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mmm yes let me just willingly put this corporate espionage google box in the center of my home because I am too lazy to pick up my phone when I want to know the recipe for apple dumplings

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Hi Elizabeth! You mentioned a "panto villain" in the last Rec Center. My googling has been inconclusive - would you mind explaining the term and/or what you meant by it?

Hello! OK I went back and looked it up and @hellotailor actually said that she acted like “civilization” was a panto villain, not that it actually was, but close enough haha: 

Pantomime—colloquially called “panto”—is a bedrock tradition of the Christmas & New Year period in Britain. The shows are children’s stories, Cinderella and Aladdin and Jack & the Beanstalk etc etc, it draws on hundreds of years of tradition, there are all these conventions (certain main characters are usually in drag, for example), and there’s a lot of audience participation. 

So this reference in particular is about the villain—they often show up behind the hero and the crowd shouts, “LOOK BEHIND YOU!” or something similar. And you’re generally supposed to hiss when the villain comes onstage. 

Or, you know, when you’re watching Black Sails and someone starts giving a little speech about what “civilization means.” START HISSING. :-)


The white star on a red field is the only hint reminding you that the old Zürich building, right next to the Google offices, closed its doors exactly twenty years ago as the Hürlimann brewery, to open again as an expensive spa center seven years later. This is the only outside sign, right, because once inside you’ll find a chic collection of vintage tin plate signs displaying more than 150 years of Swiss brewmaking. Many of these names might still be in use, but most just as Hürlimann, they are today just soulless labels on industrial brews. Hürlimann was swallowed by Carlsberg (via Feldschlösschen) and its deserted brewery, because of its rich mineral water source, was transformed into this posh destination, with inflated entry prices because Switzerland, where not even such basic fun activities like photography or sex are allowed. What else to do then, other than having a Swiss beer? The Locher brewery tries bravely lots of recipes with various degrees of success and this Alpstein Bock is not exactly their best product. More than stingy with a raisin-like thickness, caramel and well, something bitter too, it just misses the spot… without being a bad one, actually.


When the MC gave Hakyeon a painting of “Parco” shopping center as a birthday present (he said he wanted Parco or something from Parco ^^)

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1. Nicknames? Lot
2. Gender? Girl
3. Star sign? Leo
4. Height? 1,64m
5. Time? 19:40
6. Birthday? 19 august
7. Favorite bands? LANY, pvris, City and colour, Imagine Dragons, twenty one pilots, Mumford & Sons
8. Favorite solo artists? Ed sheeran, James Arthur, Halsey
9. Song stuck in my head? James TW - Ex
10. Last movie watched? Below Her mouth
11. Last show watched? Blindspot
12. When did I create my blog? september 2015
13. What do I post? things I like or just random things
14. Last thing I Googled? Wijnegem shopping center
15. Do you have other blogs? no
16. Do you get asks? No
17. Why did you choose your url? because i’m not that remarkable
18. Following? 484
19. Followers? 1013
20. Favorite colours? Green and black
21. Average hours of sleep? Between 7 and 9
22. Lucky number? 3
23. Instruments? no
24. What am I wearing? A black sweater and jogging pants  
25. How many blankets I sleep with? Two
26. Dream job? Forensic researcher i guess 
27. Dream trip? I want to see a lot of places
28. Favorite food? Pizza
29. Nationality? Belgian
30. Favorite song now?  You Me At Six - Take on the world

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1. Nicknames: Danny, Dan, Kitten, Bun
2. Gender: male
3. Star Sign: Leo
4. Height: 5′8″
5. Current Time: 1:17pm
6. Birthday: August 3rd
7. Favorite Bands: Twenty One Pilots, I just blanked out on every band ever 
8. Favorite Solo Artists: Thomas Rhett currently
9. Song Stuck in my Head: There’s Nothing Holdin Me Back- Shawn Mendes
10. Last Movie Watched: Forest Gump
11. Last Show Watched: The Office
12. When Did I Create My Blog: August 2012
13. What Do I Post: Video games, tv shows, books, 
14. Last Thing I Googled: segerstrom art center
15. Do You Have Other Blogs: aesthetic blog, writing blog,
17. Why Did You Choose Your URL: I love Takashi Shirogane so much and his black lion is the best
18. Following: 461
19. Followers: 298
20. Favorite Colors: gray t b h 
21. Average Hours of Sleep: used to be like 8 but recently im lucky if i hit 5 
22. Lucky Number: 11
23. Instruments: I have no clue t b h 
24. What Am I Wearing: green leggings and a captain america tshirt
25. How Many Blankets I Sleep With: just my comforter
26. Dream Job: something involving law
27. Dream Trip: anything that involves getting to see a bucnh of my friends 
28. Favorite Food: Chicken bake from costco
29. Nationality: American/Hungarian
30. Favorite Song Now: Craving You - Thomas Rhett

