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mmm yes let me just willingly put this corporate espionage google box in the center of my home because I am too lazy to pick up my phone when I want to know the recipe for apple dumplings

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Hey so I'm confused about something in the FAQ. It says to "uninstall / reinstall" the app if I've got tech problems (I can't get the game to load past the loading screen) but does this literally mean delete the app and download it again? I'm just worried bc my phone says data will be deleted too? And I don't want to loses a year's worth of progress. Sorry if this seems obvious! Thanks

It does mean deleting and then downloading the game again. The way you can save the data– if you’re iOS, make/sign into a Game Center account and it’ll save your data. If you’re Android, sign in to Google play and it’ll save your game’s data. Also, take a screenshot of the loading screen before deleting and redownloading, because the loading screen has info about your game that the devs can use to restore your data in case the Game Center/google play thing fails. It shouldn’t, but always good to be careful.


The white star on a red field is the only hint reminding you that the old Zürich building, right next to the Google offices, closed its doors exactly twenty years ago as the Hürlimann brewery, to open again as an expensive spa center seven years later. This is the only outside sign, right, because once inside you’ll find a chic collection of vintage tin plate signs displaying more than 150 years of Swiss brewmaking. Many of these names might still be in use, but most just as Hürlimann, they are today just soulless labels on industrial brews. Hürlimann was swallowed by Carlsberg (via Feldschlösschen) and its deserted brewery, because of its rich mineral water source, was transformed into this posh destination, with inflated entry prices because Switzerland, where not even such basic fun activities like photography or sex are allowed. What else to do then, other than having a Swiss beer? The Locher brewery tries bravely lots of recipes with various degrees of success and this Alpstein Bock is not exactly their best product. More than stingy with a raisin-like thickness, caramel and well, something bitter too, it just misses the spot… without being a bad one, actually.

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Where are you going to treatment? Somewhere new maybe to try something you haven't done before?

okay i get this so i’m really trying not to bc one off as rude in my response, and i’m also trying not to sound ~woe is me lol bc i have been incredibly fortunate to receive the amount of treatment i have. please don’t think i see ur question as rude bc i don’t

i just wish ppl would also acknowledged the limitations that exist. i would love to google ‘best treatment centers for a Full and ✨Different Than Last Time✨ Lasting recovery’ and just be able to be like ‘okay let’s go there! i’ve always wanted to ride some horses!’

my goal this entire time has been to try somewhere new – it was months ago now that i started looking into single case agreements, i committed to the idea of actually paying what i reasonably could if it meant a php with housing, a flight somewhere, etc

but insurance exists, and they don’t seem quite on board with the concept of 'a new approach that might cost us more in the long run but might also prevent this whole frequent flyer hospitalization thing this girl has going on’

and money is a Thing, money is always a Thing

so to actually answer ur question (sorry, obviously by the amnt i rambled u can i’m insecure about this lol i 10000% admit that brene brown would have a field day w my shame)
i am undecided still but if i did accept a bed it would be where i went before

if i waited to hear back about the scholarship, the treatment center isn’t set yet, nor is the level of treatment, but they have set places that work w them

(again sorry if this is hostile) (it’s a me issue)

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Nickname: Abby. also my dad calls me Winry because I never stopped talking about her in 7th grade. yikes. but am I really ashamed? Nah

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius but I’m an emotional binch

Height: 179 cm

Last Thing you googled: volgistics volunteer information center. exhilarating

Favorite Music Artist: ahh I really like Cloud Cult and Hayley Kiyoko??

Song Stuck in my head:  the FMAB ed Lie….I don’t think it’ll ever leave. it’s been like two weeks

Last movie you watched: ?? OH Your Name which is wonderful and everyone should see it. I was so shook at the end that I couldn’t even cry I just.. stared at the screen with one hand covering my mouth. not even exaggerating

What are you wearing right now: pink gym shorts (too lazy to change lmao) and a sweater with a capybara patch on it!! (which, speaking of things teru would wear, I think I actually found the link to it on that blog. WHOOPS!! jk no regrets)

Why did you choose your URL: I’m ugly, I love LOTR, and it flows well (finger guns)

Do you have any other blogs: if you count the one i have solely to save memes, then yes (fr though I have like four others it’s bad)

What did your last relationship teach you: never suppress your morals for anyone. also that I’m ace lol

Religious or Spiritual: hmm not really either? I kinda overthink everything idk it’s hard to explain

Favorite Color: I love dark green and blue the most. kinda like a kelp forest. It’s calming

Average hours of sleep: um it’s very inconsistent but last night I slept for a good 8 hours

Lucky number: I like 13 but I don’t think it’s lucky? I just feel bad for it bc some people are afraid of it (that hyper-empathy mood)

Favorite Characters: hoooo boy… I love Lupin from HP, Lyn from FE7, book Frodo, San+Ashitaka from PM, Greed, Major Miles, +Lan Fan from FMA, MP100 Serizawa+Mob anddd more. never ask me this q irl because I won’t shut up

How many blankets do you sleep with: one but it’s a duvet so it’s thicc (i’m so sorry)

Dream job: not to be too cheesy and Idealistic ™ but I really want to get degrees in environmental science and social work so I can run an orphanage and help improve the quality of life in neighboring towns…. Hey it is a dream job so it’s ok

hnn (the loans)..

