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kikikirikiki  asked:

I'm curious, what are your major art influence?


There is literally so many. Mostly its based off of storytelling and linework before I get bananas over color.

So entertainment wise it would be people like

Cory Loftis

Shiyoon Kim (I use his brushes for most of my drawings lately)

Jin Kim

Milt Kahl (THE. MAN. one of the 9 old Men but my favorite)

(He gets more than one images because he’s Milt fekkin’ Kahl)

Helen Chen(And her partner in crime Ryan Lang)

Paul Felix (The other THE MAN)

and Claire Hummel

(Almost all of these guys have a tumblr and/or a twitter)

Al Hirshfeld

 Aubrey Beardsley (This picture amazingly does not have a giant dick or fart joke in it)

Charles Dana Gibson

Leyendecker (Obvs?)

Rene Gruau

Robert McGinnis

Doug Snyed(who is a playboy artist and its totally sexist but pretty damned funny)


….uhhhh Tom of Finland *wink wonk*

Pulp artists,  architecture from the 60s, Googie, old Vegas art signs, Japanese woodblock prints, various manga and comic book artists.

I was lucky I grew up in an era where the was a LOT of weird fucking cartoons on tv as well as the birth of cartoon network so all the original Cartoon Cartoons, Nicktoons, fucking Liquid Television on MTV, AEON FLUX!?. Post 80s and early 90s stuff on tv. Fresh Prince. Back to the Future, the Last Unicorn. That weird old Hobbit cartoon!? The History of Santa Claus movie?

This bitch!?!

IDK that’s probably enough but there’s probably a ton left I could talk about. I think its also important to not just be influenced by one or two things.

Like you can definitely find an artist contemporary or not and be like “THIS! THIS IS WHAT I WANNA DO” but they’re already doing it or have done it? Influences can come from anywhere. Like, I love Rupaul’s Drag Race and that has definitely influenced parts of my drawings. I know you mentioned major influences but its really hard to narrow down especially due to what time of my life it is or what day of the week it is or how I’m feeling or what type of work I wanna do. Its important that if you wanna do art professionally to know a little bit about everything.

Having a wide visual library is important. That means not just watching the most recent super hero movie but going back to the classics. Good movies AND bad movies. Read as much as you can. Knowing stories and how people tell stories. How do people live? What kind of architecture or artisan stuff do they need. Things like that are all really influential to me personally.


Here’s a fun little project I’ve been working on the last few days. On top is a rare photo of the original entrance and sign from the Carousel of Progress as it opened in Magic Kingdom in 1973. For some reason, high-res photos of this sign are hard to come by. (Probably no one thought to walk around take pictures of random signs back in the 1970s, haha). It’s a cool sign though, with an icon that depicts the theater’s layout of six scenes and six seating areas, and kinda foreshadows the EPCOT Center’s pavilion logos that made their debut nine years later. 

The middle image is a “clean” recreation I created in Adobe Illustrator to the best of my ability, and then I took it into Photoshop to give it a grungier, vintage-y look for the bottom image… maybe how the sign would’ve looked if left out in the Florida rain for a few more decades. :P