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We've talked it out....

•*•*• 17th February 2017 •*•*•


We texted back and forth about it. I told him I’ll give him space, if he needs it, but that I need more talking.

We did video chat and finish watching Moana (good film!) together, which was just under an hour, then I teared up when we said goodnight.

In person, our main issue is our different levels of needing intimacy (which we’re committed to achieving a middle ground for), but overall, the distance is what almost breaks us.


“Okay a funny story real quick is we were supposed to just give bands, k, just this first guy and then she gives me the big ring , she surprises me with her bother in law and she gives it to me as we are saying like our vows and like she goes "i thought you were going to curse” and i don’t cuss very often and i just go “YOU BASTARD” because that was the only thing i could think of with her surprising me with this uh nice little rock.. “”