In this silly swap au, Taako would take Ren’s place (since she took his).

After the events of Glamorsprings, Taako was disgraced and attempted to hide himself from the world. He settled in Refuge and when the bubble went up, he was more than relieved to finally be free of consequence. He started up a little bar, only serving drinks and, still incredibly traumatized by what happened, he vowed off magic.

To him, it’s only been months since Glamorsprings, when it’s actually been 6 years.

Ren adores Taako; he’s the sole reason that she finally left the Underdark to live her own life. She considers him her greatest inspiration. You can imagine her shock when she sees him running a bar in a bubbled city.

I dreamt that I found this very cryptic mural in an alley in Seattle and realized that it was a message from the Dark Tower. I didn’t know exactly what the message meant, only that the Tower was trying to get my attention. Later, a strange man on a bike raced after me down the street and pressed a soft pink eraser into my hand. He rode off without a word, and I saw that there were bullet holes in his coat. I held the eraser up to my ear and heard, very faintly, what sounded like a children’s choir singing “Shalom Chaverim”.

I stayed the night at my friend Rose’s house. I woke up and heard someone running down the stairs - her older (fictional) brother stopped and stared at me, and I realized that we’d just shared the same dream.

The rest of the dream was relatively goofy. Someone stole my flying broomstick, and it magically grew in girth until it had turned back into the tree it was built from. The thief was no longer able to hold on and fell to his death. Then I had to rescue a bunch of Adventure Time characters from a shipwreck.

Namjoon is legit husband material:

- He’s intelligent

- He’s goofy

- He’s mad good looking

- He’s tall

- He gives off that protective vibe

- He’s caring

- He’s empathetic

- He’s passionate

- He appreciates art

What more could you even ask for?

A Ride on the Nope Train

AN: Have some Barry Allen Fluff as a peace offering. Based off of the titles I had people send in about two weeks ago.

Submitted by: @chappedandchipped

Words: 290

    You love your husband. You love him so much, that sometimes it hurts. Like now, for instance. You do your best to dodge the furniture as you run from Barry. You can’t help but laugh at the goofy grin on his face as he cuts you off at every turn.

    He’s still dressed in his Flash suit, and you can see the beads of sweat on his forehead. You can’t imagine it’s comfortable. Leather in the summer, in Central City. Add in the fact that your AC had been out for the past two days, and you’re fairly certain you could smell him from a mile away.

    He catches you mid air as you jump off the couch. He pins you to the floor, tickling your sides, before lifting your shirt and blowing a raspberry on your tummy. You laugh till it hurts, as he moves in for a kiss.

    He grins, “Come on Y/N, one kiss.”

    You shake your head, still giggling, “Not until you shower.”

    He blows another raspberry on your neck, “One little kiss, for Central City’s hero?”


    He gives you the puppy dog eyes, you wiggle underneath him, the heat finally getting to you, “Barry I’m hot.”

    He grins, “You’re smoking sweetheart.”


    He gives you an impish grin, and the next thing you know, you’re both in the bathroom. You don’t even have time to say anything before freezing cold water is spraying down on you. All while you’re still dressed in your t-shirt and shorts. You splutter a bit as Barry’s arms hug you from behind. His very bare arms. You turn your head to stare at your husband, to find him grinning at you. With a laugh, you finally kiss him.

Assumption: Akaashi is annoyed by Bokuto whereas Kuroo can handle Bokuto better

my claim: Akaashi and Kuroo act similarly (almost the same way) towards Bokuto but people tend to interpret Akaashi as more “cold” towards Bokuto because he’s a more stoic character.

Spoilers for: the manga (owls vs cats), the short comic (”super forgetful”)

Evidence underneath the cut:

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roachpatrol  asked:

goofy question: how do you think spider jerusalem from transmetropolitan and the mason siblings from feed would get along?

They would get along like a house on fire: there would be massive property damage, and there might be no survivors.

I propose a new idea: Petpetsonas.

C’mon, the possibilities are nearly endless! There’s a bunch of these guys! And for an added bonus, you can also put in which Neopet you’d like to have as an owner.

So, as you can see above, I’d be a Pink Spardel (I always loved their little wall-eyed expression), and my owner would be a Wraith Aisha (guest-starring Formidinem).

I’m really interested to see what you guys come up with!

Don't laugh video list for Jack!! Help me get this to him!!

Laugh scale 1-10 1 being not too funny 10 being piss your pants laughing.

