Mighty need

Guys, I have an impossible wish based purely on aesthetic.

I need to see this girl:

With this dress:

I’m sorry but, whenever I see this scene from ‘A goofy movie’ I can’t help but think that this is how Branch sees Poppy in his dreams (and he probably has a huge self-loath just like when the dream turns into a nightmare), what can I say? I’m a hopeless romantic.

But, seriously, look at it. Such freedom, so innocent, so pure, so peaceful…Poppy’s face is stuck in my head.

Friday Five

✈️ I think I’m finally over my jet lag from my trip. Just in time to head to FL and a 3 hour time difference on Monday.

❤️ It’s good, though, because I’m going to help man our booth at a conference and I will see some of my favorite co-workers. Have I mentioned lately how working remote can be lonely? But it’s also pretty awesome not to have a commute. Definitely pros and cons.

🎂 I need to buy some Coca-Cola so my daughter can make Coca-Cola cake. Hers tastes better than the one at Cracker Barrel. Soooo scrumptious.

🤔 I’m thinking thoughts in that selfie. Can you tell? We will leave it at that, since I never share anything personal or thought-provoking here.

☀️ Something happens in 3 weeks that I’m feeling ambivalent about.