Candela pose! Option B was the most popular one && also people messaged/said that they felt that B looked more confident and ‘Valor-like’ so I went with it *_* Plus, it matched Blanche’s + Spark’s too ♥ I still liked A tho – maybe I’ll keep the pose for another artwork *o*

No Hablo Espanol  (Jaime x Reader)

Requested: Yes
Congrats on 51 followers! Can I request a Jaime Reyes x reader where the reader is Bruce’s and Selina’s biological daughter and the reader asks Jaime to be her Spanish tutor and the bat boys spy in them while he tutors her
Jaime tutors you in Spanish. Once your assignment is complete he asks you on a date, despite Damian’s protest. 
Word Count
: 744

A/N: I do not speak Spanish and I actually barely passed my Spanish class when I had to take it. So I used Google translate to help me out, I put what it’s supposed to mean in English in parentheses. Sorry!

The red F written in marker on you Spanish test daunted you as waited for your father, Bruce Wayne, to come home from a day at the office. He wasn’t going to be happy. You may not be a scholarship student, but your GPA was very important.

“Sister, why do you have such a sad look on your face?” Damian asked as he walked into the room. He grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl and munched into it. Damian was older than you by 3 years. He had graduated high school the year before and was working on a degree at Gotham University.

I failed another Spanish test,” you admitted and showed him the paper. He frowned as he looked it over.

Father isn’t going to let you go on patrol when your grades are suffering,” Damian stated the reason you dreaded the most. Patrol was the most time you ever got to spend with your father, even if it was as Batman.

I need a tutor,” you sighed and just as the words left your mouth, a light dawned in your mind. “Is Jaime busy?” you asked your brother. He and Jaime were fairly close after all the time they spent together with the Teen Titans. He shrugged.

“I can give him a call, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind giving you a few lessons,” Damian replied as he pulled out the special communicator the Titans had. He walked away as he started pressing buttons and you frowned turning back to your newest Spanish assignment.

It was about an hour, two cups of coffee, and seven new sheets of paper later when you heard someone approaching the breakfast nook where you had decided to hide while doing your homework. You perked up when you recognized Jaime Reyes’ familiar voice. Moments later, Damian led Jaime into the room. You beamed as you saw him. It hadn’t been a month since the last you saw him, but you couldn’t deny you had a very big crush on the Blue Beetle.

“Jaime!” you cheered as you stood. He chuckled as you attacked him in a welcoming hug. “Thank you so much for coming!” you smiled.

“Damian told me you were struggling with your Spanish class,” he said in a questioning tone. You nodded and brought him over to the table where your work was strewn.

“It’s just not clicking,” you admitted. “If I fail one more test, I might as well kiss my GPA good bye,” you added. He looked over the assignment as he took a seat next to the one you had stood from. You reclaimed your chair and noticed that Damian had vanished. You knew from experience that he probably did not go far.

Jaime broke down the assignment for you. He was a much better teacher than the grouchy lady that taught in school. You were very close to him before your homework was over and when you beamed up at him, finally understanding what he was telling you. Your eyes met his and you never noticed the depth in his brown eyes. His grin turned a little lopsided when looked at you.

“Quieres ir a una cita conmigo? (Would you like to go on a date with me?)” he asked softly. You paused, slowly trying to translate the words in your head.

No!” Damian spoke up from wherever he had been hiding. He was suddenly there, pushing to stand between the two chairs. You were almost knocked backwards at his outburst.

Damian!” you stood and narrowed your eyes at your half-brother. “What in the world do you think you’re doing?” you crossed your arms stubbornly. He rolled his eyes before glaring at Jaime.

No tienes permiso para salir con mi hermana (You are not allowed to date my sister),” he said fluently. You frowned, recognizing a few words. You tried to piece them together. Then it dawned on you.

Yes!” you shouted before Jaime could retaliate. Damian turned to face you, anger boiling in his eyes.

No!” he countered. You crossed your arms.

“I am old enough to make my own choices!” you argued. He paused, trying to think of an argument that would work, but there was none.

Jaime, would like to grab some food before you head home?” you asked kindly. He smirked and nodded.

I would love to, hermosa (beautiful),” he answered. He stood and you led him out of the room, leaving a silently seething Damian alone.

A/N: I hope you enjoyed reading it! I haven’t ever written Jaime before, so it probably stinks.


anonymous asked:

do you know any good way to find a beta for a fic? would you be willing to beta a fic ever? pls help

hey there! I tried to search for a way to find a beta reader, but I must say there aren’t many options out there?? i was sure there would be specific blogs to do that, but they all seem abandoned or with missing links… But let’s see if I can help you, would any of my followers be willing to beta a fic? I’m assuming it’d be a voltron one. just like this post so this kind anon can contact you!