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Tumblr Dad, do you have any advice on where to start when seeking mental help? My depression and anxiety are actively impeding me from job hunting and now sleeping properly. But the last time I saw a therapist it was for my parents' divorce as a kid and my mom screamed at me after for making her look bad, so I don't exactly know what I'm doing.

I see you had a similar experience as a child in therapy to mine, Anon. It’s not pleasant, being caught between “you can tell me anything” and “what did you tell the therapist”. I’m sorry you’re struggling now, but I’m glad you’re asking about getting help! 

So, I could probably google around and give you a list of national sites, but I’m not sure if you’re in the US, and anyway I want to educate people about how to educate themselves, so here goes. 

If you can afford a visit to your usual doctor (if you have a usual doctor — the person you’d go to for sniffles or mysterious rashes), visit them and ask them for help. They may be able to recommend someone, particularly someone your insurance will cover. Once in a while you will get a shitty doctor who may tell you that you should take long walks or eat more vitamins or something, so if they say that, either push for them to give you a recommendation (though vitamin deficiency testing never hurt) or take one of the other steps listed below. 

If you are working a job that offers benefits, your employer may offer counseling services as part of your benefits package; it’s usually called something like Employee Assistance Program. Check your company’s internal website or HR website if they have one, or check your employee benefits paperwork to see if it’s listed there. They usually try to make it pretty prominent; mine always gives me a hilariously stupid brochure. As a last resort you could ask your HR office, but I try never to interact with them if I can help it. Usually EAP comes in the form of a free helpline you can call and/or a list of counselors you can see for a set number of free visits. It’s not ideal but it’s a good place to start.

If you know your insurance covers psychiatric services or you’re able to pay out of pocket, you can check medical centers in your area. The center I use for most of my medical care, for example (the Duchiossois Center for Advanced Medicine at the University of Chicago), has an entire psychiatry department and profiles of people so I can choose someone specific, or I can call their general recommendation line and get referred to someone. Though usually if you’re requesting psychiatric services they have to ask you a few SUPER INVASIVE questions first like “are you suicidal or in crisis”.

If you are in higher education, your school probably has a medical clinic and they probably have a psychiatric arm. You can check their website, call to ask, or drop by during walk-in hours and ask for an appointment. School therapists, while funded by the school, are still bound by confidentiality laws and can’t report on you to your school (there may be exceptions for self-harm or serious talk of suicide but I’m not sure, that may vary by area). 

If you are in high school (or your region’s equivalent, age 13-18 or so), your school may have a guidance counselor. These counselors can often provide therapy services — I saw one for a few years in my early teens, and while it wasn’t pleasant, it was…functional. They’re not always ultra helpful, but they are free and confidential. They probably can’t prescribe medication if you need it but they can help you take steps to find someone who can. 

If the above aren’t options for whatever reason, there are still several ways you can access help in your area. You can google your region (city, county, state) and “helpline” or “free counseling” or “online counseling” or “mental health services” or similar, depending on what kind would be easiest for you to access. You can check community organizations in your area, like free health clinics, particularly if you’re in an underserved population (queer, of color, female). You can google for community centers in your area and see what they offer; some don’t have that kind of service, but many can make recommendations. Also check your city or county’s website and look for a “services” menu, then look for anything mental health related. That’s a bit of a roll of the dice but sometimes you come up with something great. 

Good luck, Anon. It may take a little time to find the exact thing you’re looking for, but you’re on a roll now, don’t stop yet! :)

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