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Single Father!Taehyung - BTS Imagine

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requested. this is the best concept iโ€™ve ever heard. letโ€™s go.

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masterpost of matthew gray gubler being fucking weird

look at my beautiful son

he is literally a child stuck in an adult’s body

i’ve just stopped questioning why

he’s so dorky aw

his face asdjfkasjdhfka

ok but this is actually me

so fab

my smol bean

my hair actually looks like this but its slightly longer. omfg.

well hello there

i fucking love this photoshoot

me when i’m older

me 100% of the time



what is he even doing he’s so cute

when i try to play raquetball

tentacle porn (i hate myself)

i love his face


ok yeah i’m in love. kthxbye.

okay so I know everyone is talking about how cute it is that Donald carries around pictures of his nephews on his phone, but I had an even cuter thought. 

Those pictures must’ve been taken by someone else since Donald is in every picture. And someone who likely is close to Donald that they would not only see each other often, but Donald would actually want to be around even while still grieving for his lost sister. Someone he could ask for help with since he’s never had to raise kids before… Someone like a close friend… >.>

What I’m saying is… Baby duck triplets and toddler Max play dates. Goofy helping teach Donald how to raise the triplets since he has experience with his own son. Goofy and Donald being good dad/uncle to their boys. This is the content I need in my life.

So imagine the Headcannon of Sora having troubles sleeping after Dream Drop Distance, but add in that he actually manages to sleep as long as he’s with someone.

  • Sora cuddling with Riku and Kairi.
  • Sneaking in to either Goofy’s or Donald’s bed on the Gummi Ship.
  • Aqua immediately accepts him to come sleep with her when she sees him having troubles, because mom powers activate.
  • Ven refuses to let Sora ever sleep alone till he’s better because big brother powers activate.
  • Roxas mostly focuses on Sora getting better by sleeping close but not that close.
  • Lea sees Sora having troubles and is like “fuck it, come here” (I like to think Sora grows on him like Roxas but not that close maybe?).
  • Terra likes to talk to Sora about it until they both pass out.
  • Both Namine and Xion are completely open to letting him sleep with the so he actually does sleep.
It's 2020.
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Everybody woke up on Monsta X:</b> They are now having their first World Tour. Everyone can now effectively communicate with international fans using more than simple greetings.<p/><b>Shownu (still):</b> Hi hello annyeong.<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

The Devil, King Dice and Bendy

Satan is just about as cruel as he is in the game, taking souls of the sour pusses who enter the casino and expect a lot. He plays the role of a “savior” for some, granting them the opportunity to work in the casino or do his bidding for him if they aren’t willing to work under his wing. The runaways have unfortunate fates.

King Dice is his loyal right hand man who keeps tabs on some familiar faces and anyone who tries to cross Satan’s line. He’s also in charge of handling the finances of the casino and the contracts of the many unfortunate souls.

Bendy is the sarcastic and goofy son of Satan. He is expected to take the spot of his father one day but he doesn’t take many things seriously, cracking jokes and messing with the costumers and employers instead. When the boys sign their contract, Bendy is put on watch duty over the two of them, making sure they do everything they are supposed to.