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Any pairing/trio/whatever: questionable sex acts

zimbits, nsfw

“don’t—look, stop.” jack heaves a sigh. “this isn’t gonna work.”

“no, no,” bitty says. “i totally think i can—just give me a second?” he wiggles, hitching his knees up a little higher. “can you hold me still, baby?”

“yeah,” jack says. “i think i should have hung this higher.” but he puts a hand on bitty’s waist to hold him steady, anyway.

“you probably should have,” bitty says. “but you can definitely still get to my ass if i—yeah. there. try it now.”

“i maintain that the sex swing is more trouble than it’s worth,” jack says, though he does step forward a little, and sure enough it’s not too difficult to line his cock up and push inside.

“oh—uhn—shut up,” bitty huffs. “it’s always—ahhh—some complaint with you, isn’t it? oh, fuck, honey.”

euh,” jack manages, the momentum of the swing doing most of the work, now. “i —i take it back.”


Goofy in his Halloween costume #disney #disneyland #canon #canonusa #photography #halloween #photo #photographer by Ray Woodard


A Goofy Movie: The Perfect Cast



Domestic Short Hair - gray and white • Special Needs • Adult • Male • Large • Happy Tails K9 & Feline Rescue • St. Clair Shores, MI


Charlie (Chazz) is an amazing cat that was diagnosed with diabetes. But don’t let that scare you away. He is so tolerant of his insulin injections! Give him a little canned food and he practically ignores you’re doing it. Charlie is on a restricted diet and has lost approximately 6 pounds since coming into rescue. He is down to 19 pounds of snuggly sweetness.

Charlie (Chazz) would be happiest without other cats in his home. He seems to do well with kittens but other adult cats he gets too stressed around.

Don’t think about Shallura starting out really goofy and playful and sexy, making jokes and being really touchy feely in private and taking solace in finally have something that makes them genuinely smile. They are still just as passionate about saving the universe and serious when needed. But now they are sneaking around and have something small to look forward to, that even a stolen kiss in a lonely hallway brings stars to their eyes.

But also. Don’t think about the start of their involvement where the make an agreement not to talk about the Bad Things. Shiro wakes up trembling in a cold sweat, his eyes are open but he seems to be somewhere else. Allura calms him down with soothing shushes, strong arms, and an Altean tune rumbling through her throat. He falls back asleep, she does the same. They don’t talk about it in the morning. It was almost as though nothing had happened, except for Allura’s sluggish movements and momentary mental lapses.

Allura whines in her sleep as though she were in pain, tears streaming down her face. Her body tenses and she’s suddenly having trouble breathing, but she still can’t seem to wake up. Shiro holds her and runs his fingers through her hair, leaning his forehead to the side of her temple and breathing slow and steady near her ear. She picks up on the sound–in that place between wake and sleep–a soft puff of air tickling her ears. Her own chest starts to rise and fall now in sync with his own. She wakes up the next morning feeling confident and energetic, not wanting to know what she must have dreamed to give Shiro such dark circles under his eyes from a full night awake. With an encouraging smile from him, she knows her feign of ignorance is excused.

This works for them. This is the price for what they are doing, and they were willing to pay it to continue. Even keeping quiet when their nightmares started featuring each other. Ignoring the call of their own name as the other fights to gain control in their subconscious.

I can’t tell her about my dreams, she will say it’s too risky to continue. That it would impair my judgement in battle. I can’t lose this…I can’t lose her. I guess that’s part of the problem. Not now. Not yet.

Allura waking up in a fog, not sure if Shiro is real or not, but not knowing why he wouldn’t be. That’s odd. I’m sure he was here when I fell asleep, why shouldn’t he be upon waking up? Wait, why do I feel like he’d…left at some point. Why am I feeling so relieved? He’s here. He’s real. He’s here.

They meet each other every night still, but the laughter has died down. Their kisses rigid and mechanical. Their bodies going through the motion, a routine. Eventually they just crawl into bed and hold each other, nothing else. No speaking, no more playful touches, just holding each other and focusing intently on the others heartbeat. They can’t talk about what’s wrong, knowing that once they do they will have to go back to sleeping alone. They can only be there for each other, holding on like the other will fly away at any moment. He’s here. He’s not leaving me. He won’t disappear. Not like everyone else. She’s here. No one is going to take her away. I won’t let them.

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when i went to disney earlier this year, i blew a kiss @ goofy and he gave me a heart back. does this mean we're dating now (i'm very concerned i'm not ready to raise max as my own i have too many kids as it is)

- Coups, probably



     If there was any place that was more cartoony than anywhere else he’d traveled to with Donald and Goofy, this was it. Oddly enough, the duck and dog duo he usually had with him–well they weren’t there with him today. Actually, he asked to specifically go alone, much to their surprise. Hey, sometimes exploring was more fun by yourself. Sora had learned that at some point. Though, it wasn’t before he saw a rabbit go by, that his interest hit its peak. Did the white rabbit travel from Wonderland to here some times? Or maybe he’s just lost. Sora was determined to find out, so he followed after said rabbit until he got a closer look.

     Was he ever in for a bit of a shock. Said rabbit of interest looked nothing like the one he thought. It was black, with blue on their clothing. Huh… And he was so sure it was the white rabbit. Honest mistake, he would only assume to himself.

     ‘ Wow… ‘ He sighed, adjusting his own clothes a little bit. ‘ Do I feel embarrassed for having the wrong bunny. ‘ He then stood there for a second… Did he say that out loud? His hand quickly covered his mouth, cheeks flaring red. He hoped to all upper powers that he wasn’t heard. But he swore he could hear his voice bouncing off the walls like they were rubber or something.


When your friend hasn’t seen a thing