Story-time with Sora and Noctis takes a weird turn. Noct may have competition for the title of Crown Prince of Napping!

Bonus time-jump panel in which Noctis takes his rightful place as the Naptime King:

anonymous asked:

Why do you love the tax beast so much

well, the short answer is… i don’t! 

he’s a very unused NPC in the world of neo, but i wanted a cute canon url. i was originally ne0pot for like 2 days, then switched to gruslens for a month. after that, i wanted a better, still-canon url, so i searched through the gallery of evil and tried out any URLs i liked. at the time, @taxbeast was taken, so i went with tax-beast. i used to think urls with hyphens were stupid but i much prefer them now.
as for the NPC himself, i really do like his design and i love the halloween yurble that’s based on him too. i’m kinda glad i didn’t get a more popular url… i like just bein’ me. :-)

Shiro Being a Goof
  • Shiro and Keith are cuddling on the couch. Keith relaxes into the hug and closes his eyes, but then Shiro pinches his nose. “Shiiiro,” he halfheartedly groans, but Shiro laughs because he thinks Keith’s nasal voice is cute.
  • Shiro and Keith are out shopping for clothes, because they’ve been told that having only two outfits in their closet is unacceptable. Keith asks Shiro what he should buy, and Shiro points towards a skimpy, black dress. (In return, Keith picks out a bunny suit for Shiro. “Keith, where did you even get that?”)
  • Keith’s getting a haircut. Shiro stands next to him, and tells the barber to “shave it all off.”
  • Shiro and Keith are sitting together in the lounge, and Keith’s sipping on his juice pouch. While Keith’s not looking, Shiro drinks it all, and acts innocent when Keith accuses him.
  • Shiro and Keith are making out against a wall. Shiro tries to slide a leg between Keith’s thighs, but accidentally bangs it too hard against the wall.
  • Shiro and Keith share a bed, one pillow for each of them. If Keith’s too late, Shiro will be fast asleep with both pillows.

the traveling little circus show!

Mickey Mouse the leader:

  • strong willed but very weak when it comes to physical strength
  • very good singer
  • childish
  • kind of a dormant
  • loves to see everyone around him smile
  • hates foul language

Donald Duck:

  • very selfish but can be a good friend sometimes
  • get’s angry very easely
  • a big wuss


  • dumb as a rock but always means good
  • hates being lonely

Oswald (Mickey’s big brother):

  • traumatised after his wife (Ortensia) died from the ink illness
  • he contributes to nothing in the show
  • he barely eats, barely sleeps, and never smiles nor talks
  • he only keeps himself strong for his kids, but he still isin’t doing a good job at it

The bunny children:

  • a total of 420 of Oswald’s kids
  • they’re the stars of the show
  • very choreographic
  • they bring total chaos when they want to have fun

*mickey caries to props and whole circuse equipment
*goofy carries the food supplies and such
*donald caries nothing cause he’s a lazy fuck


Anonymous said:

Was it you who did the goofy “wake me up inside” cover because I was listening to it somewhere and it sounds like you