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I recently went to a Google Resume Workshop that was primarily aimed towards software engineering students, but I think a lot of these tips could be useful for any resume! I decided I’d make this little post to share some of what I learned and hopefully help some of you get that job you’ve been wanting!

- ̗̀ Header  ̖́-

  • Full name at the top, generally bolded or slightly larger
  • Beneath your name you want to put all of your contact info
    • Address
    • Phone Number
    • Email Address
    • LinkedIn link
    • Github link
    • Any other relevant link or contact info

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A quick tip when searching for stuff on the internet

When searching for certain things on the internet (like hacking methods or stuff you’d usually find only on that iso site), you can try using DuckDuckGo instead of Google.

Google not only often tracks your browsing and info but it also hides results a lot of times. DuckDuckGo does neither of these things but fair warning that you should still always try to click only on websites that have https encryption on em (just make sure it has https:// in the url) just to be sorta safe and not get malware.

I was gonna make this gem:

into a thing about information literacy and pro Google search tips (“if you’re going to use Google for your papers, I’d rather you Google safely”) until it occurred to me that current college students probably wouldn’t get a  Mean Girls reference.

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Google Docs Dictionary!

I finally did it! I compiled (most) of the words I have in one of my notebooks that I’ve been using for my Korean classes into a big ol’ organized word doc for my use as well as for public use!

So, I have an introduction in the beginning of the doc, but I’ll summarize it here. I made this myself, so there will be mistakes. I have enabled comments in order for you guys to give me feedback on any problems so we can all keep ourselves educated properly on this wonderful dictionary. I have spent SO much time on this and will continue to update frequently, so all I am asking is for a little respect. I don’t care who uses it or who you give the link to, by all means go ahead. I just ask that you keep the comments clean and nice and that if you decide to repost the link or any screenshots, just give the proper credits where they’re due. Please understand that I took a lot of my own time to make this and I didn’t have to share it but I am because I want everyone to have access to all the free online resources they can when learning.

You can find the link right here, it’s open to anyone, you don’t have to have a special link of anything: Korean Dictionary.

I hope that you all find this resource useful in your learning and make sure to check back every so often for updates. I will try my hardest to keep adding daily or at least weekly. The semester is over, so I’m going to have a lot of free time at my campus job.

Thank you everyone for following my blog so far! There’s a bit over 5,600 of you learning with me and thank you so much!

- 케이시

Hey students! If you go on and click “More” on the “Start a new document” menu, there’s a template for MLA format! Everything is formatted and ready for use, all you need to do is replace their words and information with your own. The spacing, heading, page number, font, margins, etc is all MLA.

fan-child  asked:

Title: Kiss Her, Dumbass

“Why are you acting like you’ve never kissed a girl before?” Scott asked his best friend, who was googling kissing tips online. “You have kissed a girl before right?”

Stiles shot Scott a look, before returning back to his research. “It says they like it when you touch their face. How am I supposed to kiss her AND touch her face?”

“It does not say-” Scott rushed to Stiles side, reading over his shoulder. “Like their whole face?”

“Dude, have I been doing it wrong?” Stiles asked genuinely.

But Scott couldn’t answer because he was also wondering the same thing. Stiles closed the lap top and sat back in his chair, running his finger through his hair. How was he going to do this? He’d been having wet dreams about this girl since before he’d like to remember. Now here he was, a few mere hours from taking her out on a date and he couldn’t find his footing. He couldn’t understand why he was so nervous, he’d dating fucking Lydia Martin for god sakes. But Lydia he knew, he knew how she operated. This girl was new, he didn’t know what she like or didn’t and that was the most nerve racking part.

So after several outfit changes, one too many pep talks from Scott, and masterbrating twice (when Scott left of course) it was finally time for his date. She was meeting him. At his place then they’d head to their destination. When the doorbell rang, Stiles panicked rushing around his room looking for something but kept forgetting what.

“Stiles! You’re date’s here!” The Sheriff called from downstairs.

“Coming, I’m just-uh brushing my teeth!” The flannel cad boy called back.

Quickly, he fumbled into his pocket, retrieving his phone. He clumsy dialled Scott’s number, and waited impatiently for him to answer.

“Come Scott- Scott!” Stiles exhaled his relief.

“What’s up?”

“Dude, she’s here!”

“Like in the room or at your door? Because if you’re leaving her waiting outside, the date is already going to-”

“Okay, can’t we stop with the jokes for a second? I’m freaking out here!”

Scott could hear the worry in his best friend’s words and prepared himself for another speech.

“What do I do Scott? What if she wants ice cream?”

“Then get icecream.” Scott answered simply.

“Okay, but what if she doesn’t like the restaurant.”

“I don’t know be you’re usual witty self and tell her next time you’ll take her somewhere she’ll like better or something.”

Stiles was growing irritated with his best friend. How could it all be so simple? This wasn’t just any girl, it was THE girl. He couldn’t screw this one up.

“What if she wants to kiss me?” Stiles said aloud, but he wasn’t sure he’d meant too.

But this was a revolution for Scott. This is what Stiles was really worried about. It’s been far too long since him and Lydia broke up that he had been out in a real date. Sure, he’d had hookups here and there but this was the first girl Scott had seen Stiles become all bent out of shape for in a long time.

