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The second set of Roger Rabbit Universe photos- I post these on my main blog to blend them in with my usual barrage of vintage pictures. There are more in the works, but first, I have to take care of another important bit of business (Click here to see what I mean!)

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Voltron Characters and their VA’s: Part 2

Electric Boogaloo.  You all liked my post of Voltron voice actors and their tweets, so I give you voice actors and their beautiful faces 

Shiro: Josh Keaton

Lance: Jeremy Shada

Keith: Steven Yeun

Pidge: Bex Taylor-Klaus

Hunk: Tyler Labine

Coran: Rhys Darby

Matt Holt: Blake Anderson

Haggar and Zarkon: Cree Summers and Niel Caplan

I honestly couldn’t find a picture of Allura’s voice actress looking silly because she literally always looks like actual royalty, so here’s Kimberly Brooks probably blessing Pidge and Lance

(All photos were taken from public accounts)

Things I want to see on Isak’s insta this season
  • A cute little rap video of him with Even beat boxing 
  • an upgrade of the famous Jonas and Isak Simon & Garfunkel photo
  • Isak and Eva selfie
  • photo of Even cooking 
  • a stupid Seinfeld meme 
  • Boy squad photo with illuminati reference
  • Video of Even singing to a pop song with Isak giggling in the background
  • a cute pic of their apartment with the caption “home sweet home”
  • one of Isak’s dorky close up selfies
  • a goofy photo of Even taken at an unflattering angle with the caption “Hawt <3″
  • a photo of a pair of shoes with the caption “Jonas left his shoes here again I promise @Eskild” 
  • just a random pic of Isak’s lunch with a little bottle of cardamom next to it
  • A photo of his wardrobe with a caption like “hmm someone keeps stealing my clothes 🤔”
  • A cute pic of Sana and him with the caption being “Isabel and Sanasol”
  • a pic of Even wearing Isak’s beloved red snapback
  • A photo of Magnus being a fluffy dorkazoid
  • a photo of Romeo + Juliet on a tv screen with the caption “movie night”
  • another cute boyfriend selfie
  • A serious photo of Even being beautiful with a ❤️  as a caption


  • a photo of a puppy with the caption “meet the new member of our family!” 
Domestic Bliss - Okieriete Onaodowan x Reader

Summary: Based on this post. Small vignettes of feelings of happiness wrapped in domesticity in the home of two people who love each other very much. 

Words: 2,189

Warnings: A couple swear words. 

A/N: I’ve finally accomplished every day of the Write-A-Thon! (No one mention how long it took, I hate myself too) I’m really excited for this because Day 7: #WriteForOak2k17 was my doing and there is always room to appreciate my sunshine boy. By the way, there are a couple songs mentioned in this one. I’ll link them in the text. Enjoy!

“I think I’m sort of drunk.”

“You’re not drunk, Oak.”

“No, really. I think I am.”

“Prove it.”

“I actually like this shitty music.”

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photographer | stiles stilinski x reader

Originally posted by stydiamalec

prompt: 75 “whys re you being so nice to me all the sudden?”

i was wondering through the halls my camera hung around my neck as i search for possible yearbook opportunities. id signed on to be the yearbook photographer and you were going around to groups and taking their pictures.

your whole body freezes when you see the boy you’ve been crushing on since freshman year standing having a heated discussion with his friends. we’d never interacted before sure i knew who they all were the are the four most popular kids in this whole school me not so much I’m barely middle class.

lydia catches my gaze and I’m quick to spin on my heels hoping she didn’t see the camera hanging from my neck. we had a few AP classes together and i told her that i was working the yearbook and she begged me to come over and get a photo of her friends i of course said yes but i have been avoiding the situation because of one stiles stilinski.

“(y/n)!” i hear her yell and i cuss turning around and plastering a smile on my face as i walk over to the group.

