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Hey guys, I just wanted to ask, to anyone who has PCOS, what is your treatment right now and does it work for you? And do you have any suggestions on what to do?

I was put back on bcps this Sunday but I feel like shit and my bad thoughts are coming more often and I have headaches and fatigue, generally low functioning and acne and hair fallout got worse. I stopped birth control for 6months prior to this ( was on it continuously since I was 14 so like 8 years) and each one I’ve tried then end up sucking after a couple of years. Fatigue is the one thing that I always get with them and weight gain. I didn’t wanna go back to bcp because they make my depression and anxiety worse.

So I don’t know what to do? I was thinking of IUDs and anti-androgens but my doctor keeps suggesting bcps. I am going to a new doctor in a couple of weeks to see what I can do instead. I am just afraid of losing my progress from the past 6 months (weight loss and general well being in regards to my depression) but I honestly need to have a period because I have not had one in 6 months (I had three instances of spotting and very light flow but my hormone labs show that I’m still building lining) and have been building a lot of lining since then.

Any suggestions would be really helpful!! I feel like I’m just diving into this empty handed bc my doctor didn’t really explain anything to where I can feel like I understand.

ronald-gaygan  asked:

How do you make nouns in Portuguese that end in ão plural? Sometimes it becomes ãos, ões, or ães. So how do you know?

I don’t think this was something I was ever explicitly taught or even had a question about, I think I naturally acquired it o-o 

The only time I’ve heard it explained interestingly was in relation to Spanish.
Spanish on the left, Portuguese on the right. 

Pan / Pão –> Panes / Pães 
Corazón / Coração –> Corazones / Corações 
Mano / Mão –> Manos / Mãos 
Madre / Mãe –> Madres / Mães 

I’m not sure if you know Spanish or not, but I really have no explanation for this. I would Google to give you a better answer but I have a midterm and a test coming up within the next two days..

If any Brazilians want to weigh in, go for it.