“Then kiss her, dumbass.”

Making a vocabulary list can be quite boring. Luckily, Google Docs includes a feature that can help you to quickly translate your words and simple sentences using the Google Translate service. You can then easily import the list into Quizlet and begin learning! It’s super easy and saves lots of time. 

(However, please remember that Google Translate is not always reliable. Try to verify the translations as best as you can. Do not translate complicated sentences because it usually results in an incomprehensible mumbo-jumbo.)

Ready? Let’s go. 

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Moving away from my bullet journal

Around the time I started this blog, in January 2015, I also started using a bullet journal. I had caught the studyblr fever and I was ready to go all in. It worked well for me for around a year, but when I got a new phone and new computer, I realized it wasn’t functional anymore. I’m going to address my transition to other organization methods here! 

What I Liked About My Bullet Journal

  • Having due dates and events separate from everyday tasks. 
  • Being able to write down random things, like a book I wanted to read or a question to ask a teacher. 
  • The physical action of writing in my bullet journal. And sort of just the idea of having one and posting photos of it? 

Honestly, the majority of the reasons I wanted to keep my journal going was for aesthetic and studyblr look of having one. 

Problems With My Bullet Journal

  • It was a hassle to get it out of my bag every time something popped in to my head or was announced in class, especially when I was already on my laptop.
  • I would only use one type of pen, which just added a new layer of difficulty. 
  • Moving events around was hard and messy. 
  • I didn’t want to carry it around in my purse, so when I was out with friends or volunteering or basically anything except school, I never had it. 
  • I had been using it for over a year and it was almost empty. Which isn’t a bad thing necessarily, but I felt like I wasn’t using it that much. 

When you have homework and tasks every single day, its great. But I can remember small things like “put away laundry” without writing it down and in most of my classes, there isn’t a ton of homework besides working on projects and essays – again, something I don’t need to write down. I found that I was using one page a month and spending 30 minutes just writing out headings for something I wasn’t even using. 

What I Did to Transition Away

First of all, I looked at what I needed: a place for due dates and events, a place for to-do school tasks, and a place for my quick to-dos and shopping list.

Due Dates and Events 

I started by using Google Calendar, which I’m not going to describe because there are separate posts about that and they would explain it better anyways. In my Google Calendar, I put all of my due dates and events. And even better, in syncs to my iPhone so I get reminders!! And I can put things in my Google Calendar from the regular calendar app which is amazing. That way I am never out of the loop. Here’s a pic of my calendar: 

I love that you can add colours to different events. I also set some events as all day even if they aren’t, because it makes them pop. Another added bonus is that you can get a Google Chrome extension which is like a quick view of your upcoming events, so you don’t have to open the full app. Exactly what I loved about my bullet journal but so much more convenient. 

School To-Dos

For this, I wanted to keep it all on my laptop because that is where I do most of my school work. So, I chose to use the built in to-do app that is found in the Momentum extension for Google Chrome. It is really simple and looks beautiful, and since it opens whenever there is a new tab, it is a constant reminder to get started on homework. 

Also, if you don’t use momentum, there is a really good Chrome extension called todoist that I love! 

Personal To-Dos and Shopping List

For this, I just decided to use the built in iPhone reminders app. You can create multiple lists within that one app, it doesn’t use up extra storage, and it is honestly amazing. The app is easy to use and really aesthetically pleasing. You can choose fun colours for this too! Using my iPhone for this is miles better than using a bullet journal! 

I don’t want to push people away from using bullet journals if that is what works for them. But I think that sometimes there is too much emphasis put oh having a bullet journal in this community. I just wanted everyone to know that there is a way to have all the benefits of a bullet journal with less of the hassles. 

5 tips to getting shit done:

Or alternatively a series of observations made by me that may or may not help you get shit done. 

Ok so over junior year, I have been on a quest to find how people are more productive, get better grades, study better, etc. It’s my little quest and at the end of the quest is a scholarship and maybe further down is a nice dream job (which is unlikely I know). But without further ado, here are my observations so far:

1. Commit to getting shit done. If you sit down to do your math homework, do your math homework. Don’t try to multi task and watch Netflix and do science homework at the same time, even if you can focus the work may not be as helpful to you (or get done properly) and it may take you twice as long to do it. 

2. Make use of all your time. If you have down time in school, even though you may not want to, it may be useful to at least start your work for another class. Rather than pushing everything off till when you get home or the weekend, commit to it now. 

3. Be engaged and active in your classes or while doing your homework. If you learn as you go then you save the study time later. 

4. Budget your time appropriately. That 5 point psychology worksheet doesn’t need to be worked on for hours. Th time you spend on something should reflect how much output and value it gives in the long run. If you spend hours on small assignments, you won’t have time for the important ones. 

5. Study buddies, google docs, and study buddies. People are your friends, especially study buddies. They can help you catch up on work, clear up misconceptions, and you can collaborate on google docs to make some kick ass study guides. 

  • Another helpful tip is to talk with your friends about the material. It may help you cement ideas into your head. 

Today I had a fit of the giggles at work, which is so awful in an open office because I feel like everyone’s looking at me. So I googled tips on how to cut it out, and found something that sent me into an even worse fit of the giggles. Thanks, Google.