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Do you believe in Equality?

First consider this:

Then there is this:

Youtube removed it. 

original link:

If enough people send feedback to youtube (pictured) it may help them reconsider their policy, which not only propagates a shameful attitude, and double standard, regarding the female body but silences those trying to change it.

Lets also remember a lot of these social media sites unnecessarily take their cues from the FCC, which still fines broadcasters for even a slip of the evil female nipple. Those of you living in the US can file complaints against unnecessary censorship here:

There also has to be push back against groups like the Parents Television Council, who file complaints and campaign for censorship after anything they don’t like on TV.  They were the ones who spearheaded the wave of complains against Janet Jackson’s SuperBowl incident. 

That was over 10 years ago, attitudes are starting to change. For this to work we have to band together and push for the same kind of influence, which will help push North America in to a more equal, less puritanical, society. One that is no longer shaming women for exerting the same body freedom as their male counterparts. Whether it’s just having fun in the sun or breast-feeding their children without incident. Hopefully we can grow to the same level of maturity many of our European friends have achieved. 

Lets make change!

Take A Virtual Tour Of The ISS, Google Street View Style

Only a rare few have ever had the privilege to visit the International Space Station, but now the European Space Agency is allowing people on Earth to explore the space station like never before. The agency has created a virtual tour, allowing users to navigate around the orbiting outpost as if it were Google’s Street View.

Take the tour: