Disney Goofy Challenge completed!

Half Marathon:  2:11:55, 121/1,388 in my division

Marathon:  4:34:26  81/1,092 in my division

Wow, it’s really hard to sum up  these two races in just a paragraph or two. The humidity was a real challenge for the first 3 hours of the marathon. It was 70 degrees and 95% humidity with very little wind. The breeze picked up around mile 20 and that was welcome.

I ran both races with even splits. I ran 10 minute miles for the entire half marathon and 10:15-10:30 for the whole marathon. Lots of turns meant I ended up running 26.6 miles which means my actual average was 10:19. 

We walked a ton the day before the half marathon and all day after the half marathon in Universal and Magic Kingdom. I’m guessing if we had had cooler weather and I would have stayed off my feet I could have run the marathon at 10:00 pace, but we had a blast and I wouldn’t trade the slightly faster time for all the fun we had. 

I’m very happy with my training and race. I ran both races with an even average pace on the front and back halves, I never hit the wall and I felt strong the entire way. Besides a couple blistered toes, I feel great! Nothing hurts and, after taking it easy for a few days, I’m ready to move on with training.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville is up next! It’s just 14 weeks away which makes things a little more interesting. Always another race!


Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend Race Recap - The Marathon - A post to my hubby

…and the completion of the Goofy Challenge for my hubby. I’ve watched my hubby put in long hours training for this day and this weekend. He endured long runs often alone and over the same routes. He endured the aches and pains from those runs and I often wonder the self-doubt. But last Sunday he made his goal and dare I say dream come true. He’s the most amazing man I know and I’m lucky to be married to him. Congrats hubby YOU DID IT!!

Well that does it for the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend posts. Hope you enjoyed. Up next the Tinkerbell Half Race Recap…probably tomorrow. I’m a tired girl! 

Back to regularly scheduled programming. I ran 6 miles outside with a few hills and feel totally fine. I’m sure if tried to run long that I would feel fatigued, but I feel fine with what’s on my schedule for now.

A lovely 20 degrees with a little wind. It’s going to be -4 for tomorrow’s run, so this was downright balmy. I switched my schedule around so I could run today instead of Sunday when it’s going to be -16 before the windchill. That’s just too cold.

Here are the last of the race pictures from the Goofy, these from the Marathon.

Walking to the start line with Mike:

Not as foggy as the day before, but warmer and felt more humid:

Running through Hollywood Studios which was pretty fun.

Last one, I swear!

The last 20 miler for the Disney Goofy Challenge is done! I finished off the week with 58.45 miles which is my 3rd highest mileage week ever- pretty good! And the best part is that my legs felt much fresher for this 10/20 mile combination than it did two weeks ago. 

It’s Taper Time!! There are still lots of miles ahead but I got all three big weekends done in good weather and I’m still healthy, so I couldn’t be happier with how it’s gone so far. Now I just need to avoid getting sick! Whenever someone tells me that they have a cold, I take two big steps backwards. 

I’m pretty excited!

The weekend is here!

Getting ready to go up to Lake Arrowhead for a weekend with Cassie and family.  Will keep the running streak going up there.  Ran my last Goofy training run of 22 miles, and it slightly hurt, but it’s over and I can start to seriously rest from now until then.  Plus maybe pack on a few pounds.

Have an awesome weekend everyone!


A good 18 miles on the first really cold day here. Interesting that I have a job in which I arrange group runs for 9 months of the year but I always seem to end up doing my own really long runs alone, which is fine.

I was a little worried about this one since I ran 10 yesterday and 16 on Monday, but I felt great.

Ready for a cut back week!

There has to be a better way to get a Double-Double.

Day two of long runs to ramp up for the Goofy Challenge.  Yesterday was 9.3, and then I had today to simulate running on tired legs and boy were they tired, especially towards the end.  Really started to fade after mile 14, and continued a spiral down until the end, but I didn’t give up.  Hydrated well, and took in fuel OK, just heavy legs.  I think I started out way too fast, so I’ll remedy that.  Next week I’ll focus on just running on the flats and not the hills, slow it down a tad, and see what happens.  Some bright spots on the run were when I saw Cassandra B. driving by on her way to the mall around mile 4, and then I saw Rebecca K. around 7-8, biking up Kanan as I was going and she was cheering me on.  That carried me on for a bit.  Shortly after that I also saw Gigi going down Westlake as I was fueling up and making my way up the hill.  It was a bit humid with the rain that passed by though the night, and my glasses fogged up often, but it was in the low 50’s and comfortable.  I did get cold towards the end because it was getting a bit windy and on my wet clothes made me chilly.  Best part of the run was getting done and then having a double-double at In-N-Out.  Yum!  After 18.66 miles I deserved it.

