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so uh … there’s a lot going on in this picture

  • first off, this totally looks like a motivational poster
  • secondly, why does roboticus have a mustache??
  • and ummm sportacus,, i don’t think it’s humanly possible to turn your head at that angle 
  • milford??? are you okay??
  • that is definitely not stephanie’s real hand
  • ??? what’s? even happening here??

im?? just?? so confused???

The Stages of OTP(for me, at least)

Stage 1: Discover that it exists(”I’ll just google my fandom”).

Stage 2: Denial(”That’s never going to happen, and it’s quite stupid to even think about the Ship”).

Stage 3: Coming out to yourself(”Okay, maybe I ship it a little”)

Stage 4:Research(”Oh, this fan-art is amazing!”)

Stage 5: OTP(*shrieking, sobbing, and hysterical laughter all at once*)
A 35-year-old Google employee with Stage 4 cancer has a sobering message about not taking life for granted
'Stop just assuming you have a full lifetime to do whatever it is you dream of doing.'
By Rob Price, Business Insider UK

Time is the most valuable asset that you can never get back. Make sure what you do in life is because you want to do it. Not because of a paycheck or cause someone asked you to.

Define what you want 5 years from now and find the fastest path to it.. Don’t go in circles. Go in a straight line even if it’s in the wrong direction, cause it’s better then doing something chosen or expected by society or someone else.

Markiplier Ego Imagines (pt. 3)...

Imagine the Egos when they’re sick. They don’t get sick often because they’re not entirely human, but every now and then, especially when Mark himself gets sick, one or more of the Egos will catch it, too.

Imagine Dark with a cold, even paler than his usual gray complexion. He’s got a fever and a stuffy nose, and he is ready to murder whatever gets in his way. He still attends the meeting because there’s no way he’s going to let Wilford have the floor all on his own again. That’s how Markiplier TV happened, after all. Imagine that every time he sneezes, his shell breaks and his gray aura floods the entire room with palpable anger and hatred. As a result, the meeting erupts into like six different fist fights, and Warfstache is on the table firing his gun at the other Egos’ feet.

Imagine Bim Trimmer, the soft boi, all wrapped up in bed, sniffling and coughing. He’s surrounded by wadded up tissues, and his favorite plants (which is all of ‘em). Google pokes his head in when Bim misses a meeting to find him sleeping fitfully. Since the droid can’t actually get sick, he sneaks in and sets up a few things before sneaking out quietly once again. Bim wakes up to find one of Google’s TV’s playing a Harry Potter movie marathon along with his favorite meal, chicken and dumplings, and the soft boi never forgets.

Imagine Dr. Iplier living in denial and still running around the clinic treating patients because he’s a doctor, and doctors don’t get sick. The Host and Google stage an intervention, and force him to lay down. There’s a lot of shouting involved between Google and the Doctor, and the Host has to leave the room, covering his ears because they’re too sensitive. Dr. Iplier immediately feels horrible and agrees to spend the rest of the day in bed.

Imagine the King of the Squirrels sneezing all over the place. Wilford reaches over, snatches Dark’s handkerchief from its pocket, and offers it to the King. It comes back covered in mucus and peanut butter, and Dark’s shell cracks. But he won’t kill Wilford. Not yet anyway…

Imagine Anti getting into Google’s systems and spreading viruses. The droid goes absolutely bonkers, smashing plates and shredding laundry—Dark quickly hides all of his freshly-pressed suits—and throwing the entire building into a panic. Everyone is certain he’s going to massacre them all, but Warfstache jumps on his back and hits the restart switch, kicking Anti out of Google’s software. The droid powers back up with no idea what’s happened.

Imagine the Host showing up to a meeting with tissues falling out of his pockets all over the place like Hansel and Gretel leaving a trail through the forest. His fevered brain makes him narrate things like, “And then the entire building was full of BUBBLES, and rabid squirrels rained down from on high!” Needless to say, somebody—I’m not naming names but it was totally Dr. Iplier—slipped some sleeping pills into the Host’s tea, effectively knocking him for the rest of the day. It took them a week to clean up all the bubbles and convince the King that no, he can’t keep the squirrels. They have rabies!

Imagine Wilford Flipping Warfstache looking about as drunk as a skunk off all the cold medicine he’s chugged staggering around trying to tickle people with his knife. Dark considers putting him in a straight-jacket, but even Google refuses to get anywhere near him in this state. Instead they lure him into the studio’s recording booth with a trail of bubblegum and lock him inside until the colored strobe lights disappear and he stops turning all the furniture into cotton candy.

