goofy stance


Kenobi v Skywalker Stance

The comparison is quite self-explanatory but still. I think even if Rey isn’t a Kenobi (which I desperately want) she still does represent the hope/goodness of Obi-Wan in this Trilogy. Because we know Kylo does represent the conflict of Anakin (Also shares those Goofy Skywalker stances, I mean look at the last set.)

(Disclaimer: I’m perfectly aware these are just regular Jedi stance and any Jedi/Jedi in training can be using them)

OK Let me tell you why this scene from the newest episode of Steven Universe was fantastic

So Pearl nonchalantly says “Oh, well hello Connie! What a surprise to see you!” Obviously from her tone it’s clear that they knew Connie was going to be in the temple when they got there, which is what makes the set up and their entrance to the scene so funny.

I’m assuming Garnet probably knew Connie was going to be at the Temple (what with her foresight and all) and told the others, which resulted in Pearl trying to convince them to make a good impression, which translated into “make a cool pose when we beam back”.This resulted in Pearl’s attempt at a ‘cool’ stance, Amethyst’s goofy mock-ballerina pose, and Garnet’s pigeon-toed “I’m very uncomfortable with this” stance, I mean, her face says it all.

“Pearl made us practice this for an hour before she said we could come back.”

and then Pearl tries to casually play off their entrance like

“Oh Connie! We had no idea you’d be here, what a pleasant surprise!”

Look at this nerd.

"I told you we’d make a great impression. Didn’t I say this was a perfect plan? This was a great idea. I’m so smart.”