DeepStereo: Learning to Predict New Views from the World’s Imagery

Computer vision research from Google uses deep network learning to convert series of images into smooth movement - think of it as possibly turning a collection of Street View images together to make a video (but not a hyperlapse):

Deep networks have recently enjoyed enormous success when applied to recognition and classification problems in computer vision, but their use in graphics problems has been limited. In this work, we present a novel deep architecture that performs new view synthesis directly from pixels, trained from a large number of posed image sets. In contrast to traditional approaches which consist of multiple complex stages of processing, each of which require careful tuning and can fail in unexpected ways, our system is trained end-to-end. The pixels from neighboring views of a scene are presented to the network which then directly produces the pixels of the unseen view … To our knowledge, our work is the first to apply deep learning to the problem of new view synthesis from sets of real-world, natural imagery.

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