Needless to say, Dark informs Dr. Iplier that the Egos will all be getting their flu shots next year. No exceptions.

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i just want to add regarding to the stage drama, that yuuri and victor are doing the boston crab (please google it omg) while having the chihoko discussion. and also yuuri while sobbing stripped victor of his panties to wear it like a crown to himself , and saying "in swearing my allegiance these black panties are my crown!" because he want to do a "hara odori eros" with him LMAO


thank you for sharing this information anon you have done the world a blessing

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I really want to get into astrology and know about it as much as you do(you really inspire me) but I don't know where to start. and after the basics, where do I learn the more complex stuff? thanks

Aaaaaahh your kindness inspires me!!! And I’m so glad you’re so interested in astrology!

I am going to assume that by “the basics” you mean the definitions of the planets, signs, and houses, and probably also what a planet in a house means and a planet in a sign and so on. So I’ll assume that by “more complex stuff” you mean aspects and/or major aspect patterns, interceptions, duplications, asteroid stuff, progressions, transits, draconic charts, etc etc.

OK, so. I’ll be honest.
I learned mostly from Google.
In the early stages of my learning, I was looking to bloggers to answer my questions, but I couldn’t find anyone who knew a lot of the complex stuff and would give me the in-depth answers I wanted, to I just googled the cheese out of it. I’m talking clicking every article for 10+ pages on one topic.
Now, I admit one can learn an awful lot that way, but it is not exactly efficient, and I certainly want to give you more direction than I got.

So, here is a brief set of references that can help you learn astrology more efficiently than I did.

1. Astrology books. The internet has a lot of stuff on it, but I have never found more information than when I have paid for it. There are a lot of astrology books on amazon, but I honestly found the most books in a sort of hippie-shop in a city near me called the Dancing Moon. If you have a hippie-shop near you, definitely check it out. Also, used book stores sometimes have interesting collections of astro books.
A few books that I have and enjoy:

  • Astrology of the Moon by Amy Herring–talks about moon signs and houses as well as progressed moon signs and houses, really helped me out concerning progressions
  • Astrology, Karma, and Transformation by Stephen Arroyo–really in-depth look at the outer planets, karma and reincarnation in the birth chart
  • The Book of Pluto by Steven Forrest–REALLY in-depth look at Pluto

I don’t have many astrology books because books are expensive and astrology books are not easy for me to find, but I adore the books I do have, and they make it a lot easier for me to learn (as I get distracted easily on the computer)

2. Websites made for learning astrology. To be honest, I don’t use these much, so I don’t really know if they go as in-depth as I assume, but you may find them helpful.

3. Websites and articles. There are particular websites I return to frequently, because I find them so helpful. I bookmark a LOT of things, and I keep those bookmarks organized for easy reference.
Here are a few sites that help me:

  • –this is GREAT for studying aspects because it uses short phrases to explain how a planets energy works with another planets energy. There is also a series of posts on Nodes and rulers of houses in houses which is really great. Hover over the “Explore” button to navigate to these.
  • –this blog no longer updates, but it has a lot of really interesting posts discussing things well beyond planet in house/sign.
  • –Scroll down to “Articles” and “Blog” and you will see a list of complex and often spiritual astro topics, many of which regard transits.
  • like this one less, but it does have some interesting articles. More transit stuff, among other things.
  • –These articles are short, but so specific and interesting, I love them.
  • –another that talks a lot about transits (there are a lot of sites about these) but if you dig into her blog you can find some other stuff, too, specifically about how to calculate your dominant planet (without using and a discussion of stelliums and alpha planets.
  • –so this is a little more basic but it is great because it offers advice. Like, legitimate advice that I have found very helpful, not just “You’re an Aries (sun), so try to keep your cool” but very spiritual and meaningful advice. the links on the side labelled 2nd house, 12th house, moon signs, and sun through the houses are most relevant.
  • –more interesting articles on astrology, some of which regard current events and transits. I originally found this because I was looking for more info on yods, and it gave a different perspective than most other sites (most sites say “yods are great, they speak of untold power!” and one blogger on this site write something along the lines of “yeah, yods can be great, but they are so awkward to work with because in order to make those aspects the planets have to be in signs that don’t work well together”
  • –this has a bit of numerology riddled in, but a decent amount of neat astro articles
  • –a few articles from a tumblr blogger I follow. I really enjoyed the draconic astrology one and the “Discovering the themes in your chart” one.
  • –ok so I linked you to a very specific and possibly “basic” article about Pluto here, but I love it so much I had to include it.  I honestly have no idea how to navigate the main site, Scribd, and sometimes when I click on stuff it says I have to be a member to view the whole document and sometimes it doesn’t, but this article and many of the “suggested” articles to the side and at the bottom are unrestricted and quite fun to read.
  • – this is a midpoint calculator. Midpoints are something I am only just getting into, so I can’t say much, but it tells you all your midpoints and has short descriptions of them. A good place to begin, I guess.
  • –has descriptions of all the transit and natal aspects. Handy reference.
  • for spotting major aspect patterns in a chart, as the computer does it for you. However, makes more accurate charts, and astro-charts isn’t perfect when it comes to spotting aspect patterns–for example, I have a stellium, five planets in a house, and it didn’t catch it. So this is helpful, but make sure to do some work yourself as well to be certain.

