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The white star on a red field is the only hint reminding you that the old Zürich building, right next to the Google offices, closed its doors exactly twenty years ago as the Hürlimann brewery, to open again as an expensive spa center seven years later. This is the only outside sign, right, because once inside you’ll find a chic collection of vintage tin plate signs displaying more than 150 years of Swiss brewmaking. Many of these names might still be in use, but most just as Hürlimann, they are today just soulless labels on industrial brews. Hürlimann was swallowed by Carlsberg (via Feldschlösschen) and its deserted brewery, because of its rich mineral water source, was transformed into this posh destination, with inflated entry prices because Switzerland, where not even such basic fun activities like photography or sex are allowed. What else to do then, other than having a Swiss beer? The Locher brewery tries bravely lots of recipes with various degrees of success and this Alpstein Bock is not exactly their best product. More than stingy with a raisin-like thickness, caramel and well, something bitter too, it just misses the spot… without being a bad one, actually.

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Nicknames: em, ems, Emmy (call me Emmy and die) 

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Time: 3:22 pm 

Last thing I googled: “Math center hours” cause ya girl is trying not to fail math 

Fav music artist rn: Tbh I’ve been listening to a lot of Destiny’s Child because I want to be in the 90’s I guess

Song stuck in my head: “story of another us” by 5sos 

Last movie I watched: 50 Shades Darker lmaooooo 

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 When I created this blog: end of 8th grade I think?? 

The kind of stuff I post: aesthetically pleasing things, makeup, outfits I like, music (mainly little mix) and social justice related posts 

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Why did I choose my URL: because one time jade thirwall had grey hair and I really dug it 

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Pokemon team: valor 

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Avg hours of sleep: idfk like 7-8 

Lucky number: 6 

Fav characters: Ben from parks and rec, JD from scrubs, lip and veronica from shameless, and Katie from skins (IM KATIE FUCKING FITCH WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU- iconic. truly.) 

Dream job: songwriter, music producer 

Number of blankets I sleep with: a comforter and my fluffy blanket are all I really have 

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Nicknames: Sam, Navy
Heigh: 5′5″
Time right now: 10:09pm
Last thing I googled: Cleveland Science Center
Fave music artist: Alice Cooper
Song stuck in my head: It’s a weird combo of Ballad of Dwight Fry by Alice Cooper and Little Games by The Yardbirds
Last movie I watched: It Follows
Last show I watched: Raising Hope
What I’m wearing now: Pajamas
When I created this blog: June of 2011, lmao
The kind of stuff I post: Alice Cooper pictures, aesthetic posts, and anything that I find funny enough to make me cry laughing to myself
Do i have other blogs?: I used to, it still exists but I haven’t touched it in years
Do i get asks regularly?: NOPE (y’all could change that though, I’m just sayin’)
Why did I choose my URL?: It was a Motley Crue url for years and I got tired of it, so I wanted something frankenstein related and it kind of works because my blog can sometimes be a mish mash of many different interest like a frankenblog, so its almost a pun
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Pokemon team: Team Instinct
Fave colors; Purple
Average hours of sleep: 6 if I’m lucky
Lucky number: I…don’t have one??
Favorite characters: Steven (Alice Cooper character), Garth (Wayne’s World), Frederick Chilton (Hannibal), Dana Scully (X-Files)….and probably a million more that I cannot think of because the question asked me that and I forgot them all lol 
Dream job: Research at NASA; it’s a tie astrodynamics and gravitational wave/black hole research, though I’m taking an optics lab right now that I really dig and I have a summer job in a spectroscopy lab so who knows what that will bring.
Number of blankets I sleep with: Many many, lots lots
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also i get the sense that a lot of people especially younger people on here really think that pride and gay bars are the only kinds of lgbt spaces that exist in this world and i promise you guys that’s not true

i understand any kind of (irl) lgbt space can be hard to come by if you live in a less urban area, but they often do exist; if you haven’t, try googling for community centers, support groups, student groups, and activist groups in your area and you might be pleasantly surprised. especially if it’s a town big enough to have a pride in the first place

  1. Daytona Beach 1957
  2. Einstein’s desk hours after his death
  3. Five pounds of fat compared to five pounds of muscle
  4. Enormous statue of Genghis Khan in Mongolia
  5. George Washington’s teeth
  6. Hitler’s office
  7. Inside one of Google’s data centers
  8. Mars in true color from the Curiosity Rover
  9. Michelangelo illustrated his grocery lists so that his illiterate servants would know what to buy him.
  10. Bavarian town of Nordlingen built in a 14 million year old meteor impact crater

okay so psa here because I see a lot of people taking pictures of wild baby deer:

If you see a baby deer out in the wild DON’T GO NEAR IT! ESPECIALLY IF IT’S ALONE! Mother deer leave their babies on purpose so that they can go and eat/do deer stuff without them. It isn’t a problem! By going near the babies (or god forbid touching them) you’re leaving your scent on them most of the time the mother will smell that and then abandon them. 90% of fawns in rescue centers don’t need to be there and only are because people have “rescued them” because they were “abandoned”. If you are concerned that a baby might actually be abandoned just keep an eye on it for a few days, in the event that you’re certain the mother hasn’t been coming back google an animal rescue center in your area and let them assess the situation.