“hey led whats up?” their conversation goes silent as the red head turns to face me “can you take a photo of us for the yearbook?” she pleads and i nod “of course” i take a few steps back and get my camera ready.

the two boys turn around stiles noticing me first “oh hey” he half shouts half mumbles making me giggle “hey stiles” he scratches the back of his neck then looks from my lens to me then the group gathering up photo ready.

he realises whats happened his eyes wide in panic “yeah this isn’t happening” he announces trying to flee the scene but lydia grabs hold of him forcing him to sit down next to her “oh yes it is” she smiles cheekily at the brunette.

i laugh at their antics before setting the camera up “okay 3-2-1″ i snap a few pictures and take a quick look at them noticing stiles isn’t smiling “stiles you got to smile” i chuckle and he looks down at his shoes before looking back at me again pink tinting his cheeks.

“okay 3-2-1″ i glance back at the photos goofy smiles plastered onto the teenagers faces “perfect” i smile lowering my camera turning to leave “wait you need to be in some of these photos too!” lydia insists and i groan “then we won’t have anyone to take them its okay-”

malia jumps up off the bench “i will you get in there” i place my bad down nervously walking forward scott slides over leaving and open seat between him and stiles.

“thank you” i smile placing my hands in my lap i feel an arm sling across my shoulder and hang over my chest. i glance to see stiles facing forward fighting off the urge to meet my gaze. 

i lift my hand up to his and hold it as maila snaps a few pictures “all done!’ she smiles handing me back my camera.

i pull my backpack up off the ground and make my way back to my locker after biding the group goodbye. footsteps behind me grab my attention and i turn to see stiles

“everything alright?” i ask the flustered boy “i uh really like your shoes and uh your um photos they’re really cool” i glance down at my chuck taylors then back up to stiles.

“why are you being so nice to me?” i question puzzled and he runs his hands over his face before cursing and pressing his lips to mine, i freeze and he steps back.

“oh my god i totally misread that great-” i cut off his rambling by placing my lips on his, wasting no time to kiss me back he pulls me closer to him deepen the kiss.

i break away and he opens his mouth shock on his face “see ya around” i turn around a little bounce in my step. maybe the yearbook wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

bangtangy’s super cool 3D gfx tutorial

hey everybody, ur lil slug friend is here to give you a super hip, super rad graphics tutorial! (request via @fabtaebutt)

so today I’m going to teach you how to make this picture:

do this:

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And Victor knows enough english to have his phone settings in that specific language, remember how in episode 10 he had it in Japanese? Well I’m sure he changes it once in a while just to be able to get used to the different languages he currently knows or is trying to practice. But why is this important?

WELL BECAUSE IT MEANS ALL THESE FIRST PHOTOS, WERE TAKEN BY NO OTHER THAN VICTOR HIMSELF. YUURI IS POSING JUST FOR THE RUSSIAN MAN. And the thing is, Yuuri’s looking directly to the camera in the first picture, and you can actually see how the person behind the phone (Victor) is trying to focus the image because god the other boy is pretty close. Just imagine Victor when he took the first one… Yuuri’s fingers are really close to one side of the camera, as if he’s trying to get the phone from Victor’s hands…

…so did the russian dork just tried to approach him, seeing as Yuuri was already dead-drunk, he might have thought it had no point asking, he just wanted something that’ll help him remember this gorgeous/crazy boy, but the moment he was ready to take the first photo, Yuuri noticed and it all began from there. Either way we know Yuuri just followed along, which of course lead to the rest of the photos in Victor’s phone.

And see this?! Yuuri is literally posing for the other man. Before the pole dancing and the dance-off with Yurio, everything started with just Victor and Yuuri, taking these goofy photos while everyone is just staring. What is Yuuri even trying to do… I have no idea, but I’m sure Victor loved it.

Oh! Victor Nikiforov wants a commemorative photo?”

The boy is just dancing as he drinks, to what we could assume is maybe a classy song played for the banquet guests, and all this just for Victor. He has the man in front of him, and we don’t know…

…maybe he is trying to mimic some of Victor’s past routines?! Even if that’s not the case and he’s just dancing for the sake of the booze in his head… We do know that this boy is trying to impress his childhood idol by dancing his heart out in front of the other’s camera.


I can’t even begin to imagine Victor’s delight. I’m sure this was a first for him, he must have been thinking how true it is when they say you only live once, and more so when it comes to things related to Katsuki Yuuri.


This isn’t every G-squad mlehp from the new eps, but it’s certainly all the ones I have in my screenshots!

Bonus: Two Half Mlehps!