4. Bloggers and forums. There are lots of places where you can talk to other people about astrology. I have never used any forums myself, but I do read some forum posts for reference. I do talk to plenty of tumblr bloggers, though.

Here are a few blogs that usually go beyond planets in signs/houses–unfortunately I haven’t found many.

5. Google will always be your friend. As will I! Asking either of us questions is always a pretty decent way to find stuff out.

Aaaannd that wasn’t as brief as I thought it would be. Oh well. Probably a good thing.

I hope this helps!

Has anyone used ice on stage?

We have an ice bucket for a drinks table on stage and one of my actresses is having problem after problem with it.

First we had plastic fake ice but one shattered during rehearsal so they asked for real ice, fine, no problem.

So I make ice every day but she can’t grab it with the tongs. They are plastic, maybe thats part of the problem?

Last night she said she was having trouble because the ice was sticking together so my director said put some water in it so they’re floating. I was skeptical but I did it. She still seems to be having trouble and I really dont know what else to do? We open in 3 days.

She’s trying really hard to get it right but shes struggling with a lot of things. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Imagines- At Freddy Fazbears

I was just thinking about FNAF and started imagining how the egos would react not to playing the game, but to actually being in that universe where the pizzeria exists, both before and during the kidnappings/murders.

Also, iconic Dan and Phil moment here. Danisnotonchairs…

Bim, Silver, King, Bing and Bop are like kids in a candy store. They love the colourful displays, shiny balloons and mesmerising animatronics on the stage. Bop loves Freddy because he’s the singer int he group just like him, Bim loves Bonnie for his purple colour and King loves Chica because she’s the only girl. Silver prefers Foxy because he’s hidden away behind a curtain all day, just like Silver hides himself behind his mask. Bing is just fascinated by the mechanics behind the animatronics and often tries to pull panels off to examine the wiring.

Ed, as always, has to act as the father of the group. He frequently has to stop the ‘kids’ from touching the animatronics or falling off the stage and hurting themselves, especially King since he gets distracted very easily. He’s also responsible for trying to gather the group together, be it a few of them or all 17, to finally sit down and eat something. Ed only comes for the chicken and bacon ranch pizza, which he adores.

The googles used to work as security guards at night. They could access the cameras from their internal systems, meaning they didn’t have to hang around in a small, dusty office all night. Google watched the stage, party room and storage room; Plus kept track on the kitchen and pirates cove; Chrome observed the hallways leading to the office and Oliver was responsible for the two cameras either side of the office and the office itself. Although the animatronics came to life at night, the googles never had any issues since they themselves were androids. Oliver had even made friends with Chica when the other brothers decided they would all quit the job and become permanent IT technicians at Ego Inc.

Dr Iplier refuses to step foot inside the building. He can sense something bad about that place, and the only time hes ever been inside was when he had an awful vision of a child being murdered and stuffed inside an empty suit in the back. Two days later, police surrounded the pizzeria looking for a missing child, of whom matched the appearance of the child Iplier saw in his vision. He doesn’t trust the place and desperately tries to convince everyone else to stop going, but they all just think he’s overreacting.

The Jims worked on the story of the child’s disappearance. They loved visiting Freddy Fazbears every Wednesday evening after work for pizza and the chance to just talk to each other without another ego interrupting, but after Jim1 was assigned to the story, he had a flashback to the murder and saw everything through the terrified child’s eyes. Neither Jim has been back since and are the only egos to believe Dr Iplier’s mumbles about some ‘purple guy’ killing five more children.