Living Life Like an Ironman.......

Yesterday felt like an Ironman, okay may not quite like an Ironman, but it required being moving by 7am, a few wardrobe changes, precise timing and went until midnight.

Start of the Day

My day started around 6am (much later than an Ironman wake up, I know) to be sure I had feet on the ground by 7am for a 2 hour run. I’m lucky to have a good friend who is along for my Goofy training. She’s not running it but wanted to train with me to keep up her run fitness. This was the first “cold” day in D.C., 30 degrees to start (I know that 30 will be warm at some point, but still the first cold day is always rough).

The run was 30 min of warm-up, 30 minutes at marathon pace, 30 minutes at half-marathon pace, 20 minutes at marathon pace and a 10 minute cool down. We were great until the half-marathon pace. While I swear we were running at a 8:10 - 8:30 pace, my Garmin said 9:00 - 9:15 pace. I may have swore at it a few times, particularly as we were heading into the wind and uphill. These are the times I’m grateful to have such good friends. While I was definitely in a dark place on the run, Mel kept my positive and motivated.


A quick shower, change and out the door in under an hour to meet some friends for breakfast. 

The Breakfast Leg

A few friends and I started a Tour de Breakfast in September. Once a month we got together to try out different breakfast spots in the D.C. area. Today’s location was Bob & Edith’s a staple and hands down one of the best diners in the area. 


After breakfast I had 30 minutes to finish getting ready and head to our tri team’s Kona viewing party.

The Party Leg

For the end of the season our team celebrated with a Kona viewing party.  It was great to catch up with friends and to watch the race. I had planned to only stay for a bit to head to a wedding with a friend, but a few other leadership members had family things come up so I made a deal to meet him at the reception so I could help manage the party until the end.


Okay, so I know there is no T3 in triathlon, but my day had one. I had   30 minutes to change for the wedding - formal attire. Managed to make it happen in record time and head up to Baltimore for the reception. Unfortunately that drive took 30 minutes longer than I expected.

The Wedding Leg

Missed the wedding (but as a date, I didn’t feel bad because I didn’t know the couple). However I showed up for the reception. I hadn’t gotten dressed up (non-spandex) and gone out in a while, almost forgot how nice it was. It was a blast to dance the night away.

The drive back was long, I tried to make it home before midnight - made it just after.

Not to bad for an end of the night photo….

It was a tremendously fun day, but was also quite tiring. Needless to say, I didn’t make to the ride this morning. I just couldn’t do another day of running around.

Also, really starting to wonder if I have a house or a very large transition tent…..

Mike and I agree on most things, but running through snow is not one of them. While he ran through a few inches of powder with our run group, I took off in a different direction and ran hills on the plowed street. Both of us enjoy the beautiful trees, I just don’t like the snow under foot.

Twelve miles on tap tomorrow and then no more double digit runs until Disney!

Christmas Day run before the snow! Mike is a much faster runner then I am, and him running 6 miles at my pace makes a great Christmas gift. The rest of the day was spent hanging around with the kids which was also a real treat. 

The first week of the taper is the best because there are still enough miles to scratch the running itch but it’s a relief to have a bit of a break. The last half of the taper is tough but I’m looking forward to just 4 miles tomorrow and then the last double digit run, 12, on Sunday.

Hope everyone is having a great holiday season!

a sweaty mess

had a nice 7 mile run this AM 1:04:00, it took 2 treadmills ;-) I thought i could do it on 1 but with less than .5M to go treadmill #1 was too slick so switched to the one right next to it and well, that one too was a mess in .25M wow, well still go my run in. not quite feeling fast yet but definitely feeling good, its a busy week coming up, workwise, and it looks like I am picking up another client so, I think I am going to getting to the gym a little earlier so I can get in all thats on the calendar….

Congrats to Drewinpersuit, Robbsrunning, Duckfeet  who all completed the Goofy Challenge Davidsgoals the Disney Marathon this morning.