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When the MC gave Hakyeon a painting of “Parco” shopping center as a birthday present (he said he wanted Parco or something from Parco ^^)

Court rejects Uber executive's Fifth Amendment defense in self-driving case against Waymo

(Anthony Levandowski.Otto)
Anthony Levandowski, the former Google executive at the center of Waymo’s lawsuit against Uber, will not be allowed to use a Fifth Amendment argument to keep unredacted logs key to Waymo’s case from being submitted to the court, according to an order from the US Court of Appeals issued on Tuesday.

The ruling means that Uber must turn over certain documents that Waymo says could help bolster its trade theft case. Waymo alleges that its self-driving car technology was stolen by Levandowksi, who is now overseeing Uber’s self-driving car effort.

Levandowski has invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination in the case. Tuesday’s ruling does not impact Levandowski’s ability to keep silent, but it means that Uber itself cannot withhold certain documents from Waymo because of Levandowoski’s legal status.

Waymo alleges that Levandowski took 14,000 documents relating to self-driving-car technology with him before he left the company and that Uber is now relying on many of those documents for its self-driving-car project. Uber has said that none of the files are stored on Uber-owned computers and therefore cannot be submitted to the court during the discovery process.

(Lidar, that thing on the top of this Waymo car, helps self-driving cars “see” their environment.Waymo)

Why this matters

Waymo is the company that was spun off of Google’s self-driving-car project. One of its goals is to start a ride-hailing service with a fleet of self-driving cars.

However, Waymo’s lawsuit accuses Levandowski, who was part of the project but left for Uber, of taking the documents and using them to develop custom lidar for Uber’s self-driving cars. Uber denies Waymo’s allegations and says its lidar is significantly different from Waymo’s lidar.

Waymo began testing its self-driving-car service in Phoenix, Arizona, this week. Uber’s CEO, Travis Kalanick, has said the future of the company hinges on its ability to deploy self-driving cars and that it could lose everything if another company like Waymo beat Uber to market.

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Tumblr Dad, do you have any advice on where to start when seeking mental help? My depression and anxiety are actively impeding me from job hunting and now sleeping properly. But the last time I saw a therapist it was for my parents' divorce as a kid and my mom screamed at me after for making her look bad, so I don't exactly know what I'm doing.

I see you had a similar experience as a child in therapy to mine, Anon. It’s not pleasant, being caught between “you can tell me anything” and “what did you tell the therapist”. I’m sorry you’re struggling now, but I’m glad you’re asking about getting help! 

So, I could probably google around and give you a list of national sites, but I’m not sure if you’re in the US, and anyway I want to educate people about how to educate themselves, so here goes. 

If you can afford a visit to your usual doctor (if you have a usual doctor — the person you’d go to for sniffles or mysterious rashes), visit them and ask them for help. They may be able to recommend someone, particularly someone your insurance will cover. Once in a while you will get a shitty doctor who may tell you that you should take long walks or eat more vitamins or something, so if they say that, either push for them to give you a recommendation (though vitamin deficiency testing never hurt) or take one of the other steps listed below. 

If you are working a job that offers benefits, your employer may offer counseling services as part of your benefits package; it’s usually called something like Employee Assistance Program. Check your company’s internal website or HR website if they have one, or check your employee benefits paperwork to see if it’s listed there. They usually try to make it pretty prominent; mine always gives me a hilariously stupid brochure. As a last resort you could ask your HR office, but I try never to interact with them if I can help it. Usually EAP comes in the form of a free helpline you can call and/or a list of counselors you can see for a set number of free visits. It’s not ideal but it’s a good place to start.

If you know your insurance covers psychiatric services or you’re able to pay out of pocket, you can check medical centers in your area. The center I use for most of my medical care, for example (the Duchiossois Center for Advanced Medicine at the University of Chicago), has an entire psychiatry department and profiles of people so I can choose someone specific, or I can call their general recommendation line and get referred to someone. Though usually if you’re requesting psychiatric services they have to ask you a few SUPER INVASIVE questions first like “are you suicidal or in crisis”.

If you are in higher education, your school probably has a medical clinic and they probably have a psychiatric arm. You can check their website, call to ask, or drop by during walk-in hours and ask for an appointment. School therapists, while funded by the school, are still bound by confidentiality laws and can’t report on you to your school (there may be exceptions for self-harm or serious talk of suicide but I’m not sure, that may vary by area). 

If you are in high school (or your region’s equivalent, age 13-18 or so), your school may have a guidance counselor. These counselors can often provide therapy services — I saw one for a few years in my early teens, and while it wasn’t pleasant, it was…functional. They’re not always ultra helpful, but they are free and confidential. They probably can’t prescribe medication if you need it but they can help you take steps to find someone who can. 

If the above aren’t options for whatever reason, there are still several ways you can access help in your area. You can google your region (city, county, state) and “helpline” or “free counseling” or “online counseling” or “mental health services” or similar, depending on what kind would be easiest for you to access. You can check community organizations in your area, like free health clinics, particularly if you’re in an underserved population (queer, of color, female). You can google for community centers in your area and see what they offer; some don’t have that kind of service, but many can make recommendations. Also check your city or county’s website and look for a “services” menu, then look for anything mental health related. That’s a bit of a roll of the dice but sometimes you come up with something great. 

Good luck, Anon. It may take a little time to find the exact thing you’re looking for, but you’re on a roll now, don’t stop yet! :)

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