The pizzeria closed down after five more disappearances and the murder of a night guard, which made Yandere and Will fascinated with the legends surrounding the building. They love sneaking into to building at night, armed with various guns, knives and swords, ready to take on any ‘killer animatronics’. Neither speak of their experiences, but Dr Iplier was concerned to say the least when Will returned home with a bite taken out of his torso. Thankfully, egos are stronger than humans and all it took was some reality bending from Bim to restore the missing chunk of Will.

Dark couldn’t care less about some children’s restaurant, both before the incidents and after its closure. He has never seen the point in leaving the building just for food since most egos can just materialise food at will and doesn’t see the appeal in performing robots. He has the search engines for that, so why should he leave the comfort of his office and endure socialisation with regular humans? Deep down, Dark hides the fact he’s followed Will and Yan on a few occasions and hidden in the shadows to observe their encounters with the famous animatronics. He does enjoy a bit of violence, but his protective nature kicks in when either ego is harmed. Neither Will nor Yan know that Dark has ever been with them, although Will has sensed his aura a few times when he or Yan have been bitten.

Meanwhile, The Host has been narrating and recording everything that’s happened. A purple guy killing children. Animatronics that come to life at night and attack you. Closing the pizzeria after another string of disappearances. The stench of death in every hallway like it was following you and haunting you. A night guard working in the building for five nights before he realised his mistake. The Host decided he would name this story ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s

The 5 stages of becoming Dacre Montgomery trash

Stage 1: The “double-take”.


Stage 3: Googling the shit out of him.

Originally posted by badassreactions

Stage 4: Spending hours looking at pictures of him (especially, those shirtless ones).

Stage 5: Officially clinging on to your new fave aussie and never wanting to let go.

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Your Kanera space salsa dance doodle has been in my head since I saw it and now I have an idea for a scene: Kanan and Hera are dancing to music in the common room, like in the earlier mentioned doodle, and Ezra, Zeb, and Sabine are silently watching them surprised, and Chopper records it and shows it to people on the Rebel base and people like Rex or Kallus are shocked. Somehow the video goes viral and Thrawn sees it, but Kanan and Hera have no idea that this video exists.

OK a couple things:

1. im gonna draw this


2. nobody knows this, but during the time hera and kanan spent together between the end of a new dawn and the start of rebels, they toured the galaxy as competitive salsa dancers using stage names, basically kicking ass and taking names in the space ballroom dance scene. but bc they were so FLAMING HOT as space latin ballroom dancers, no one recognizes them off the dance floor.

but as the viral video of captain hera and the scary jedi guy goes around the base… someone recognizes them.

“NO WAY. YOU’RE ROGUE TOURO AND EMERALD LA ROSA? YOU GUYS WON THE GALACTIC SPACE SALSA CHAMPIONSHIPS FIVE YEARS RUNNING,“ someone gasps, and scrambles to space-google their stage names. everyone promptly demands autographs. hera is mortified; but kanan eats that shit up. he’s just like *sauvely runs hand through his hair* “yeah, that was us. we danced a damn hot samba, right miss la rosa?” while hera is blushing like mad and desperately trying to pretend none of it ever happened

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this is for the 10 facts meme

  • jenny has bitten at least one teacher as a child.
  • her first tattoo was a self-done stick-and-poke, in about [googles] key stage 3, on the back of her hand, of the rudest thing she could think of - a middle finger combined with a dick. her parents were h o r r i f i e d
  • when she was about 10 she went through a big cat phase. her favorite was tigers.
  • she knows how to put on makeup, thanks to her mother. she just never does.
  • her favorite type of tea is black, with lemon.
  • she probably has a police file for mild hooliganism and graffiti.
  • thanks to her awakening, she’s skittish of disease, heat and light spirits.
  • her paternal grandfather was a french fighter pilot in wwii who stayed after the war.
  • her favorite academic subject in school was geography.
  • as a wolf-blooded, i figure she had the waystone merit. part of the reason she was a weird kid is the spiritual aura she had.

Marius Yo -  Danke Schön

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Story Anon: In reality she's about 19 years old and she regresses to 7 years old.

Then I would advise googling behaviors and developmental stages of a 7 year old girl, what 7 year olds in genera can understand and what level of cognitive thinking they can reach/process, what they are typically interested in, etc., and do as much research as you possibly can on 7 year old girls in order to make your character the most believable. Because when a mind is regressed to a certain age, and I mean fully regressed to that age. That is the age and stage of development that person’s brain functions at.