google gave them to me

Monsta X MBTI personality types

I rewatched Monsta X-Ray and suddenly realized that in the last episode, the psychologist actually gave them descriptions of their own personality. And googling those korean phrases gave me their corresponding english MBTI types. Therefore, all this info comes from Monsta X-Ray and that psychologist.

Shownu - ISFJ (Defender)
Minhyuk - ENFJ (Protagonist)
Kihyun - ESFJ (Consul)
Hyungwon - INFP (Mediator)
Jooheon - ENFP (Campaigner)
Wonho - INFP (Mediator)
I.M - not specified, psychologist only explained his personality without stating the MBTI type

anonymous asked:

Hi, could you add a list of the dog whistling TERF words onto the FAQ page because I have no idea what those words might be and trying to google them gave me pretty much every blog on tumblr it seems? And perhaps other words/topics that aren't ok too? Thank you.

I will consider it. I don’t really like to police words in an official way because there are some words that say the ace community has become really sore too while other people are utterly clueless as why it’s bad because the word was stolen.

However, here’s a twitter thread my friend made of TERF Warning Flags and Rhetoric. 

This leaves off two very notable ones but if you are ace you know, and the second one was discussed yesterday so easy to find today.

ok, it may be small and the watermark ruins everything what a surprise