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How many bands are you in? How often do each practice and how often do they play? I'm embarrassed to ask this, but, what do you play? Do you sing? If you could make a living only through music, would you? Why or why not?

Two.  Goofyboots & Good Paper

Goofyboots is the band my friends and I started in 2007. Ryan/tikitikitembo is our drummer. He lives apart from the rest of us, so we only practice together as full band when he comes to town the day before or day of a gig. We’ve played together so long that we pick right back up where we left off. It’s a magical thing, it really is. Spike, David Morgan, and I practice usually once a week and do acoustic gigs when Ryan can’t make it to town. So when he comes home just add the drums to what we’ve been practicing. We all mesh incredibly well together. 

Me and David (our bass player) joined Good Paper around 2011. I grew up listening to them and I’ve been good friends with the singer, Rob Mortimer, for a long time. They lost their bass player, so David and I have been playing with them pretty regularly for the past three years. We usually practice once a week depending on what shows we have coming up.

I play guitar. That’s my main instrument. Lead, rhythm, etc. I play keys on occasion and when I’m at home recording, but I’m a guitarist first and foremost. I do sing. In Goofyboots, Spike and I alternate singing depending on what song it is and how it suits our voice. I rap too. Not many people on tumblr probably know that, but that’s a lot of what we do in Goofyboots. You have to come to a show to see. It’s a hodge podge of music genres all in one. All those guys are great musicians. 

I went to school at the University of Memphis for Jazz Guitar/Jazz Studies/Music Performance. I was planning on being a studio musician, but those jobs are harder to come by than one might think. I moved home and got hired full time at a job I previously had during the summers. It pays good so I took it. So on the weekends I play with one, or sometimes, both bands.

With that being said, if I could play music full time I most certainly would. Without a doubt. That’s my my ideal goal. To play music full time and make enough money to live comfortably. Whether it be writing, recording, or just playing. 


Throwback Thursday: Music Edition 

  1. Playing a wedding at Burrus Hollywood Plantation (The Baby Doll House) in Benoit, MS
  2. Good Paper, Downtown Jackson, MS, Private Party
  3. One of the jazz combos I played in at the University of Memphis in 2011
  4. Goofyboots with Charles/emergentpattern sitting in at Spectator’s in Greenville, MS
  5. My senior recital at U of M, 2012
  6. GoofyBoots at Spectator’s (photo by Charles/emergentpattern)
  7. Good Paper at Specs. (photo by Charles/emergentpattern)
  8. GoofyBoots ‘Old Medicine’ album release party, 2011

I can’t wait to get off work at noon so I can go home and get some rest before tonight.

Ryan (tikitikitembo) is coming to town and we’re playing at a local bar here tonight. Super excited. It’s been awhile!

I’m going with my family on vacation to Destin, FL early tomorrow morning. We will finish up playing the gig at about 2 a.m. So I plan on staying up all night and sleeping on the way to FL in the morning.

I’ve really got to start looking for another vehicle. My jeep is great, but the transmission is slipping bad.

What a week. But it’s Friday. And that feels damn good.

It’s almost my favorite weekend of the year! Mighty Mississippi Music Festival 2015 at Warfield Point Park in Greenville, MS on the banks of the Mississippi River. So much good music. Both of our bands are playing this year.

GoofyBoots - 5:30 Friday (Main Stage)
Good Paper - 1:00 Saturday (Main Stage)

If you’re around the area or wanna make the trip it’s guaranteed to be a good time!