This needed to be heard, not just seen in gif form. 

Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch were the ridiculously overly-polite Goofy Gophers in a previous lifetime.

No one will tell me otherwise.  

“Oh, do take the part.”

“Oh, no no no–I couldn’t possibly take the part!”

“Oh you simply must take the part–I insist.”

“Well, only if you insist.  Isn’t the weather lovely today?”

“Oh, indubitably!”

Goofy Gophers

i took the time to locate all the gopher episodes in existence and put them here for anyone to watch even tho i probably made this just for my own reference but i am hopeful someone would want to watch the gophers as well so im posting this


The Goofy Gophers

Two Gophers from Texas (first time finding this one online !!!)

A Ham in a Role

A Bone for A Bone

I Gopher You

Pests for Guests

Lumber Jerks

Gopher Broke

Tease for Two (this one is the worst gopher episode bc it was from the 60s, it wasnt animated well, and both of them were voiced by mel blanc and lets be real mel blanc does not do a very good tosh a t all)

The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries

I Gopher You (1998) (their episode starts at 29:16)

Duck Dodgers

K9 Kaddy

The Looney Tunes Show

Best Friends

Devil Dog

The Foghorn Leghorn Story

Double Date (song only)

To Bowl or Not to Bowl

The Float (song only)

The Shelf

Itsy Bitsy Gopher

A Christmas Carol

We’re In Big Truffle

Dear John (song only)


Rabbits Run (theyre part starts at 49:24)