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Now for the jellies!

The first four are all Moon Jellies; it’s the same tank but they do that thing where they constantly change the lights, which gave for some nice aesthetic shots! 

The next three are my absolute favorite jelly; the Australian Spotted Jellyfish! They are so pretty and I absolutely love how fuzzy they look! I was so glad they had them, this was my first time seeing them up close!

As for the last two I wasn’t able to ID them either (Google why have you failed me). If you know what they are, I’d love to know myself!

Pagan: an umbrella term for many religions, most of which share…..

  •  respect toward nature and celebrations based on seasons/solstices/etc.
  • Animism, the belief that non human things carry spiritual essence 
  • Polytheism, the belief in more than one god, usually within a pantheon corresponding to the culture, the exception being an eclectic pagan, who forms their own beliefs by taking bits and pieces from various religions. 

anonymous asked:

Ok so this has been bugging me for a while so I thought I'd get someone else's opinion. What kinda accent is Armand supposed to have?

In movie!IWTV, Armand’s origins aren’t explicitly stated, just that he’s an Old World vampire. He could very well be Spanish, that’s Banderas’ actual ethnicity. So we don’t know. Just bc Louis and Claudia meet him in Paris doesn’t mean he’s French; he tells them he’s 400 yrs old, he’s probably lived elsewhere.

On my recent post about Antonio!Armand, @slow-read shared this opinion: “I would like to add that Antonio’s accent also gives one a sense of age, otherness and it sounds (or sounded) exotic to the audience? It was perfect for Armand-the-oldest-living-vampire-in-the-world. *-*” The ppl behind movie!IWTV might have chosen Banderas and made the character this way rather than a more canon-compliant actor bc they wanted him to be more convincing as Armand-the-oldest-living-vampire-in-the-world to audiences who had not read the books. Filmmakers then (and now) want a movie to appeal to wide audiences. I was a kid then, but it seems to me that fandom (and specifically, trying to please the fanbase as a primary objective) wasn’t as much of a consideration at that time. 

In the books, Armand comes from a place called Kiev, which according to AR is in Russia and according to the google is in the Ukraine, but idk. Then he spent years in Italy which is where he got most of his mortal education, so he may have picked up some of that accent from his teachers and friends… and then he lived in Paris for many years so he might have consciously tried to pick up some of that accent in order to blend in. 

Anyone is welcome to answer this with what you think Armand’s accent is like!

Clumsiness is a physical effect of stress.

Remember when Nursey spilled cereal on Dex?

His chill is so fake, its frightening.

Yoongbum and his name

bronze, shades of Earth, green– sounds like Yoonbum’s clothes

So yeah, just a high school student who’s procrastinating from schoolwork  at the same time analyzing a depressed,mentally broken stalker who’s held being hostage by a sociopath and forced to play pretend as mother while being manipulated….