goofy's son


“Garsh, you ain’t gettin’ away!”

I recently played and fell in love with Resident Evil 7 and said to myself what if Disney developed the game with disney characters and my first thought was Goofy would totally be Jack Baker and Max as Lucas. Why you may ask? Cause I’m an ass.

Goofy and Max © Disney

masterpost of matthew gray gubler being fucking weird

look at my beautiful son

he is literally a child stuck in an adult’s body

i’ve just stopped questioning why

he’s so dorky aw

his face asdjfkasjdhfka

ok but this is actually me

so fab

my smol bean

my hair actually looks like this but its slightly longer. omfg.

well hello there

i fucking love this photoshoot

me when i’m older

me 100% of the time



what is he even doing he’s so cute

when i try to play raquetball

tentacle porn (i hate myself)

i love his face


ok yeah i’m in love. kthxbye.

“When I was a little girl, I couldn’t understood Goofy’s son; Max. I always thought of him as a big grumpy pants. But then growing up, I could not feel more identified with him. I suddenly was very moody, cared for little things that made me feel bad. I thought that there was something wrong with me, but then I looked on how Max was basically the same as me, and still a likable guy. Good persons can do bad sometimes, and little details can make us feel weird, and Max taught me that is all normal.”

Had the privilege of seeing James L perform as Scorpius over the weekend and it was mind blowing seeing her play an own original version of the character. And the most important scene for me was in Scene 4. Usually Anthony would have his head down, shoulders hunched, fiddling with invisible dirt on his trunk and clearly distraught and grieving over his mother; but James sat completely straight up, eyes shocked wide, and seemingly not caring and numb to the world (script). Not trusting himself to say anything. Until Albus interrupts his thoughts.

Albus: I though you’d send an owl…

Scorpius: I couldn’t work out what to say. 

And this scene on stage played by James completely hones down to how shocked this poor little boy is. How distraught he is and how jumbled his feelings are. He must have sat in his room for hours with quill gripped tight in his hands, trying his best to write something, anything to let Albus know. To find some comfort in his best friend knowing but not able to write a single thing down. Not able to communicate his grief and sorrow. Not able to express himself for fear that he’d just breakdown and cry. 

It's 2020.
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Everybody woke up on Monsta X:</b> They are now having their first World Tour. Everyone can now effectively communicate with international fans using more than simple greetings.<p/><b>Shownu (still):</b> Hi hello annyeong.<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

“Jody is a precious chihuahua who weighs 6 pounds fully grown and is about 1-2 years old.  He came into rescue with another chihuahua who was said to be his mother named Buffy.  Both are very happy dogs who like other small dogs and love people. CARE will work diligently to try to find a home to keep Buffy and Jody together, since they have never been apart.”