1.This video will make sense for one of the top comments of your video ‘Feral’
“Wolf in Mouse Clothing.”
18 seconds long.

2. These next two are related and they never fail to make me laugh.
“Am I pregnant?”
1 minute 54 seconds

3. “Curse of the Weggy Board.”
1 minute 49 seconds

4. This is one I thought Mark would laugh so hard he would cry.
“Nanalan -Peepo Garden Scene”
55 Seconds

5.This is really goofy.
“Reciting Shakes-Chair.”
24 seconds

6.Like the second and third but a bit different.
“Herp Derp Food”
32 Seconds

7. I love parodies.
“Mary Poppins -Disney Abridged”
20 seconds

8. Think you’ll cringe and laugh and maybe enjoy this one? Haha
8 seconds

~When You Can Dance to Michael Jackson Well~

Jin: He would be very impressed wishing he could dance like you. 

Yoongi: “How can she do that? How can I do that?”

Hoseok: He would be so happy to have a girlfriend that can dance well and that he shares his main passion with her.

Namjoon: *stares dumbfounded* “What? huh? Let me try!” Falls and knocks down everything all  the way to the great wall of china.

Jimin: He would watch in pure amazement and would eventually dance with you.

Taehyung: This would make him so happy…or even more happy. He would be goofy though as he tried to keep up.

Jungkook: “JAGI! YOU ARE LIKE THE QUEEN OF DANCE!” he would say, clapping.

Man talking about DP and it animation just makes me want to watch Randy Cunningham 9th grade Ninja again. I fell behind in it so i have no idea if its even still airing.

But god was it good. It had that perfect blend of action and goofy child humor. It felt like what Butch wanted the tone of DP to be. Very light and goofy, with badass fightscenes and kids being kids.
Like i’ll talk about mature Hartman fart humor, but…i dont hate childish humor. I hate poorly done childish humor. But rc9gn would pull off that sort of joke and actually make me laugh.

Also the animation and fight choreography was beautiful.

anonymous asked:

I'm haveing a struggle on naming and giving a surname to my character. He is a correctional officer whos tragic event in his life left him hardened and cold. I was thinking about naming him Russel meaning red but it didn't suit him it would give him a different image from a hard boiled officer. I wanted to name him something that is badass and stone hard not goofy and silly becuase he doesn't do that.

Honestly, I don’t pay much attention to my characters’ last names. Sometimes I even forget to even pick one out, since it usually doesn’t have much of an impact.

When I do have to pick a last name, either I pick on kinda at random as long as it sounds good with the first name, or I’ll take a last name from somewhere else.

In my current WIP, my main character is named Zylphia (apparently a common name in the victorian era). I chose the last name “Carroll” because she tends to be a dreamer of unrealistic things, thus it’s sorta a homage to Lewis Carroll, the author of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Another character, Savannah, was given the last name Bergeron as a reference to one of my favorite short stories, “Harrison Bergeron.” There’s no particular reason for the reference, but I like the short story and the surname doesn’t really matter, so, Savannah Bergeron it is.

I recommend:

  • Scrolling through surname lists until one pops out at you.
  • Thinking of badass and stone hard characters that you know in books or movies, and stealing their last name.

Here’s are some lists. If your character is from a certain country or you know his heritage, you can look up “French surnames” or “mexican surnames” or “german surnames” or whatever it is you need.


Wed, February 22, 2017
‘Downton Abbey’ Stars Reunite at the Disneyland Resort

George Savvas
by George Savvas, Public Relations Director, Disneyland Resort

Actors Laura Carmichael and Michelle Dockery, known to millions as feuding sisters Lady Edith Crawley and Lady Mary Crawley on the award-winning television series “Downton Abbey,” visited the Disneyland Resort during a recent trip to Los Angeles.

‘Downton Abbey’ Stars Reunite at the Disneyland Resort

They were greeted by none other than Goofy, who showed up de rigueur to Sleeping Beauty Castle in his formal finest. This was the first Disneyland visit for both of them, and when I asked if they were here to celebrate something special, Michelle exclaimed, “Life!”

‘Downton Abbey’ Stars Reunite at the Disneyland Resort

In addition to the sisters Crawley, this fun group also included actors Jessica de Gouw, Kelly Paterniti and another Downton alumnus, Michael Fox. Following our mild morning tomfoolery, they set out for their first attraction — Hyperspace Mountain!