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Peg and Sylvia in Kingdom Hearts

Man I’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to upload this baby, but now is as good as a time as ever! In celebration with the long awaited release of Kingdom Hearts 2.8 and in celebration of Kingdom Hearts’s 15th Anniversary, I give you Peg Pete and Sylvia Marpole Nomurafied!

Thanks to @aeolus06  when I commissioned him a few years ago for this idea, I always liked to picture some other Disney characters not only being a part of Kingdom Hearts, but also how they might contribute, so how else than give them different classes as you would in most RPG’s?

Peg is a fighter, ala Tifa Lockheart of FF7, where she uses her strength and sheer willpower as a force to be reckoned with when protecting those she loves…though still might wanna watch out for her secret weapon as she points out how she deals with Pete…

Sylvia from An Extremely Goofy Movie I figure would be more of a white mage. She’d casts powerful spells to protect her friends and provide reliable healing spells (hey, she outta be a better healer than Donald in the actual games, am I right guys?)

Hope you guys enjoy this fun bit of imaginative lunacy as I go play 2.8!


DID YA KNOW? Two similar, but actually very different posters exist for A Goofy Movie (1995). They both show two similar compositions, with Max dressed as Powerline dancing with Goofy. One poster, however, shows Roxanne dancing with the trio with some other minor details like background changes.

Most notable, however, is that the two posters are very different stylistically. In the poster with Roxanne, no one is on-model with their movie counterpart. Instead, the characters all appear in the style of the Goof Troop television show on which the movie was based. The poster on the right has Max and Goofy in a more traditional Disney style, deviating from the Disney TV Animation models. Even Roxanne, who never appears in Goof Troop, looks off. Max’s goggles have also mysteriously become a weird headband in the Goof Troop poster.

The two posters were shown side by side at the Goofy Movie Reunion Panel at the 2015 D23 Expo.

We’re the Goof Troop and will always stick together, We’re the Goof Troop best of Friends forever.
Now were calling everyone come along and join the fun, Report to the Goof Troop! #Disneybound #Goofy #DisneylandParis