goofy troop

okay so I know everyone is talking about how cute it is that Donald carries around pictures of his nephews on his phone, but I had an even cuter thought. 

Those pictures must’ve been taken by someone else since Donald is in every picture. And someone who likely is close to Donald that they would not only see each other often, but Donald would actually want to be around even while still grieving for his lost sister. Someone he could ask for help with since he’s never had to raise kids before… Someone like a close friend… >.>

What I’m saying is… Baby duck triplets and toddler Max play dates. Goofy helping teach Donald how to raise the triplets since he has experience with his own son. Goofy and Donald being good dad/uncle to their boys. This is the content I need in my life.

Now that the Disney Afternoon series are confirmed to exist in the same universe

My unrealistic hopes/wish list for the new Ducktales series (Especially since we know Darkwing is showing up)

–A flashback episode to Launchpad in flight school with Baloo

–Goofy and Max coming to visit; Donald and Goofy have their ‘single dads’ moment

–ALL the kids teaming up: Kit, Max, Gosalyn, Webby, and the triplets

–Don Karnage and Glomgold arguing over treasure and making fun of each other’s phoney accents

–Gizmoduck and Darkwing parodying BvS

I can dream dammit

Something to think about: Characters from Goof Troop in the Duckverse

In the Darkwing Duck Joe comic issue #8 it confirms that the town Spoonerville, where Goofy and Max lives in the show Goof Troop, A Goofy Movie, and An Extremely Goofy Movie, is part of the same universe as Darkwing Duck and Ducktales.

That will explain why Goofy and Pete’s kids Max, PJ, and Pistol are attending the same expensive private (but safe school) as Gosalyn Mallard.

But my question is why did they move all the way to the city of St. Canard  in the state of Calisota ? ( which is an analogous to Northern California)

Isn’t Spoonerville set in Delaware County, Ohio? Why did they move all the way over there? What was the reason?

But then I saw this panel……

The man behind Quackerjack kind of resembles Pete. He has the same body shape, the way he slouches, and has the same pointy ears. (Tho he looks like he is a bit roughed up and has a bit of facial hair but I guess prison can do that to you)

If it is Pete, why is he in prison in St. Canard??

Ok so we know he works as a used car salesman in Goof Troop, perhaps he had to go to St. Canard for his job related event, but seeing that Pete is a dishonest and not a nice person he has done something he was not suppose to do which led him to be in prison at St. Canard.

Pete’s family Peg, PJ, and Pistol decided to temporarily move to St. Canard to wait for his release date from prison and not be far from him.  Goofy and Max decided to move  with them to help support them because they are nice  people and good friends.

Perhaps Goofy and Peg are unfamiliar with St. Canard’s lifestyle and before they can move there, Goofy calls his best friend Donald Duck who lives in Duckburg, seeing how Duckburg is St. Canard’s neighbor city.

Since Donald has contact with his Uncle Scrooge, who has contact with Gizmoduck (who sometimes works with Darkwing Duck and the Justice Ducks in St. Canard) Donald gives information about how St. Canard can be a dangerous city to live in because of the criminals and super villains.

Goofy and Peg gets worried and asks Donald if Uncle Scrooge knows any safe private schools for their children to attend and be safe. (I mean Uncle Scrooge is rich as fuck he probably knows which schools are the best).

If Pete has been to St. Canard prison, then I would assume he has first hand experience and personally saw how insane and dangerous the criminals of St. Canard are, especially the super villains (Negaduck, the Fearsome Four, F.O.W.L. etc…) and Pete must be like “Shit I need to reevaluate me life”.

So I guess this scene from “A Goofy Movie” makes sense and adds a whole new meaning..

*Flash forward to a couple years later after Pete has been release from prison and Goofy and Pete’s family moves back to Ohio”

Pete: “Oh I don’t know Goof, something is wrong when a kid won’t spend his time with his parents. For all you know he is probably running around with some gang and stealing stuff and causing riots!”

Because Pete has personally seen how the criminals are in St. Canard and he does not want Max to end like them.

After getting a phone call from the school principal saying that Max dresses up like a gang member and  is causing “havoc and riots” and may end up in the electric chair. Goofy begins to worry.

 While living in St.Canard for a while Goofy has probably seen and heard of the criminals from the news, personally saw a crime scene in action, the Fearsome Five causing destruction, Goofy does not want Max to end up like them.

Peg and Sylvia in Kingdom Hearts

Man I’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to upload this baby, but now is as good as a time as ever! In celebration with the long awaited release of Kingdom Hearts 2.8 and in celebration of Kingdom Hearts’s 15th Anniversary, I give you Peg Pete and Sylvia Marpole Nomurafied!

Thanks to @aeolus06  when I commissioned him a few years ago for this idea, I always liked to picture some other Disney characters not only being a part of Kingdom Hearts, but also how they might contribute, so how else than give them different classes as you would in most RPG’s?

Peg is a fighter, ala Tifa Lockheart of FF7, where she uses her strength and sheer willpower as a force to be reckoned with when protecting those she loves…though still might wanna watch out for her secret weapon as she points out how she deals with Pete…

Sylvia from An Extremely Goofy Movie I figure would be more of a white mage. She’d casts powerful spells to protect her friends and provide reliable healing spells (hey, she outta be a better healer than Donald in the actual games, am I right guys?)

Hope you guys enjoy this fun bit of imaginative lunacy as I go play 2.8!

I know the common theory is that Pete and Peg must have gotten divorced sometime between the last episode of “Goof Troop” and “A Goofy Movie”, but then why didn’t Peg take BOTH children? And if she intentionally left poor PJ with Pete while she and Pistol got away from him and his negative influence, then I’ve lost all respect for Peg.