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I’m developing a story that partially takes place in a setting I’ve never been in. Is it enough to do research via all media (news and film included?) or do I need to do field research, since the setting is theoretically accessible in real life? I want to portray life in such a setting realistically to the point where I feel either interviews or heavy research is needed.

Lots of writers have novels set in places they’ve never been to. In fact, four of my novels are set in real places I haven’t been to. If you can somehow wrangle a trip, by all means, do it! However, don’t shy away from a setting just because you can’t visit it. Just do the best you can research-wise. This is a lot easier now than it was even ten years ago, because now you can “walk around” so many places via Google Street View (and Google Earth, if you can get it), plus, there are 360 degree photos and quad-copter flyovers. Google Earth, YouTube, Vimeo, and travel web sites are some of my favorite sources. Have a look at my post Setting Your Story in an Unfamiliar Place for more help. :)

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The Doctor (nine/ten/tenII, i dont care, though i have been itching for some nine/rose) and rose are on google earth and find themselves on a street doing inappropiate things and yea... you can go from there ;)

“So we’re in 2017?” Rose asked as she stepped out.

The Doctor nodded. “Figured we’d avoid your time as much as possible, since you were missing for a year,” he reminded her. “Don’t go too far, you don’t want anyone to recognize you.”

Rose stuck close by, fiddling with a high-tech computer as he tried to find the product he needed. She pulled up google earth, amusing herself with the zoom feature, and pulled up street view in some random town in Brazil.

It was interesting, seeing life on pause, people caught mid-fall or mid-step or mid-kiss. She hopped around the globe, grinning as she saw a parade in China and the night life in America. 

It was when she was looking around Madagascar that she saw a familiar leather jacket, and saw a crystal-clear picture of her and the Doctor snogging in an alleyway, his hands unmistakably on her bum and hers doing… well…

Rose gulped.

She quickly clicked out of the program when she heard him getting closer, and forced a smile when he grabbed her hand. “Find everything?” she asked.

“Yep! I have to take it apart to get the microprocessor, but we’ll be back in business in no time.”

She struggled to hide her blush. “Can we visit Madagascar next?” she asked.

He looked puzzled. “All of time and space, and you want to visit some random island?”

“Well it’s not like I’ve been there!" Yet, she added silently.

The Doctor heaved a sigh. "Alright, alright. We’ll see. But first I have to finish the device and deliver it to Yelish, remember?”

She nodded. “Of course.” Then she grinned. “Run?”

“Run,” he agreed, and they dashed off down the street.


Remember These at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry? by Marty Bernard
Via Flickr:
Two scans from slides in Roger Puta’s Reject Box. CB&Q Pioneer Zephyr 9900 on July 7, 1962. This is America’s first diesel-powered streamliner. Next to it is the German U505 submarine. The Zephyr has been renovated has a display area in the parking garage. I went to Google Earth and Google Street View but can see neither the Greman U-Boat nor the Santa Fe Steam Engine.

so should I do RCIA at

a) the campus catholic center? 

pros: most tolerable culture, probs most accepting of a converting lesbian who’s firmly Side A

cons: six miles away from where I’m going to live and the only bus line that goes to my apartment in this godforsaken town doesn’t actually run on Sundays; I’d feel weird asking people for rides constantly and I’m pretty sure there aren’t any nearby Zipcars

counterpoint: taxis exist

b) a closer catholic church? 

pros: only like three miles away, so within walking distance; gorgeous interior

cons: way too much emphasis on the knights of columbus and daughters of isabella + pro-life ministries

c) a catholic church RIGHT by my apartment, but that has no website and only seems to show up on Google Maps and not Google Earth/Street View/anywhere else on the internet

pros: close by, mysterious??

cons: might not even exist

Please fire me. I was in a meeting with my boss and we had to look for an address. I went to Google Maps and showed him the actual location via street view. Then I sat in his office for two hours whilst we viewed all the places he’s been to, including his relatives homes. Before I left work, he came to my desk and said “I still just can’t believe it, let’s see it on your computer.”

Google Street View lands on the International Space Station
If you’ve always wanted to poke around inside a spaceship but don’t ever wish to leave the safety of Earth, Google Street View now lets you explore the International Space Station (ISS) right from your computer. Astronauts have been working and living on the ISS for the past 16 years, and Street View now allows you to explore everything from the sleeping quarters to where the space suits are kept. This is the first time Street View has ventured beyond planet Earth, and the first time the feature also comes with handy little dots you can click on to launch notes that explain what everything does. Read more